Sergio Pizzorno - guitar genius of the group Kasabian

The musician Sergio Pizzorno is a permanent member of Kasabian, a unique guitarist and composer. His principle - to base the music of the sixties and play it using modern technologies - formed the basis of the sound of the group.

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Childhood and the first musical idols

Sergio Pizzorno has Italian roots. His grandfather came to England in the fifties. Until the age of thirteen, the main passion of the future rock musician was football. But as a teenager, he first heard rave music, which immediately took over his mind. He implemented his own works with the help of a sampler and a home computer. It is possible that the young musician would have remained faithful to the genre of electronic music, if not for the songs of the then popular Brit-pop group Oasis, whose work broadened the musical horizons of Sredgio. According to him, before the appearance of Oasis among the youth of that time, it was believed that playing the guitar was a lesson to learn.

But guitarist Noel Gallagher of Oasis showed everyone that guitar is cool. His game inspired a whole generation of new musicians.Sergio Pizzorno says that Noel was more to him than any teacher, more important than any historical personage. Many years later, when the Gallagher brothers invited the group Kasabian to take part in their tour, Pizzorno was happy that his idols were appreciated by the idols of his childhood. In his opinion, Noel sees like-minded people in Kasabian.

Older friends

However, Sergio does not like when the style of the group is compared with the style of the same Oasis, Stone Roses or Primal Scream. He says: “Here are foreign fans just listening to music, and do not call us the second Stone Roses or someone else. I think they accept us as we are, especially in France and similar places. They don’t have any “ballast” on us, as it happens in the United Kingdom. ” Nevertheless, the musician is proud of his friendship with Noel and Liam Gallahera. To the journalists' question about which of the advice that the Gallagher brothers gave him, became the most useful, Sergio Pizzorno replies: “They are not big fans of giving advice. They just expect you to be at your best. It obliges to responsibility, pushes to actions. You must be good at everything. There can be no indulgence. ”

The influence of the classics

Pizzorno calls the first musical impression the moment when his father gave him a record with the song “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry. There was a guitar in the house, though without strings, but the father pretended to play it when the music sounded. The boy really liked this game. It was then that he decided that he wanted to become a musician, and convey to people the feelings that he himself feels when listening to music.

The most "revolutionary" musical artist Sergio said musician and producer Quincy Jones, who worked on the recording of albums by Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and several other stars. “His recordings largely determined the path of development of modern music,” says Pizzorno.

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To the perennial question: “Who is closer to you - the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?”, He replies that, of course, I would like to write such wonderful songs as the Beatles, but I would rather play in the Stones since he always liked their live performances, and Keith Richards is his favorite guitar player.


Sergio Pizzorno received his first guitar as a gift from his parents for the fifteenth anniversary. It was a cheap American-made Rickenbacker 481 electric guitar.Because of the somewhat distorted sound, this model is rarely used by professional guitarists. A distinctive feature of this guitar is a special tilt of the frets, designed for greater convenience when playing complex chords.

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About the place that this instrument occupies in his creative biography, Sergio Pizzorno says: “When I got this cheap guitar, I immediately learned the song Live Forever (of the Oasis group), and then - already history. Every famous guitarist is associated by fans with a particular guitar: Hendrix with Stratocaster, Lennon with his semi-acoustic Rickenbacker. I was lucky, no one played on this Rickenbacker model before me. People did not like its natural distortion. So I also have my own guitar.

Sergio Pizzorno also often uses another rare guitar - the red Fender Coronado II, released in the sixties. It is here that the famous reef from the song Underdog was played, while the clip features the Rickenbacker guitar.

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Creative cuisine

Starting with the third album of the group Kasabian, Sergio becomes the helm of the group, performing the functions of the main songwriter and producer.He admits that numerous touring tours inspire him to write songs. During them, Pizzorno does not write music, but rather collects material for new compositions in the form of vivid impressions. Sources of inspiration are his guitars, each of which has its own story. Sergio Pizzorno does not like the guitars of modern models, but prefers old instruments. “I always imagine who else could play this guitar, and what songs were written on it,” he says.

Sometimes musical instruments give him small surprises. Thus, the reef from the song Underdog, which was included in the 50 best reefs of the decade, was played according to him on an "almost acoustic guitar and is the most non-rock reef".

Rock n roll spirit

He also admits that when he composes songs, the voice of Tom Meygan, the vocalist of the band, always sounds in his head. Sergio introduces how Tom will deliver the new material. The Who Who, Pete Townsend and Roger Daltri were talking about something similar (this is one of the few comparisons that Sergio Pizzorno likes).

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Sergio says he doesn't like to play solos very much. Creating new rhythms is what fascinates him much more.These rhythms and then lie in the basis of the music group, which is called one of the few young teams that keep the spirit of rock and roll.

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