The series "Method": reviews and reviews

There are always a lot of questions for Russian cinema: they remove a lot, but the result leaves much to be desired. In general, the picture is bleak - the full-length tapes are secondary, there is almost no idea at all, the series are borrowed from Western projects, or they are sample stories for middle-aged housewives. But in 2015, Channel One was shown on Channel One. He received very different reviews: from neutral calm reviews to enthusiastic responses and a wave of series method reviews

about the project

The producers of the series - Alexander Tsekalo (he played in the movie maniac in the pilot series) and Konstantin Ernst. The director is Yury Bykov, who managed to establish himself with such films as “Fool” (2014), “Major” (2013) and a few good short films. After the filming of Method, Yury Anatolyevich was the director of Time of the First (after more than half of the material was filmed, he was removed from the project due to disagreements with the management) and the series Sleepers (2017).

“Method” was shown on Channel One from October 18 to December 20: 16 episodes were divided into ten shows. Accordingly, viewers watched one or two episodes once a week. Show time - 23.00, which is not surprising, since the tape is marked 18+. This is not the case when age restrictions are imposed because of accidentally flashed breasts in the neckline of the dress, there are many scenes of violence and cruelty in the series method movie reviews

The series "Method": a description of the series and reviews of the plot

In the first episode, viewers are introduced to the main characters: in the center of the story is a graduate of the law school, Esenia Steklova, who with her group-mates boils over to end her studies at a nightclub. In the midst of fun kill her friend with the help of a secret mechanism in a necklace, donated by a stranger. While former students are in a stupor from what they see, police officers headed by Rodion Meglin arrive at the crime scene. And in two minutes in a crowd of people, he calculates a murderer.

Yesenia begins to be interested in Meglin, his success in capturing the most cruel and unpredictable criminals, and comes to the conclusion that she wants to do the practice precisely in Rodion. Especially since for many years she wants to know who was the killer of her mother.series method reviews and reviews

The plot as a whole is intriguing, the story came out fascinating, and the majority of viewers who have looked at the pilot, have a desire to find out what will happen next.

So begins the series "Method". Reviews and reviews of the film were different: some blamed the tape for copying Dexter and excessive cruelty, others noted that this was a real breakthrough in the Russian TV series market. This project is really very difficult to assess, so we will analyze it into components, try to analyze it in parts.

On the similarity with the TV series "Dexter"

What does the Method series look like? Reviews, opinions, discussions on the web inform that most of all this picture is associated with the sensational "Dexter". The super popular project about a maniac who preys only on other maniacs has received worldwide recognition. But how much do Morgan Dexter and Rodion Meglin have in common?

Alexander Tsekalo denies any connection, but at the same time he acknowledges that the series has common features with the first season of “The Real Detective”. And it seems to be true: the plot of “Method” and “Dexter” are far from each other, the main characters are absolutely different in no character or motivation.Morgan kills criminals only because he cannot help but kill, and chooses other maniacs as victims only because of the rules devised by his adoptive father. Rodion Meglin, being himself a mentally ill person, executes caught criminals because of his personal convictions. At the same time, he doesn’t kill everyone: he promises someone a quiet, comfortable camera and peace, oversees someone for many years and checks for breakdowns, and someone strikes him out of his life in cold blood.series method reviews and reviews of critics

The film is similar to the “Real Detective” by introducing two time lines into the tape: in one the interrogation is conducted, in the other the main events occur, and they merge only at the end. In terms of the atmosphere, “Method” is most similar to the series “To Think Like a Criminal”, only more painful and gloomy.

Konstantin Khabensky and Paulina Andreeva

Part of the public because of the actors liked the series "Method". Reviews of the audience about Konstantin Khabensky, who played Meglin, more than high. The actor has once again managed to surprise his fans, he is perfectly accustomed to the role of a kind of Sherlock in the world of psychopaths and murderers in the conditions of modern Russian reality.He succeeded in embodying an extraordinary personality on the screen: an effective, but mysterious investigator with the broadest powers, coarse, eccentric, with serious mental problems, a social phobia. Looking at Khabensky in this role is sheer pleasure.series method reviews viewers

Paulina Andreeva made a wonderful duet with Khabensky - she also completely organically reincarnated into Yesenia. However, viewers are not so sympathetic towards her: in some scenes, Esenia Steklova behaves like a hysterical, flimsy teenager, and not as a reasonable graduate of the law school, claiming to be a "maniac fiend". It is not known whether the acting was reflected in this way, or whether Andreeva strictly followed the recommendations of the director, but the result was controversial.

It seemed to many viewers that Paulina Andreeva looked good in the film only because of the expressive appearance, but she didn’t flash her talent. This theory is supported by the fact that (attention spoilers) filming the second season with her participation, but without Meglin, the series fans were not so interested in the fans, who believe that with the death of the main character, the story got its logical conclusion.

Other actors

Who else was remembered by the audience in the series “Method”? Description and reviews of the characters in the paintings in 99% of cases tell exactly about the main characters - Rodion and Esenia. Although the supporting actors were very, very good:

  1. Makar Zaporozhsky played Sasha, Yeseniya's classmate, who has long and unrequitedly fallen in love with her. He does not give up attempts to get close to her, he also tries to get to practice with Meglin, conducts his own parallel investigation of one of the cases.
  2. Vitaly Kischenko, played by Pope Jesenia. Andrei Steklov is no less complex and interesting character than Meglin. They have common secrets with the protagonist, he hides the truth about his wife’s death from his daughter, and thanks to his high position at the procurator, he can and does a number of actions that should protect his child from the influence of Rodion.
  3. Alexander Petrov in the role of the classic "bad guy" Gene, classmate Steklova. Bright and charismatic character.
  4. Alexey Serebryakov, in the series Shooter. The main opponent of Meglin.
  5. Sergei Sosnovsky, in the film Vadim Bergich, a psychiatrist, Rodion's doctor.

Also, the audience remembered Jan Tsapnik and Alexander Tsekalo in the role of maniacs - Taxi Driver and Volodenka.series method reviews opinions

Love line in the series

Virtually any movie has a love component. Not an exception and the series "Method". Feedback from viewers confirms that love is of great importance in the series. This storyline should be divided: there is a love triangle Esenia + Sasha + Zhenya with the classic "bad" and "good" boys, in which the outcome is reached fairly quickly. And there is a relationship between Meglin and Glass - a long complication, expectation, opposition of characters, the influence of the characters on each other. It was fascinating to watch this, but some of the spectators were disappointed: it seemed to them that there was no “chemistry” between the actors, and the love they played was unconvincing.

But speaking directly, the “Method” is not a love affair, but a psychological thriller with a touch of realism and gloom of being. The love story here only gives the versatility of the whole story, but it is by no means the goal of the whole picture.

Detective component

What else is interesting in the movie "Method"? The series, reviews of which caused an avalanche of both positive and negative criticism, is based on the investigation of crimes.If we talk about the detective elements in the picture, they are written quite weakly. There is no what is called an "intellectual detective", and from series to series, stories have become duller and duller.series method description and reviewsBut this does not mean at all that the series itself is bad, it hooks the viewer with the help of other methods: forcing the atmosphere, tension, references to the inner world of criminals. The film makes you think, and the topics raised in it directly intersect with the “Crime and Punishment” of F. M. Dostoevsky.

The series "Method": reviews and reviews of critics

To summarize, the film received more negative than positive reviews: about 2/3 of critics did not appreciate the idea of ​​the creators. However, this did not prevent to receive a number of awards: 3 TEFI, the award “Word” and “Georges”, several awards at international film festivals. Konstantin Khabensky was especially noted - he received two awards at once as the best actor of the television series (TEFI and the Association of Film and Television Producers) for the series “Method”.

Approximately 1/3 of the reviews were positive: the film was called non-standard, almost innovative for Russian television.There are many interesting techniques in the picture: epigraphs for each episode, semantic pauses, emphasis on the psychology of criminals, naturalism, music, ideally matched to a specific moment.

Spectator Assessment

What do the viewers think about the series “Method”? Reviews, as mentioned above, vary greatly. However, when the film was shown on Channel One, the following was observed: the pilot episode and several subsequent episodes were very much liked by most of the public, but later the audience noticeably lost interest in the project. Why did it happen? It's all about excessive naturalism of violent scenes, some of them not only children, even adults do not want to watch. Also, the weakening of the detective component had its effect - the main plot dragged on itself series after series, but the story invested in a specific episode became less and less convincing from time to time.

If to sum up, then we can say the following: “Method” can be recommended for viewing. The film catches the audience - it is audacious, gloomy, in some places eerie, but very exciting.

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