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What is prostration and what are its signs? In this article we will try to consider this term and determine its meaning in the daily life of a person. There will also be considered some motivational moments to resist the state of prostration.


What is prostration? Responding to this question, medicine decided that prostration is an extreme degree of exhaustion, relaxation and mental decline of activity. It can occur on the background of serious diseases caused by infections, as well as on the background of poisoning, excessive exhaustion and sudden severe stresses.

what is prostration

The state of prostration is described as general torpor, slow motion, slowing down of speech and the flow of thoughts, as well as a decrease in the responses to a certain type of external stimulus. This condition does not relate to depression or anguish, but rather is a complete exhaustion of an emotional nature.

Signs and causes

A sign of such a state can be a long-term stay in the same pose with a fixed look at a specific point.“Here” there are no emotions and feelings, desires and thoughts, and a mindless state is formed with a feeling of emptiness.

Prostration may occur on the basis of the presence of a severe disease, starvation or a strict diet, as well as an insufficient amount of vitamin in the diet that the subject eats at the time of the test of severe stress, both mental and physical.


What is prostration and why can it appear? Answering this question, it is worth noting that this is some form of protection of the body at an unconscious level. This is a departure from an extra series of efforts and an accumulation of energy for functioning in a “smoldering state”. Thinking processes slow down.


Prostration is an emotional state that is treated by elevating the mood and body tone.

The lingering feeling of prostration adversely affects the mind and slowly turns into apathy, with concomitant loss of strength, oppression of desires for needs and even food, and there is also indifference to everything around. Severe types lead to serious depressions, from which one cannot escape without the help of a specialist.

prostration is an emotional state

You need to know something about the signature of the body and be able to analyze yourself:

  • If you “fell asleep with open eyes,” you should know: your body is tired and requires an urgent respite from work that is legal. Long sleep works best.
  • Evolve. Try to change the image, hairstyle, go shopping, even make small trips. A set of new emotional sensations and impressions is extremely important for consciousness and the body. This requirement has a scientific justification, so do not take this lightly (the main thing - do not be lazy).
  • Change the diet and compound components of the diet.
  • Restore motivations for life goals or form them, if there were none before.
  • It is recommended to take a test to determine the level of hemoglobin in the blood, often go out into the air and pay attention to their surroundings. The latter is necessary to determine the "energy vampire" in the environment, but not some superstitious, but a real person trying to get into someone else's life.

What is prostration, we have considered. Remember that a passive attitude to such a state suppresses the potential of every person who could realize it and become better.

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