Shades of violet and combination with other colors

Violet is fraught with mystery and incredible charm. What do you imagine at its mention? The endless lavender fields of Provence or the twilight sky colored by the rays of the sunset, and perhaps the delicate petals of lilacs and orchids.

Shades of purple are very diverse, and many at first glance can not determine their affiliation. The combination of cold and warm components adds to the purple tone of depth, versatility and attractiveness. It was not for nothing that the great monarchs and rulers, clergymen turned to him, choosing the color for festive vestments.

shades of purple

Classification of shades

According to the standardized Panton color matching system, there are 196 shades of purple. And if you turn to the original source, you can see for yourself that, despite the absolute similarity at first glance, after a more detailed study, it becomes clear that they are all completely different.It should be noted the poetic names of shades: purple snow, lavender mist, ice orchid, cosmic sky, crocus, thistle inflorescence, etc.

For ease of perception, we offer you a classification, according to which all shades of purple are divided into 4 groups:

  • rich and deep dark purple tones: purple-eggplant, plum, dark mulberry, etc.
  • Translucent, light shades: lilac, violet, thistle, pearl-purple, amethyst, etc.
  • Shades of red undertone: fuchsia, purple, red-violet, purple, fandango.
  • Shades with a blue undertone: electric purple, dark purple, black currant, indigo, etc.

The first group of shades is the most mystical and attractive, their choice is the best option to emphasize the aristocratic image or interior. If they are strongly diluted, then we get the second palette. It is democratic and easily complemented by other colors. The most capricious are considered shades of purple with a red subtone. They require a classic addition, easy and unobtrusive. We propose to consider in more detail the question of how purple is combined with other colors.

Shades of purple + white

shades of purple

This combination can rightly be called a classic. Purple in the presence of white looks noble, bright and refreshing. Depending on the tone of the first, the strength of the contrast changes and, accordingly, the effect of it. No matter where such a combination will be used (in clothing or interior), it will believe that it will be a win-win. Complete it with brown, black and gray tones.

Shades of purple + black

shades of purple

Black color, like white, is appropriate everywhere and always, it is universal, and therefore is easily complemented by all possible shades. In this case, with purple you need to be careful. Refer to its light shades, especially those that have a red subtone, black will only emphasize their nobility, and do not use too rich (plum, deep purple). Dilute the ensemble with white.

Purple + gray

shades of purple

This combination of colors on the versatility is not inferior to the first. Shades of purple against a gray look calm and comfortable to perceive. In the interior, such an ensemble is especially good at decorating kitchens and living rooms in high-tech style. When choosing a combination of gray and purple in clothes, keep in mind that it is best suited for an office dress code.The first color at the same time serves as an excellent base, and the shades of the second bring diversity.

Purple + Yellow

blue purple

Violet and yellow color is a magnificent and bright combination, inspired by nature itself. It is for this reason that it is so harmonious for our perception. Prefer bright or delicate yellow shades, clear, without impurities of gray and other colors. They most successfully emphasize the depth of the violet and its wealth. There may be completely different proportions.

For interior decoration, a combination of violet and yellow is used, as a rule, when creating a retro-style.

If we talk about clothes, then absolutely different proportions are used. For example, a purple dress and a yellow handbag. In the photo you see the almost equivalent presence of both colors, but at the same time one of them is inferior in saturation, and rightly so.

Purple + red

purple combination

Using both red and purple at the same time is not just an unusual, but rather an extravagant combination. At first glance, it may even seem aggressive and sharp. However, even such an unusual alliance can be successfully beaten.First, we recommend that you use light violet (lavender, pale lilac, etc.) with the same red tone. Secondly, dilute the combination with a neutral color - white or light beige.

Pay attention to the photo above. The interior in violet-red colors looks very unusual, but at the same time it is incredibly attractive and atmospheric. It is rather a decoration for something than a casual option.

Purple + pink

This combination may look vulgar, catchy and tasteless or elegant, light and gentle. It all depends on what kind of shades of purple and pink you choose in a set to each other. By tonality, they are quite close, and therefore perceived as something natural. Avoid when selecting colors of "poisonous" pink. Prefer pastel shades of this color, but purple can be rich, deep.

In the interior of this combination is used most often for the design of bedrooms. Picking up clothes of pink and purple, you can make a great summer set or even an office image. Actually this combination and when creating evening makeup.Especially good purple will highlight green and brown eyes.

Purple + beige and brown

The combination of purple and brown is a pleasant, unobtrusive, relaxing combination. When interior design, it will be appropriate in any room (bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens). In addition, brown perfectly harmonizes the purple hue in combination with other colors, literally "landing" a bright design and making it more calm.

A similar duet is appropriate in clothing. Especially beautiful is the image, where the purple-gray color, or blueberry, is combined with shades of chocolate. No less attractive is its combination with beige color as well. Purple with such a "companion" becomes more balanced, delicate and light.

Purple + green

light purple

These two colors are contrasting and opposite. Being in interaction, they further enhance the beauty and brightness of each other. Such a combination is more than often found in nature. It will look good in any proportions: from rich and deep to delicate and pastel tones. The interiors often use mint green and lilac, apple and purple. Decorated in such a way, the bedroom or living room looks stylish and original.But we do not recommend combining green and blue-violet, it is better to use pure shades, without subtones.

Purple + metal (gold, silver)

We have already mentioned that since ancient times a rich violet range of colors has been used to dress emperors and kings. In this regard, the addition of all its shades with something metallic will be very relevant. This may be large accessories (bags, belts, belts, etc.), jewelry, shoes. The glitter of silver and gold will emphasize the nobility of purple hues.

violet gray color

The combination of shades of purple among themselves

The combination of shades within the same color range is something that everyone can afford. In this case, one simple rule should be remembered: do not combine cold and warm colors in one set. Well, then - all at your discretion.

The kit is completely in one tone - it’s boring, so combine two, three tones of different saturation. For example, if you choose a deep blue-purple color as a base (costume, dress), then emphasize it with a lavender or lilac cardigan. A blueberry sweater will be great with a light purple skirt or pants.

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