Sights of Lodejnoe Pole and surroundings

Lodeynoye Pole is a settlement in the Leningrad Region, on the banks of the Svir River. The city is small, but very interesting. On the main attractions of Lodeynoy Field and the surrounding area will be discussed in our article.

Lodeynoye Pole - the birthplace of the Baltic Fleet

A small regional center with a population of about 20 thousand people is located in the Leningrad region, thirty kilometers from Lake Ladoga. Lodeynoye Pole is located on the left bank of the Svir. The railway line divides the city into two parts of equal size: in the south, the private sector prevails, and in the north - a five-story panel building.

The town appeared on the map of Russia at the beginning of the XVIII century. The ancient craft of the inhabitants of this area was the construction of small ships - "Lod". Hence the name of the settlement. In 1702, by order of the sovereign Peter the First, a shipyard was founded in Lodeinoy Pole.A year later, the frigate “Standart”, the first military ship of the Baltic Fleet, was solemnly launched from its stocks. By the way, it is he who flaunts on the modern flag of Lodeynoye Pole.

Today it is a small city with quite interesting architectural and historical landmarks. Lodeynoye Pole lives a quiet provincial life that is sometimes enlivened by large sightseeing buses and cars of lonely travelers. Tourists come here primarily from Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg and other nearby cities.

The main sights of Lodeynoy Field: photos and list

The city serves as an excellent base for exploring the ancient monasteries of Lodeinopolsky district. There are several hotels here that are ready to accommodate visiting tourists. The Lodejnoe Pole itself is not very rich in sights.

The city has retained in its central part of the old layout of the streets. On the avenues of Uritsky and Lenin you can see several beautiful buildings of the pre-revolutionary era. Interest in tourists here is a new wooden church of Peter and Paul, the obelisk monument to Peter the Great, the city local history museum,and also the park “Svirskaya Victory”.

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Another attraction of Lodeynoy Field is the cep that is rich in the surrounding forests. Every year at the beginning of autumn a festival is held in the city dedicated to this royal food product.

Let's try to list the best sights of Lodeynoye Pole and its immediate surroundings. Here is a list of all these objects:

  • Trinity Alexander-Svirsky Monastery.
  • Pokrovo-Tervenichesky monastery.
  • Introduced Oyatsky monastery.
  • Nizhnesvirsky natural reserve.
  • Lower Swir Hydroelectric Station.
  • City Local History Museum.
  • Monument to Peter I.
  • Wooden temple of Peter and Paul.
  • Park "Svir Victory" with a memorial complex.
  • Drawbridge across the river Svir.

Anyway, the main sights of Lodeynoye Polya are monasteries. It is for them that tourists and travelers come to this region of the country.

Trinity Alexander-Svirsky Monastery

To visit this monastery, you need to cross the Svir River and drive about fifteen kilometers north-west of Lodeynoy Pole. The landmark is located in the village of Staraya Sloboda on the shore of the picturesque Roshino lake and is divided into two parts - the Trinity and the Transfiguration of the complex. Each of them is surrounded by powerful walls of the fortress.

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The shrine was founded in the XV century by Abbot Alexander Svirsky. The tiny Intercession Church in the Trinity Part is the oldest building of the monastery. It was built of stone in 1533 with donations from Basil III. During the years of Soviet rule, a labor camp was located on the territory of the monastery, then a technical school, and then a psychiatric hospital. The restoration of the Orthodox shrine began in the mid-1990s.

The whole complex of the Alexander-Svirsky monastery includes two cathedrals, three churches and two belfries. The tallest structure within the monastery is the massive three-tier Transfiguration Bell Tower, built at the beginning of the last century.

Pokrovo-Tervenichesky monastery

Now let's go south of Lodeynoye Fields, to the small village of Tervenichi. Here, on the shore of Lake Pogost, a nunnery is located comfortably. It was founded quite recently - in 1991, on the site of a ruined rural temple.

Pokrovo-Tervenichesky monastery is clean, well maintained and very neat. There are many benches on its territory for the rest of tired travelers. If you cross the monastery courtyard and climb the viewing hill, then you will see the wonderful landscape panoramas of Lake Pogost.

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The monastery complex consists of three temples (one of them is a cave one) and two chapels. The monastery has its own farm, as well as a swimming pool with healing mineral water.

Lodeynopolsky local history museum

Visiting two luxurious monasteries, it is worth paying a little attention to the sights of Lodeynoy Pole. Indeed, in the district center there is also something to see the tourist! First of all, you should definitely visit the local history museum. This is a small and nice wooden building located in a city park.

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The museum has several permanent exhibitions: “Peasant life”, “District town”, “Merchants Yakimovskiy” and others. A separate exposition is devoted to the Svir-Petrozavodsk operation, which was carried out by Soviet troops during the Second World War.

The museum in Lodeynoye Pole is quite interesting, though not very original, according to many tourists. But if you are thrown into this small town with a rich history, then it is still worth a visit.

Monument to Peter I

The modest obelisk was installed at the beginning of the Uritsky Avenue, exactly at the place where the emperor's hiking home was located.The monument in honor of Peter the Great was erected at the end of the 19th century with the money of merchant Safronov.

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Emperor Peter the First in Lodeynoye Pole was always respected and honored. After all, it was thanks to him that the Olonets shipyard began to work here, building ships of excellent quality for the Baltic Fleet. Shipyard very quickly turned Lodeynoye Pole into one of the most prosperous cities in Russia.

The monument is a small stone obelisk, in the center of which is placed a metal portrait of Peter the Great.

Drawbridge over Svir

Bridges can be seen not only in North Palmyra. A design of this type is also in Lodeynom Pole.

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The drawbridge over Svir is located on the eastern edge of the city. It was built in 1972 and includes a two-lane road, a railway line and a pedestrian path. The total length of the reinforced concrete structure is almost 200 meters. On the bridge passes the important traffic artery "Cola", and from it opens a picturesque panorama of the surrounding area.

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