Spit Chushka: rest between two seas

Do you want to relax and swim in two seas at once? Then welcome to the Chushka Spit in the Krasnodar Territory! One of the most frequently visited resort places is located in a unique place - between the Black and Azov Seas on the Taman Peninsula.

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Location of the unique braid

Tourists who decide to relax in the Kuban, should choose the direction to the Taman Peninsula. In addition to the well-known resort attractions of Taman, in the Kerch Strait, at the junction of the Black and Azov Seas, there is a sand bar 18 kilometers long. Her name is Chushka Spit. It originates from Cape Achilleon and stretches in a southwesterly direction deep into the Kerch Strait.

An important highway and railways pass along the spit in the direction of the port of Kavkaz.

On the peninsular Spit itself is the village of Chushka. You can get here by car, the journey from the mainland will take 20 minutes. The village is small and not resort, there is no rest.

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Rest in the west of Taman

If your choice fell on the western part of the Taman Peninsula, and you spend your holidays in the village of Krasnodar Territory Kuchugury, Priazovsky or Ilyich, do not take your time and take a trip to Chushka Spit.

The sandbar of the spit is covered with vegetation and has an unusual landscape. From the side of the Sea of ​​Azov the coast is flat, and from the side of the Black Sea the branches go deep into it. Between these coastal processes at the beginning of summer sea fish spawn: pike, flounder, crucian carp, and Baltic herring.

That is why avid fishermen leave good reviews about the rest on the Chushka Spit with such a heat - this is a great place to go fishing for your pleasure and go home with a big catch.

For lovers of picnics this place will also be a pleasant discovery. There is no huge number of tourists with sun loungers, sun shades and churchkhela sellers. On the Chushka Spit, right between the sea shores, you can settle down as a friendly company, fry kebabs or just caught fish, swim enough in any of the two seas.

The only minus of swimming here is a small shell rock with sharp edges, which is strewn with the shore and the entrance to the sea.But for children - lovers of digging in the shells in search of the most beautiful specimens - this place will become a real fount of sea treasures.

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Raisin ingots

The spit has its own small volcano with the name corresponding to Chushka - Blevak. The locals gave him such a sonorous name because of the peculiarities of its mud eruptions, which are fully characterized by this name.

The coast has four separate islands - Krupinino, Dzendzik, Lysii and Golenkiy. In the first two you can land by sailing on a boat. Krupinino and Zenzik are quite popular places for recreation for both local youth and holidaymakers.

The nearest resort village in Temryuk district to the Chushka Spit

At the beginning of the peninsular spit is the village Ilyich. This is quite a popular place for lovers of rural silence and fresh homemade products. Here you will not find noisy discos and bars that interfere with sleep all night.

The village is surrounded by greenery, in the morning roosters are singing and it smells deliciously of homemade pastries from the neighboring windows. The thing is to take a break from the intense city rhythm.

The port of Kavkaz is 12 km from Ilyich, it is far enough away that the port mud does not reach the local beaches.

The village is focused on tourists.Therefore, despite the rustic surroundings, here you will find all the necessary amenities. This branch of the bank, several ATMs, shops, market. There is a clinic and a pharmacy. For walks and recreation there is a small park and several cafes, where you can not only eat sweets, but also have a nice lunch or dinner. The menu in such cafes is designed for guests, which means that despite the lack of elegant furnishings and reasonable prices, the choice of dishes is quite large and the food is fresh.

You can book a room at any of the local mini-hotels via the Internet, all means of communication in the village are available. Ilyich has a good choice of accommodation for tourists. You can choose rooms near the sea, but this, of course, will cost more than a similar room 500 meters from the shore. In most variants of the proposed housing has air conditioning and bathrooms.

The beaches in the village are striking in their diversity. You can choose a pebble or sandy beach, with trees or without vegetation. A convenient entrance to the sea is suitable even for small children: there are no cliffs and holes here, and the bottom itself is smooth and sandy.

Municipal services in Ilyich do not neglect their duties: along the entire line of the beach, as in the village itself, there are garbage cans, which are cleaned by public utilities on a regular basis.On the whole, this place is clean enough even in the hot season.

One motorway and many walking paths lead to the beach. One path stretches along the entire shore and replaces the promenade.

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As lovers of beach holidays and active, it will be interesting to visit this unusual creation of nature - the Chushka Spit. It is rumored that every year Chushka Spit is gradually submerged, so do not miss your chance to visit this unique place while it still exists.

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