Stars before and after plastic surgery. Beauty requires sacrifice

What if beauty fades away with age, and you want to preserve youth for a long time? In the presence of money, even age is not a hindrance, and looking at 50 years old is not difficult. To help celebrities come real wizards - plastic surgeons. However, it does not always go as planned. Quite often there are cases of errors surgeons, and then from the princesses get real monsters, which you can not see without tears. Some stars who are passionate about chasing youth make themselves disgusting artificial dolls. In this paper we will talk about some successful and not very successful plastic operations of stars.

Vera Alentova

stars before and after plastic surgery

Vera Alentova after the plastic does not look at her age. At the moment, in 2017, she is 75 years old !!! The first plastic surgery of the actress was carried out in 1998, then in 2000 and in 2008. The last facelift was unsuccessful.The photo shows the "Joker smile". Of course, in the pursuit of youth, there were attempts to correct the nasolabial fold, but the gel spread over the entire face. Agree that the photo of the star before and after plastic surgery differ?

Vera Alentova did not look very natural after plastics, to put it mildly. In 2012, the actress made an attempt to correct the situation, as a result of which the eyes began to look asymmetrical. Now you can wish the actress only one thing - to meet a professional plastic surgeon.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

The goal of our attention is Liza Boyarskaya before and after plastics. She is currently 31 years old. Many fans and the envious actress constantly discuss her possible plastic surgery.

Many believe that her appearance is the work of surgeons, because before she was, though a “pretty”, but very ordinary woman. Elizabeth herself does not answer these questions to journalists, but only laughs off. Evil tongues claim that the star suffered the following types of plastic surgery:

  • lip correction;
  • rhinoplasty;
  • cheekbone correction.

Looking through the photographs of Elizabeth, we can safely say that Boyarskaya before and after plastics, which she probably did, has not changed much.

Svetlana Loboda

Now about how Loboda looks before and after plastics. The star itself refutes information that has ever sought the help of a plastic surgeon. The only operation, she said, is to remove the scar on the nose. But if you look closely, you can see that the crook on the nose has disappeared, and the nose itself has become more elegant. Photos of stars before and after plastic surgery are very different.

Beauty requires sacrifice

Many have the impression that Loboda is shaking his lips. However, in all the photos of the stars they are the same, except for the freshest ones. Plastic surgeons say that Loboda before and after plastic surgery is different people. She is naturally given very beautiful cheekbones and a wide mouth, but lip lips spoil it.

Alena Vodonaeva

In this section, under our close attention - Alena Vodonaeva before and after plastics. Although the former star of the TV project “Dom-2” claims to be completely “natural,” plastic surgeon Arthur Rybakin let it slip that she was visiting his clinic.

Alena Vodonaeva before and after plastic surgery is completely different. The chest of the star was much smaller and sagging, the nose was incredibly large, and even with a crook. Lips - this is also the merit of the surgeon.According to many visitors to the forums, Alena Vodonaeva has only her priest left.

Masha Rasputina

What was the famous Masha Rasputina before plastics and after it became? Her lips are visible from afar, but the question remains: "Are they given to her by nature or are these also the merits of the surgeons?" We can say that since the beginning of the 2000s, the singer became ill with a very terrible disease - a passion for plastic. She can not stop and adjusted her appearance completely.

faith alentova after pastika

What was the first appearance of Masha Rasputina? This is a pretty cute blonde who has conquered everyone with her talents and model appearance. At the moment, the singer has undergone many operations:

  • breast augmentation;
  • lip pumping;
  • nose change;
  • chin correction;
  • change in the cut of the eyes;
  • cheekbone adjustment.

This is not the whole list of plastic operations of the singer. What is she missing? She has everything: beloved husband, caring, beautiful daughter, family happiness ...

Natalia Andreichenko

In this section we will talk about the appearance of Natalia Andreichenko after an unsuccessful plastics. As is known, this Russian actress is already not young, but in pursuit of her youth, she decided to undergo plastic surgery.

boyar before and after plastic surgery

The star did not trust Russian surgeons and went abroad to American specialists.Perhaps this was her big mistake. What the actress wanted to achieve:

  • correct nasolabial folds;
  • correct lip contour;
  • rejuvenate the skin of the face.

In pursuit of beauty, the star began to look even older, and her lips completely lost their shape. The result can be seen in the picture to this section. The worst thing is that the gel, introduced to correct the shape of the lips, does not have the property of resorption over time. Correct the situation is not possible.

Elena Proklova

There is a very famous expression - beauty requires sacrifice. Our next star has become another victim of plastic surgery. The Russian actress, unlike her colleagues, never hid her trips to the surgeon. According to Elena, in the struggle for youth all means are good. The actress is completely satisfied with the results, but fans notice that the facial expression has become unnatural, and the face is disproportionate and swollen. However, the actress is happy with everything, she is not going to stop at the achieved result.

There is open information about Elena Proklova's plastic surgery:

  • blepharoplasty;
  • lip augmentation;
  • the introduction of Botox.

The first of these operations really helped rejuvenate the actress, the rest are absolutely unnecessary.

Masha Malinovskaya

Looking through the photo of the star before and after plastic surgery, it is hard not to notice the change of the famous TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya. She became more famous for being another victim of a plastic surgeon.

Loboda before and after plastic surgery

Previously, the star denied any surgical intervention, citing a gift from birth. However, over time, denial has become unobvious. Anchorwoman admitted that she resorted to the following procedures:

  • mammoplasty;
  • lip augmentation

The first operation was successful and helped get rid of some of the problems that arose after pregnancy. Lip augmentation caused them to become completely insensible and the TV presenter could not close them. Then the star made the right decision and made another plastic for the return of natural lips. Masha was lucky - the surgeon completely eliminated all the problems.

Lolita Milyavskaya

The fact that beauty requires sacrifice is also believed by the famous 53-year-old star Lolita Milyavskaya. For the first time the singer tried injections of Botox at the age of 40.After them came the turn of plastic surgery:

  • abdominal liposuction;
  • blepharoplasty;
  • face lift.

After these procedures, the star for quite a long time did not seek help from surgeons. Only after seven years, Lolita picked up a whole range of procedures:

  • chin liposuction;
  • regular blepharoplasty;
  • lipofilling (to eliminate wrinkles and lip correction).

Lolita Milyavskaya is quite pleased with the results of the plastic surgery performed. It can not be called a victim of surgeons, star fans say that Lolita freshened and rejuvenated.

Rosa Syabitova

Alena Vodonaeva before and after plastic surgery

Sometimes photos of stars before and after plastic surgery are very different, it seems that completely different people are looking at the pictures. Who can say that the famous all-Russian matchmaker is already 55 years old? Rosa Syabitova looks like this thanks to plastic surgery. She speaks openly about the operations performed. Rose conducted the following anti-aging treatments:

  • lift;
  • blepharoplasty;
  • liposuction;
  • abdominoplasty;
  • breast augmentation.

The star first became acquainted with plastic surgery at the age of 50 - she made herself an anniversary gift a facelift.In addition to the operations performed, the matchmaker repeatedly injected botox injections. Rose is not going to stop there. There is information that in five years of plastic surgery a star has spent more than 20 thousand dollars. Yes, the matchmaker does not skimp on his appearance, but the 55-year-old star has a flat stomach, an elastic raised chest and a "Brazilian" ass.

Katy Topuria

Star Katie Topuria before and after plastic surgery looks completely different. The soloist corrected her famous “Georgian nose”. However, according to the star, she did this not to correct her appearance, but to eliminate breathing problems. Cathy does not hide the fact that twice appealed to the surgeons. After the first surgery to correct a broken nose, the star did not get rid of breathing problems, so I had to remove the crotch.

She denies other operations, says that nature gave her breasts and lips, but if you compare the photos of the beginning singer and the photos of recent years, it is clear that plastic surgeons have worked well on her appearance. More in her appearance, she is not set to change anything.

Julia Nachalova

Rasputin before and after grafting

The famous singer, actress and TV presenter decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery in 2007, after the birth of her daughter Vera. After maternity leave, the star has returned already updated.

After the operation, Yulia started to have psychological problems, and she decided to get rid of the implants. After the operation, the star began to become infected. I had to urgently fix everything. Julia literally pulled from the other world. The star does not blame anyone for the situation, only himself. Julia sincerely regrets her desire to change the feminine nature and does not intend to do any more operations.

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