Such diverse Spanish artists

Spanish artists are known to all lovers of painting. Their paintings are in many museums around the world. Spain has given us a large number of people with amazing talent in all fields of art. We will tell about several outstanding painters, because it is difficult to make a complete list.

Prado Museum

The collection of this royal collection is amazing because it contains almost all the outstanding Spanish artists, and there are no foreign ones. This can be explained by the fact that, starting from the XVI to the XIX century, they all served at the court of kings. Another very large customer was the Church. Therefore, in the pictures we often see religious subjects. Private orders were quite rare, and the painting was the property of a narrow circle of its connoisseurs. And now let's turn our eyes to some outstanding representatives of this school.

Era of the Renaissance

Great, brilliant painters gave us the time of the late Renaissance. Spanish Renaissance artists are undoubtedly El Greco, de Ribera, Zurbaran and Velasquez. On a brief biography of the latter, we will stop.He was born in Seville and quickly became a famous painter in his native lands. He went to Madrid, but did not immediately get to the royal court. Pretty soon he became a court painter.spanish artistsThis happened in 1623, when the artist painted the portrait of King Philip IV. To improve, Diego Velasquez went to Italy, visited Genoa, Milan, Venice and Rome. After that, his palette began to play with bright colors. Only after 1630 his work can be called mature. He writes a lot of portraits of jesters and dwarfs, deeply penetrating into the innermost inner world of people offended by nature. After the second trip to Italy, from 1651 the late, most perfect period of this master begins. He applies new techniques, and from under his brush there are portraits of the Infant, the ladies of the royal family, a deeply psychological portrait of Philip IV, as well as large-scale canvases “Yogi” and “Menin. He died in 1660. He is 61 years old. D. Velasquez had a great influence on the development of world painting, and many, not only Spanish, artists studied his works.

Painter, draftsman and engraver

We begin a brief conversation about F. Goya.His work is not amenable to any one definition. It is free from conventions, filled with passion, unrestrained fantasy. We present the canvas, which is made in a light elegant Rococo style.paintings by spanish artistsFor us, this is an unusual Goya. The painting is called “Autumn. Vintage". She fascinates with her cheerfulness. This work is completely decorative and delights the look. In general, Spanish artists learned from the painter a different, more satirical reflection of life.

Other genre

Still lifes were written in imitation of the Flemish in the XVII century, when the Spaniards discovered them for themselves. The background of these canvases are usually dark. Paintings by Spanish artists are characterized by carefully calibrated composition, fine drawing of each flower and petal, bug, or butterfly. They also depict the moments of cooking. The works are so plausible that, looking at them, I want to eat tight.famous spanish artistHere is a still life of Louis Melendez. It was an outstanding master who could show appetizing food. All products are prepared. We are only waiting for the cook, who will turn them into delicious dishes.

Famous spanish artist

In the twentieth century, it is difficult to choose who is better known to the general public — P. Picasso or S. Dali. Picasso created more than twenty thousand works. His pre-war canvases are usually divided into four periods, when he conducted experiments with color and shape. Later he felt that the painting has a greater spectrum of impact on the viewer, and this was reflected in his canvases. His work is the most expensive at auctions. The creator himself said that he wanted to live like a poor person, but at the same time be rich. The eccentric S. Dali struck contemporaries not only with his mustache and fantastic canvases that came to him from dreams, but also with antics that were actively working on advertising.spanish renaissance artistsCommercial activity, thanks to his wife, was very successful, and only very wealthy people could buy his work.

Not all of the Spanish painters listed here represent their homeland. Contemporary Spanish artists work mostly in a realistic or romantic style. There is a place and fiction, but it takes a small part. In their paintings are landscapes, portraits, animal works, still lifes.

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