Sweet recipe: cake decorating mastic

Marshmallow, powdered sugar, gelatin, condensed milk - what do they have in common? Of all these components, you can make mastic for decorating cakes. Today it is not enough to buy or bake a cake for a children's holiday, the sweet treat should surprise and delight the hero of the occasion and his guests. Adults are not far behind: mastic cakes are ordered for weddings and anniversaries, they are given to their favorite doctors and teachers. You do not know where to get the cake that decorates the pastry mastic? The recipe for its preparation is simple. In this article, I suggest you learn how to make mastic for cakes yourself. There are several ways to make it. So, sweet recipes.

cake decorating recipe

The first recipe. Mastic for decorating cakes milk

It is believed that milky mastic is the easiest to manufacture and the most convenient to use. In order to make it, you need to take equal quantities of powdered milk, condensed milk and powdered sugar. First pour the dry ingredients into a deep bowl, mix them, then add condensed milk and start kneading. The mass of the consistency should be similar to the soft clay.For work, you need to lay out the mastic on a powdered table, roll it into a layer about two millimeters thick and cut out the necessary decorations. You can sculpt from mastic and three-dimensional figures. Milky mastic has a yellowish color, but it, like other types of mastic, can be tinted with edible food colors.

confectionery mastic recipe

The second recipe.Mastic for marshmallow cake decorating

Marshmallow is an air marshmallow, such as, for example, Bon Pari products. We take a hundred grams of product, put it in a deep bowl, pour a tablespoon of lemon juice and send it in the microwave for fifteen seconds. Zephyr will increase in volume and become soft. Add one hundred grams of powdered sugar, mix. Now gradually pour another powder until we knead the mastic to the consistency of clay. Total will take about two hundred grams of powder. Before you start working with mastic, you need to cool it in the refrigerator for half an hour.

The third recipe. Gelatin Cake Decorating Mastic

We will need ten grams of gelatin. Soak it in ten tablespoons of water for an hour, then heat it in a water bath and let it cool.Now, in a cool, but still liquid gelatin, you need to gradually pour 900 grams of powdered sugar. First knead the mastic with a spoon, when it becomes difficult, start to interfere with your hands. Whichever recipe you choose, mastic for decorating cakes requires adherence to certain rules for working with it.

mastic for cakeUseful tips

  1. If the “sweet clay” sticks to your hands, you need to pour a little icing sugar, but be careful not to “beat” the mastic, otherwise it will become brittle. Dried mastic can be heated in the microwave for 2-3 seconds.
  2. It is better to buy ready-made icing sugar. Ground at home using a coffee grinder sugar contains grains that reduce the plasticity of the mastic.
  3. Mastic dries quickly enough, so you can not leave it on the table, you must put it in a plastic bag or wrap cling film.
  4. If you decide to make voluminous decorations, then take care of this a few days before the solemn event. Figures should dry for one to two days.
  5. Mastic can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two months, and in the freezer for almost half a year.

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