Tar shampoo dandruff - reviews

Wood tar has numerous healing properties: antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiparasitic, desiccant, regenerating. It improves the condition of nails, skin, hair. Used for cancer and dermatological diseases. Based on it, tar soap and tar shampoo are made.

The composition of tar shampoo

Tar shampoo has long been known for its beneficial properties. Birch tar - a great tool to combat fungal diseases. Shampoo based on it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect. The thick, dark texture of the product has a specific unpleasant odor. But the healing properties of tar shampoo outweigh its disadvantages.

tar shampoo

In Russia, birch tar is used to produce this hygiene product. Finnish manufacturers use pine, and in the US - coal tar.

The shampoo contains organic acids, phenols, and burdock extract.These ingredients enhance the disinfecting effect of tar. Allantoin, which is in the composition of the product, relieves itching, promotes skin renewal.

Medicinal properties

What is the effect after using the product? What will tar shampoo help to get rid of? Dandruffand itching, from hair loss and redness of the scalp. It is ideal for the fat type of hair. But if the curls split, you should carefully use tar. It can overdry strands, cause irritation.

Tar shampoo improves blood circulation in the scalp. The blood flow to the follicles leads to hair growth, reduces bald spots. A tar shampoo normalizes sebum production. During the course of treatment, tissue regeneration occurs, intensive peeling of dead cells.

tar shampoo reviews

Tar shampoo is effective for oily seborrhea. To prevent excessive drying of curls, in conclusion, you can rinse the strands with a softening balm or conditioner.

It is important to bear in mind that tar shampoo is dermatological. Its optimal use is once a week (no more than 2 times in 7 days).

Mode of application

Shampoo is used together with other drugs to eliminate fungal diseases or to treat oily seborrhea. For prevention, it is necessary to alternate tar shampoo with ordinary detergents. Reviewstrichologists warn that on an ongoing basis, the tool should be used for 4-7 weeks. After this period, wash your hair with regular shampoo for 2-3 months.

Finnish tar shampoo

Do not apply directly to the scalp. Before applying tar shampoo, it must be foamed in the hands. Then rub into the scalp, spread over the entire length of the hair.

If the remedy is applied too often, the curls can become untidy, lifeless. Be sure when using shampoo to monitor the condition of hair.

Pros and cons of shampoo

The benefits of shampoo include:

  • antiseptic action;
  • dandruff removal;
  • restoration of natural hair growth;
  • normalization of sebum.

Cons tar shampoo:

  • scalp irritation;
  • dry hair;
  • discoloration of curls (strands of blondes may become a few tones darker);
  • peculiar smell.

Remedy for pediculosis

Tar shampooIt is an additional remedy for pediculosis. Its antiseptic properties help to deal with this delicate problem. Shampoo foam must be kept on strands from 5 to 10 minutes. Then wash off and carefully comb out the remaining parasites. Already after the first use of the remedy, lice become much smaller.

Russian manufacturers

Agafya First Aid Kit releases tar shampoo in a 300 ml bottle. It consists of climbazol, which does not allow disease-causing fungi to develop rapidly. "Agafi tar shampoo" costs 130 rubles. Contraindications - only individual intolerance to tar.

Agafi tar tar shampoo

The Twin Tex Company manufactures Tar Tar Shampoo 911 in a 150 ml container. It consists of glycerin, coconut oil. They help soften the properties of tar, making hair light. The tool helps with psoriasis, dandruff, peeling. The average price is 150 rubles.

Means from "Neva cosmetics" contains, in addition to birch tar, a conditioning additive. With her hair after washing easier to comb. Available in a bottle of 250 ml of this tar shampoo. Neva Cosmetics positions itself as a producer of natural products. The price of shampoo - from 50 to 100 rubles.

tar shampoo neva cosmetics

Significantly more expensive tool from the company Bio Beauty.Its average price is 400 rubles. Shampoo recommended for psoriasis, seborrhea. Relieves inflammation, contains the necessary vitamins and enzymes. In this shampoo, the smell of tar is invisible.

Foreign manufacturers

Fintel tar shampoo Tervapuun Tuoksu from Foxtel OY contains pine tar. Helps with itching, dandruff, improves hair growth. Its price is about 150 rubles (in a bottle of 500 ml). Be sure to read the composition of products of foreign manufacturers. There are products that contain a large amount of carcinogenic substances. Finnish tar shampoo with pine aroma is a dermatological remedy. The manufacturer recommends using it no more than 2 times a week.

tar dandruff shampoo

Belarusian company "Belita-Vitex" produces "Birch tar" shampoo. It helps to eliminate excess fat on the scalp. The lactic acid and protein contained in the product increase blood circulation. A 480 ml bottle costs 70–80 rubles.

Tar shampoo reviews

It is almost impossible to meet negative reviews about tar shampoo. Girls and women vied for their effectiveness. This tool eliminates dandruff and itching, improves the condition of the scalp and increases hair growth. It is great for curls prone to rapid contamination.

It is important to know that after washing the head it is necessary to rinse the strands well. Otherwise, shampoo residue will make them sticky, dull. It is possible to use chamomile extract or diluted lemon juice for rinsing - they will increase the therapeutic effect of the tar, make the curls soft. If the hair is poorly washed - to get rid of the excess will help ordinary shampoo or balm-rinse.

tar shampoo reviews

Beauticians, trichologists warn that only after foaming shampoo can be applied to the head. Massaging arm movements will increase blood flow to the epidermis of the head. This optimizes the effect of the remedy. Customers say that Finnish tar shampoo is especially bad at washing. Reviews of its effectiveness are beyond doubt. However, the liquid consistency forces us to make efforts to foam the shampoo.

Reviews of Russian manufacturers emphasize the availability of tar. Shampoo can be found in pharmacies, and in the cosmetic departments of stores. The low price and therapeutic properties attract customers.

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