Tattoo "Swallow". Meaning and symbolism

The opinion that tattooed people - people from places not so remote, have long been sunk into the past. Modern young people with pleasure make tattoos, by right considering wearable drawings as art and way of self-expression.

Fashion pictures

The fact that a tattoo is stylish and fashionable can be seen on the beach, where every second person has one or even several drawings. What only tattoo lovers paint on their bodies: swallows on the wrist, wolves on the forearm, tigers on the chest, biomechanics on the legs and butterflies on the buttocks ... And if some twenty years ago they were treated with cautious people, to put it mildly Nowadays tattoo is a kind of cult.

tattoo swallow value

Symbol selection

Everyone who stuffed (or just going to stuff) a tattoo, spent a lot of time trying to find exactly his own drawing, which is not just a beautiful picture, but also a certain sacred meaning and special meaning.

Many people sincerely believe that a tattoo is not only a tribute to fashion, but also a talisman who always protects its wearer from harm and attracts love, fame, fortune, wealth and longevity into his life.The choice of drawing directly depends on what exactly the person is missing and what he wants to attract into his life. In this article we will talk about one of the most popular tattoos in the form of a swallow.

Multifaceted bird

One of the most beautiful tattoos for girls - "Swallow" - is not just a drawing of a beautiful bird, but also a special symbol that hides a tremendous potential. In addition, the image of swallows looks very unusual, and even luxurious, and they can be applied to any part of the body. But the most interesting thing that carries the tattoo "Swallow" - the value of this picture. By the way, there are several of them, and we will tell about each of them.

tattoo swallows on wrist

Goddess sign

In ancient Egypt, the swallow was considered the symbol of Isis, the goddess who
she patronized families, pregnant women, farmers and seafarers. It was she who helped lovers to remain faithful, women in childbirth — easily resolved by the burden, the navigators were granted a fair wind, and the farmers — fair weather and the rains necessary for the harvest.

The Greeks also associated the swallow with the goddess of love Artemis. It was believed that with these birds she sends news to people.

In Japan, the swallow symbolizes the feminine principle, happiness, love, bold undertakings and changes for the better.Thus, the Swallow tattoo, the value of which is always only positive, can bring love and good luck to its owner.

tattoo for girls swallow

Tattoo for all occasions

In our modern times the tattoo "Swallow", the meaning of which is quite multifaceted, is stuffed not only by young maidens, but also adult women, and even men. We offer a complete list of the values ​​of this symbol:

  • The swallow is a symbol of the home, for it is known for certain that these birds always return home. If the house is holy for you, then its symbol is perfect for you.
  • This bird is freedom in everything: in creativity, in work, in life. For those who lack confidence in themselves, who are constrained by any framework, “Swallow” will help to “spread its wings” and achieve all its goals.
  • These birds are very fast, fast-moving, so boxers put images of such birds on their fists in order to increase the speed of the strike in battle.
  • Guess what else the swallow is associated with? Why do young girls order the tattoo master more often than others? The swallow, whose significance is connected with spring, youth and beauty, looks especially beautiful on the wrist, shoulder blade and neck, and its wearer will always be as fresh as a rose petal.
  • To attract luck in your life, you can portray this bird with a four-leaf clover in its beak or with a horseshoe in its paws. Both clover and horseshoe are world-famous luck charms, and together with the swallow it’s just a magic talisman!
  • Lovers can instead of wedding rings to fill the ring fingers on the swallow. This stylized bird will keep the newlyweds from betrayal, resentment, disappointment, quarrels and separation. Having decorated themselves with swallows, loving people will remain faithful to each other and will go through life hand in hand.
  • In addition to the above, the swallow has a spiritual, sacral meaning. It is believed that these birds communicate with the souls of the dead and stay in the stars. Swallow also symbolizes the resurrection and the new beginning.

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