Temporary tattoo - beauty without harm to health!

With the onset of summer, you want to look unique, bright and stylish! To do this, many are trying to decorate their bodies and stand out from the crowd. Tattooing in this case is the most common technique. For those who do not want to wear drawings on their bodies all their lives, but want to show their individuality, a temporary tattoo will be a great alternative.temporary tattoo

What is a temporary tattoo?

Such a concept as a “temporary tattoo” cannot be characterized in two words, it combines several ways of applying a pattern on the body: from ordinary decals to tattooing. And if we consider this issue more specifically, then, by and large, a temporary tattoo can only be considered a tempo, which remains on the skin for 3-5 years, the other types are drawings on the skin, having the minimum relation to tattooing. Apply the same paints to applying Tempta as in permanent make-up; it is for this reason that both are called tattoos.However, today many masters often discourage their clients from tempo. A temporary tattoo made by this method rarely disappears without a trace, leaving behind an ugly mark, which can only be removed by plastic surgery or by making a new tattoo on top.

The easiest way to decorate your body

Translated tattoo - the easiest and short-lived type of body decoration pattern. Such pictures are familiar to everyone from childhood: I translated a tattoo from paper to skin - and you can admire it. True, such beauty lasts for about a day. Then the image begins to wash off, leaving a reminder about itself in the form of a cluster of colored specks. However, modern technology does not stand still, and now there are translated tattoos that are much better than the good old "translators". They keep on the body not for a day, but for 2-3 days.
how to make a temporary tattoo
Airbrushing - an alternative to tattoo

A temporary tattoo, made by airbrushing, is applied to the skin with special paint and stencils. It is practically harmless and non-toxic. The aerographic image is not absorbed into the upper layers of the skin, and therefore it is washed off rather quickly - in a week there will be no trace of such a tattoo.But outwardly, it looks almost like a real "tattoo" and is ideal for decorating the body for a short time.

Heritage of India

It is considered the most resistanthow long does a temporary tattooToday is a temporary henna tattoo. Hindi tattoo, mehndi, biotattoo - it's all about her. The fashion for this type of tattoo came to us with a general passion of Indian culture. Mehndi is a traditional henna pattern on the body. Uncommon, complex designs covered the skin of Indian women, most often they were located on the feet and hands, but this decoration did not stick with us. But the bio-tat made by henna, the Europeans began to put on the shoulders, back, chest, scapula and so on. The technique itself and the drawing method remained the same. And why change something? Lead a Hindi tattoo is not painful, safe and fashionable. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the question: “How to make a temporary tattoo at home?” You can paint yourself from head to toe, having mastered the nuances of henna drawing. Henna has the ability to penetrate the skin, but in an amount harmless to health, and since this paint is of plant origin, the probability of an allergic reaction is quite small.


When choosing a method of drawing a picture on the body, the main thing to remember is not about how much the temporary tattoo lasts, but about the accuracy of execution and the safety of the materials used.

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