Drug "Aprotex": instructions for use, release form

Quite often, the drug Aprotex is used in modern medicine. Instructions for use suggests that the drug helps with a variety of problems, including pancreatitis and blood clotting disorders. Patients also need additional information about the drug. Before starting therapy, it is worthwhile to become familiar with the composition of the drug and the mechanism of its effect on the body.

aprotex instructions for use

Information about the form of release and composition

This drug is released in the form of a lyophilisate, from which a solution is then prepared. It has the appearance of white powder, sometimes with a slight yellowish or beige tint. You can buy the drug in glass vials.

The main active ingredient of the drug is aprotinin. In production, naturally, additional (auxiliary) components are also used, in particular sodium hydroxide and lactose.Can I get other forms of the drug "Aprotex" (tablets)? Instructions for use states that this drug is available exclusively in powder form and is administered only intravenously - there is no oral form on the market.

aprotex instructions for use in ampoules

How does the drug work? The main properties of the active substance

Aprotinin is a protease inhibitor. This substance also has hemostatic, antiproteolytic and antifibrinolytic properties. The drug successfully deactivates proteinases of plasma, tissues and blood cells, which are involved in various pathophysiological reactions.

The drug has antiprotease activity, and therefore effectively acts with lesions of the pancreas. When ingested, aprotinin inhibits fibrinolysis, reduces fibrinolytic activity, and also provides a hemostatic effect. Since this substance is capable of blocking kallikrein-kinin systems, it helps eliminate or prevent the development of shock states and angioedema.

Basic indications for use

An important issue is the indications for use.When do doctors prescribe therapy with the use of the drug "Aprotex"? The instructions indicate that the drug is used in the presence of the following problems:

  • Acute pancreatitis, as well as periods of exacerbation of chronic inflammation. The drug is also used in the presence of a necrotic process in pancreatic tissues and as a prophylaxis of postoperative pancreatitis.
  • Hyperfibrinological bleeding that is associated with injuries, surgeries, thrombolytic therapy. The drug is used for bleeding during or after childbirth, as well as in the presence of polymenorrhea.
  • The drug is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of shock states of different origin (hemolytic, traumatic, endotoxic).
  • The drug is effective in coagulopathy.
  • This tool is used for the prevention of emboli, bleeding in open-heart surgical procedures, postoperative mumps and some other complications.

aprotex instructions for use analogues

Drug "Aprotex": instructions for use in ampoules

This medicine is intended for use in the hospital. The doctor independently selects the dose of the drug "Aprotex".Instructions for use contains only general information.

The solution prepared from the powder is administered intravenously with a dropper, and the patient must remain in the supine position. Before use, the lyophilisate is diluted with an isotonic solution of sodium chloride in a volume of 2 or 20 ml, depending on the required dose.

Before starting the procedure, the patient is administered a minimum dose of a solution of 1 ml (10 thousand KIE) and determine the response of the body. If allergy symptoms occur, the use of the drug is strictly prohibited.

If we are talking about sternotomy, then patients are given 1-2 million KIE 20-30 minutes before the procedure. Another 1-2 million KIE is used during surgery. After completion of the operation, the patient is put a continuous drip at a speed of 250-500 thousand KIE per hour. The maximum dose is 7 million ETC of the active substance.

aprotex tablets instructions for use

Are there any contraindications to treatment?

In fact, the drug is well tolerated, although there are some contraindications. Of course, the drug can not be used to treat patients with allergic sensitivity to aprotinin and cattle protein.Contraindications include pregnancy and intravascular coagulation (DIC). There are some age restrictions, as the drug is not prescribed to children and adolescents (under 18).

There are a number of relative contraindications in which the use of the solution is possible, but carried out with extreme caution. Their list includes a state of profound hypothermia and a history of allergic reactions. If the procedure was preceded by the introduction of aprotinin or taking muscle relaxants, then the patient's condition should be carefully monitored.

Possible complications during therapy

Is it always safe to take the drug "Aprotex"? The instructions for use contain information about possible adverse reactions, with a list of which is worth reading:

  • Sometimes patients experience allergic reactions, which, as a rule, are accompanied by the appearance of pruritus, urticaria and rhinitis. Conjunctivitis, bronchospasm and anaphylactic reactions (sometimes even shock) are less common.
  • Possible complications of the heart and vascular system, in particular tachycardia and hypotension.With repeated use of large doses of the drug during heart surgery, there is a risk of heart attack.
  • Occasionally, patients undergo therapy with confusion. Sometimes psychotic reactions develop, hallucinations appear.
  • With rapid administration, patients complain of nausea (vomiting is sometimes observed).
  • If administered incorrectly or too long, thrombophlebitis can develop at the injection site.

The drug is administered under the supervision of medical personnel. If any worsening or the above symptoms appear, you must always inform your doctor.

Can I use medicine during pregnancy?

As you know, in the period of childbearing a woman's body is very sensitive. Moreover, any medications taken not only affect the organs of the mother, they also affect the vital processes of the fetus. Is it allowed to use the drug Aprotex during this period? Instructions for use contains evidence that pregnancy is a contraindication to therapy. Nevertheless, in some cases, the doctor may decide to carry out the treatment - here the vital signs of the female and children's organism are taken into account.

To date, there is no information about the effects of therapy during lactation. Therefore, if there is a need to use the drug during this period, breastfeeding of the child must be stopped at least for a while.

aprotex instruction

The drug "Aprotex": instructions for use, analogues and prices

Of course, in addition to basic data, the cost of the drug is also interesting for patients. How much will this drug cost? Of course, it is necessary to take into account price fluctuations depending on the city of residence, pharmacy, manufacturers and distributors. On average, a pack of ten ampoules costs 650-800 rubles.

aprotex analogues

Unfortunately, the use of the drug Aprotex is not possible in all cases. Analogs of drugs, of course, exist, but the selection of a substitute should be entrusted to a doctor, as each drug has its own specifics. Often, experts use in the treatment of drugs such as "Gordoks", "Aprotimbin" and "Kontrikal." Trasilol, Traskolan and Ingitril are also among the analogues. Despite differences in composition, these drugs affect the body in the same way.

aprotex reviews

What do doctors say about medicine?

Of course, patients are interested not only in official information, but also in the opinion of specialists. What they say about the drug "Aprotex"? The feedback is mostly positive. In many clinics without this drug can not do surgery. In addition, the drug is effective in the treatment of pancreatitis, which is important, because it is a common disease.

Of course, the drug has some contraindications, but not too many. Adverse reactions are recorded in medical practice rarely and, as a rule, even before the start of full therapy (at the testing stage). And the cost of this tool is low, which is important for many patients.

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