The drug "Panthenol" (ointment)

The drug "Panthenol" (ointment) refers to an external means that improves tissue regeneration. The active ingredient is dexpanthenol, a derivative of pantothenic acid. She, in turn, is a provitamin of group B, which is necessary for metabolic processes. Pantothenic acid is needed to ensure stable epithelial function. An increased need for this component is noted when the upper layers of the epidermis are damaged. Local deficiency in such cases is filled with the local use of the drug "Panthenol" (ointment).panthenol ointment

The drug contributes to the regeneration of the skin, the normalization of cell metabolism, increase the strength of collagen fibers. The drug has a regenerating, weak anti-inflammatory effect. The tool softens and nourishes the skin. Improving the therapeutic properties of ointments contribute to excipients. Due to its low molecular weight, polarity and hydrophilicity, the active ingredient penetrates all skin layers.Against the background of local use, rapid absorption of the agent through the surface occurs.

Ointment "Panthenol." Instructions. Indications

ointment panthenol instructionThe drug is prescribed for minor irritations after exposure to the sun, exposure to x-ray and ultraviolet radiation, as well as babies with diaper dermatitis. The drug is recommended as a healing with scratches, to eliminate and prevent diaper rash. The tool "Panthenol" (ointment) is recommended for inflammation and cracks in the nipples in lactating patients. The drug is used in violation of the integrity of the skin, provoked by mechanical, temperature, chemical factors, as well as in the postoperative period. Effectively use "Panthenol" (ointment) for burns, bedsores, wounds, abrasions. The tool contributes to the rapid healing of aseptic postoperative injuries, the drug is used and for poorly taking root skin grafts. It is prescribed the medication "Panthenol" (ointment) for inflammatory processes, dermatitis, trophic ulcers of the lower extremities, and boils. The drug is used to care for the skin around the colostrum, gastrostomy, tracheostomy.The tool is recommended for the treatment and prevention of the consequences of the negative influence of external factors (humidity, wind, temperature extremes).

The drug "Panthenol" (ointment). Method of usepanthenol burn ointment

The medicine is applied with a thin layer to the damaged area. Light rubbing of the drug is allowed. The frequency of use - 2-4 times a day. If necessary, you can increase the number of treatments. Before applying to the infected areas, the surface of the skin should be cleaned with an antiseptic. Breastfeeding nipples should be lubricated after each feeding to prevent cracks. Infants apply the drug "Panthenol" (ointment) after each swim or change of linen.

Adverse reactions. Contraindications

As practice shows, when using the drug in accordance with the recommendations of the negative effects are not detected. No medication is prescribed for intolerance.

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