The drug "Thermicone" (tablets): a brief description

The drug "Thermicone" (tablets) belongs to a numberantifungal drugs and is today considered a very effective treatment. The active components of this agent have a harmful effect on fungi, stopping the processes of reproduction or completely destroying the pathogen.

The preparation "Thermicone" (tablets): description and properties

The medicine releases in the form of smallcylindrical tablets of white color, sometimes with a slight yellow tint. The main active substance of the drug is terbinafine. As auxiliary components, starch, milk sugar, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and aerosil are used.

This preparation has a wide spectrumaction and affects mainly fungi-dermatophytes. It is active against some species of molds, as well as yeast. Depending on the type of pathogen the drug has either a fungicidal or fungistatic effect.

As a rule, the active substance of the preparationaffects the synthesis of ergosterol. As a result of a number of biochemical reactions within the cell, the accumulation of squalene begins, which leads to the inevitable death of the microorganism.

The drug "Thermicone" (tablets): indications for use

This medicine is used to combatfungal infection. Most often it is prescribed to patients with dermatomycosis of limbs and trunk. The drug is effective in the treatment of pityriasis. It is taken by patients with onychomycosis.

Doctors quite often appoint thisa remedy for patients with microsporia, trichophytosis (mycosis of the scalp). In some cases, the drug is used to treat candidiasis - this is mainly damage to the skin and mucous membranes.

The drug "Thermicone" (tablets): instructions for use

This drug is used to treat adultspatients and children. The daily amount of the drug and the regimen completely depend on the variety and severity of the lesion, as well as on the age of the sick person.

Children over the age of two must take a quartertablets once a day. If the child's weight exceeds 20 kilograms, then the daily dose is increased to half the tablet. In the event that the weight of the patient is more than 40 kilograms, it is advisable to increase the dose to one tablet. The same applies to adults for whom the daily dose is 250 mg. The drug is recommended to eat immediately after a meal, but in no case on an empty stomach.

As for the duration of the course of treatment, thenit can be from 2 to 12 weeks, depending on the type of pathogen. For example, with mycosis, a four-week course is shown. And if we talk about onychomycosis (fungal lesion of the nail plate), then the drug is recommended to take three months - it is during this time that a healthy nail grows completely. In any case, treatment is possible only after consulting a doctor. If necessary, a specialist can change the dosage and duration of the treatment course.

The drug "Thermicone": contraindications and side effects

This medicine has a small setcontraindications. It is not prescribed to patients with allergies to any component of the component. The drug is not used to treat children under the age of two. The same applies to the period of pregnancy. It is worth noting that the components of the tablets easily penetrate into breast milk, if there is a need for treatment during lactation, then feeding should be stopped for a while.

With care appoint this remedy to patients with tumors, metabolic disorders, kidney failure, blood diseases. During treatment, alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.

Patients tolerate the drug "Thermicon" well. Feedback from consumers suggests that side effects are extremely rare. Nevertheless, it is possible to develop allergies, the appearance of skin rashes and blisters, joint and muscle pain, nausea, diarrhea, impaired taste perception.

The drug "Thermicone" (pills): reviews

As already mentioned, patient reviews,The majority of patients treated were mostly positive. The medicine quickly copes with the main symptoms of fungal diseases, removing itching, burning and discomfort. Adverse reactions occur rarely.

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