The film "Girl on the train": actors, plot

The film "The Girl on the Train", actors in whichdeserved recognition from critics and spectators, came out on screens in 2016. It is based on Paul Hawkins' novel of the same name. As a director, Tate Taylor appeared.

The plot of the movie

In the film "Girl on the Train" the actors starred mostly famous and popular. They are Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luc Evans.

According to the plot, the main character is Rachel Watson. She does not work anywhere and suffers from alcoholism. In severe depression, the woman was after a divorce from her husband. Now she does not even have a permanent place of residence. She lives with her friend, every day she goes on a train to the city past her former home. In the evening, the same route returns.

From the window of the train car she watches the life of her ex-husband Tom with his new wife named Anna. They already had a baby by that time.

In the neighborhood there lives another family, behind whichRachel is nice to watch. This is Megan and Scott Hipvelly. They give the impression of an ideal couple. Watching them, the main character sadly recalls her past happy life. The girl is constantly amenable to memories.

One day she notices that Megan disappeared without a trace. Rachel is the only witness to her loss. Most of the people around her do not take the woman seriously. So she decides to start her own investigation, and also try to remember in detail what happened on the day that Megan disappeared. Everything is complicated by the fact that she was drunk at that time. As a result, Rachel herself is beginning to be suspected of a crime, and soon her life is threatened.

Emily Blunt

girl in train actors

Among the actors from the movie "Girl on the train" is particularly noteworthy Emily Blunt, who won the main role. With the image of a girl whose life is being destroyed because of failures in the family, she coped brilliantly.

In general, Emily Blunt is a British actress. She was born in London, and later moved to Los Angeles, where she now lives. Before becoming a film actress, Blunt has played in the theater for quite some time.

In the movie debuted in the historical series"Henry VIII". Glory to her came in 2006, when Blunt received the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in Stephen Polyakov's drama "Gideon's Daughter" about the relationship between popular journalist Gideon and his daughter. It is noteworthy that the events in the picture unfold against the background of the death of Princess Diana.

The following year she received two nominations (for BAFTA and Golden Globe) for one of the key roles in the dramatic comedy of David Frankel "The Devil Wears Prada.

Rebecca Ferguson

actors of the movie girl on the train

In the film "Girl on the train" the actors and the roles they performed, immediately remembered the audience. Definitely, it can be said about the Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson. She played Anna Watson.

The beginning of her career turned out to be accidental and inmuch awesome. Well-known Swedish director Richard Hobert just noticed an attractive girl with a photographic appearance in the city market. He immediately offered her a major role in her film "To Antibes one way".

The following year, she passed a casting for the role of Elizabeth Woodville in the historical drama "The White Queen".

Haley Bennett

girl on the train actors 2016

In the film "Girl on the Train" (2016), actorsshowed themselves in full glory. Haley Bennett played Megan, which at the very beginning of the film disappears completely. Her mysterious missing and becomes the main mystery and intrigue of the film.

Bennett got her first role in Mark Lawrence's comedy "From the Eye - Down, Out of the Chart - Out!". For this, she had to pass a thorough selection and become the best among the 600 applicants.

Fame outside America brought her an imageMandy in the fighter Antoine Fukua "Great equalizer." In 2016, it can mark another significant cooperation. Bennett starred in another picture of Antoine Fukua. This time it was a western "Magnificent Seven".

Justin Theroux

girl in train actors and roles

After the film "Girl on the Train" actors,who performed the main roles, became very visible in their profession. This applies to Justin Thero, who played Tom Watson, the ex-husband of the main character. This is one of the most mysterious characters of the tape. Its true essence is revealed to the audience only at the very end of the picture.

The American Teru is the nephew of the popular American writer Paul Therou, the author of numerous novels and short stories.

His first role in the movie, he played in 1996 in the biographical drama Mary Herron "I shot at Andy Warhol." Teru played many roles in Broadway productions.

The actor worked on one site and with the famous director David Lynch in his psychological thriller "Mulholland Drive".

Many people note that the genes of his uncle-writer are noticeable in Teru. He tries himself in the cinema as a screenwriter. They have already created scripts for the films "Megamind", "Iron Man 2", "Rock for ages".

Luke Evans

girl in train movie actors and roles

In the movie "Girl on the train" actor Luc Evans played a significant role. He got the image of Scott Hipwell. Evans is a Welshman by nationality. Also among fans is known as a singer.

Famous and popular artist became after the successtrilogy of Peter Jackson, dedicated to the hobbits. In it, he got the role of Bard Archer. In the criminal thriller Justin Lin "Fast and the Furious 6", he played the main antagonist.

In 2014, many viewers remember him after the dramatic action movie Harry Shore "Dracula". In it, he played the lead role, a bloody vampire.

In the same year, he played Richard Wilder in Ben Wheatley's science fiction drama "Vysotka", dedicated to an anti-utopian society of the near future.

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