The main attractions of Bali: photos and descriptions of what to see, tips and reviews of tourists

If traveling you prefer not only to sunbathe on the beach and splash into the sea, then you definitely need to go to Bali - an island in the Malay Archipelago. The sights of this island can not be viewed in a short period of time, so you need to be patient and time to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this magical place.

This article will describe the 10 best places in Bali. The sights of the island can be viewed as a guide or independently.

Volcano batur

Bali attractions

Bali is an island with many volcanoes. Every tourist has the opportunity to see one of the most unusual sleeping volcanoes, which is called Batur.Its unusualness lies in the fact that it is located in a volcano. A huge hollow of 14 km is home to the volcano Batur, majestically towering over the surroundings. The volcano is active, but you should not be afraid of it, since its eruption occurred only three times. Of particular interest to tourists is Lake Batur, formed in one of the craters of the volcano. Locals consider it sacred. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that even in the rainy season, its depth remains the same. This fact gave grounds for legends and tales, according to which the Goddess takes care of this lake. Locals believe that this particular lake is the ancestor of all the springs in Bali. You can watch the beauty of these places from the observation deck, where cafes and restaurants are located. In some craters of the volcano eruptions occur to this day, sometimes smoke and lava are noticeable.

Temple Tanah Lot

Bali Island Attractions

The list of the main attractions of Bali would be incomplete without mention of this amazing place. Until the XIX century, this temple was considered the main holy abode in Bali. Legend has it that in the 15th century a hermit came to the shores of the island and was struck by the picturesque beauty of these places. He sat down on a cliff and plunged into meditation. He prayed to the God of the deep sea.After some time, the monk discovered local fishermen. They took him for a great saint and began to offer him all kinds of offerings. They were struck by his serenity and fullness. A few weeks later, the rumor about the holy monk spread throughout the village, and pilgrims began to come to him. The monk told them that this beach is sacred. People listened to the monk's advice, while almost no one addressed the local priest. Taking the holy hermit as a competitor, he decided to get rid of him as soon as possible. He did all the dirty tricks to the saint and let go of bad rumors about him. Then the monk went even deeper into meditation and by the dictates of thought he pushed the mountain into the sea. From that time, he was unconditionally considered holy, and this place was considered a sacred abode.

Today, the temple has become a place of pilgrimage for many tourists from around the world. Here is a truly picturesque place. Fascinating sunset, raging waves, beating on the rocky shore, ancient buildings, touched by the hand of time, powerful mountains.

Temple Tanah Lot is considered the sacred symbol of the island of Bali. This landmark must be seen with my own eyes.

The best sights of Bali are represented by another amazing place.

Water Palace Tirtaganga

Bali Island in the Malay Archipelago

This palace was built in 1942 by Raja Karangasem. The building combines elements of Balinese and Chinese architecture of those times, although the palace itself was built relatively recently. Raju was attracted by the picturesque nature, so for his palace he chose one of the most beautiful places on the island. Here, pure springs are beating everywhere, in a picturesque area reigns an atmosphere of calm and peace. The name itself translates as "The sacred waters of the Ganges."

The architectural complex consists of three lakes, several swimming pools and various sculptures. Locals believe that the water in these places is sacred, so they often use it during various ceremonies. The palace is located in the eastern part of the island of Bali. Many travelers consider the east of Bali the most picturesque part, and not without reason.

The list of the best Bali attractions will be incomplete without its natural masterpieces.

Waterfall Git-Git

Bali 10 best places

The waterfall is considered the highest in Bali. Water falls from a height of 40 meters. The waterfall itself is located in the northern part of Bali, 10 km from Singaraja.You can see the sight from one of the viewing platforms. You can even swim in the waterfall. But for this you need to overcome 340 steps. Many consider this waterfall the most picturesque in the world. But you can say for sure that in all of Bali there is no more beautiful.

Photo and description of Bali’s attractions, unfortunately, cannot fully convey the atmosphere that prevails on the island. You should definitely come here and see everything with your own eyes.

Monkey Forest

Bali sights are the best

Animal lovers should definitely look into this beautiful place. The local landmark is located near Ubud. Monkeys have completely captured the territory of the forest and feel like real owners there. There are countless of them here. Tourists can observe how animals behave in their habitat, how they eat, raise offspring, play, communicate. Animals are not afraid of people at all. They have long been accustomed to staring tourists. But still you need to be careful. This is not worth taking precious things, jewelry, everything that glitters. Monkeys are also those pranksters, they can suddenly pull things off and never return. But the little thieves are always happy about the goodies.You can take a treat for them in advance. In the forest there is a temple, though tourists inside the entrance is prohibited. But in the forest of monkeys already have something to see. The territory itself is fascinating with greenery and amazing statues.

Elephant caves

Bali Top Attractions

This temple is considered one of the most mysterious in Bali. The history of this place is rooted in the distant past. In 1923, Dutch archaeologists near Ubud discovered the cave for the first time. The temple looked abandoned. He was littered with stones and earth. Archaeologists suggest that the temple suffered as a result of an earthquake.

In the 9th century, the temple complex was revived. The entrance was decorated with elaborate patterns carved directly on the rock. The entrance is a wide mouth of an elephant, which is surrounded by small demons. Legend has it that those who entered the mouth of an elephant, instantly cleared of bad thoughts and found a clear mind and peace of mind.

The caves of Goa Gajah are located near Ubud. Back in the XI century, Hindu monks loved to dive into meditation. They also laid these caves, and also carved on the rock the image of a demon, who intently examines all the tourists.Inside is a room in the form of a letter T. There are many different sculptures and statues, one of which is the statue of Ganesh. The cave was built before the aristocrats and priests settled on the island in the XV century. This temple is considered to be the abode of the indigenous population of the island, and not today's Balinese.

There are in the cave and other ancient statues, personifying the male and female origin. It is customary for them to bring gifts and pray for family happiness, the giving of children and health.

Near the cave are the baths, which were excavated by archaeologists in 1950. The magical stone pools were intended for ablutions before prayer. The spectacle is fascinating. From the pitchers that hold the stone women, water flows into the bathhouse.

The caves are very popular with tourists, so it is best to visit them at dawn, when there are not too many people. In the morning you can feel the spirit of antiquity, which reigns here. Nearby are also temples and ancient altars that can be viewed.

Temple complex Pura Ulan Dana

What to see in Bali

The temple is located on a hill (1200 meters above sea level). The complex was built in the XVII century.The spectacle is striking in its magnificence. The structures seem to grow out of the water. The place is very picturesque. No wonder it is very popular with selfie lovers. In this place the picturesque landscape merges with a powerful multi-level construction. Here is the main water temple in Bali. Moreover, this temple is considered one of the most beautiful on the planet. Among the locals there is a belief that everyone who swims in the waters of the lake is doomed to a long life and eternal youth. It is for this that thousands of tourists from all over the world come here.


Bali photo sights

This area of ​​the island is considered the cultural center of Bali. This is the home of artisans, artists and other creative individuals. In Ubud, you can see the work of masters who are engaged in wood carving, and even see the artistic masterpieces of Balinese batik. There are several museums in Ubud that are worth a visit. It is here that you can visit the house-museum of Antonio Blanco, which is talked about all over the world. Numerous galleries are waiting for their visitors. This is a district of creative individuals. Not only Balinese live here, many foreigners choose this place as a source of inspiration.You need to go to Ubud for at least 2 days to see the most important sights of this area. You should definitely go rafting near Ubud. On the way are rice terraces.

The sights of the island of Bali are also represented by its underwater world.

Bali depths

Many tourists go to Bali for diving. And this is not surprising. The underwater world of the island will not leave anyone indifferent. Here is so calm flow that even beginners will feel comfortable in the bowels of the ocean. On the island there are many locations for diving. Bali is a paradise not only for surfers, but also for divers.

Garuda Vishnu Kenchan Park

Bali's main attractions

The monument to the divine bird Garuda, which holds the god Vishnu on its shoulders, has not been completed yet. But this did not prevent him from becoming a popular attraction. It is all a matter of large-scale design, which the local architect tried to convey. By all measures, the statue of Garuda should become the largest sculpture in the world, because its height is 150 meters, and the statue weighs about 4 tons.

You can see this magnificent wonder by visiting the Garuda Vishnu Kanchan park located in the south of Bali.In addition to the statue, in the park you can see a lot of interesting things. In the theater, located on the territory, you can attend exciting shows every day with songs and dances.

With the arrival of the evening real magic falls on this place. Thousands of lights are lit up. Future sculpture elements are laid out all over the park, which in this form look especially mysterious.

In the park you can visit exhibitions, galleries, shops and other entertainment places.

What to see in Bali? Bali attractions rating has dozens of recommended places to visit.

  1. Volcano Batur.
  2. Temple Tanah Lot.
  3. Water Palace Tirtaganga.
  4. Waterfall Git-Git.
  5. Forest of monkeys.
  6. Elephant caves.
  7. The temple complex of Pura Ulan Dana.
  8. Ubud.
  9. Balinese depths.
  10. Park Garuda Vishnu Kenchan.
  11. Balinese Dolphinarium.
  12. Bali Zoo.
  13. Park of birds.
  14. Bali beaches.

Balinese Dolphinarium

In the southern suburbs of Bali on Serangan Island there is a wonderful place for recreation for both children and adults. Located near the resort of Nasa Dua. Dolphinarium is always positive emotions. Here live amazing positive animals that instantly relieve from stress and bad mood. Each guest can not only see a fascinating performance, but also swim with dolphins.

The uniqueness of this dolphinarium is that it is located in the open sea. Dolphins swim in their environment. They feel excellent, they are always in a great mood, which, in turn, is transmitted to visitors.

Viewers can enjoy the performance for one hour. This time is quite enough to make beautiful photos, admire cheerful animals, play with them and even stroke. Instructors very cleverly demonstrate their training skills. Dolphins perform many complex tricks.

Dolphinarium can only be reached when weather conditions permit. This must be considered in advance. Deciding to visit this place, you must specify in advance the opening hours. Bali is the only attraction of its kind.

Bali Zoo

Zoos are in almost all resort regions. Bali is no exception. But here this place is special. The zoo appeared on the island in 2002. It is located near the village of Singapore. It was built for a relatively long time, starting in 1996. Funds for the construction of allocated Raja Ida Anak Agung. The zoo was built on his initiative, but he could not see his creation, since he died in 1999.

The zoo quickly gained popularity not only among tourists looking for adventure and new emotions. These are often locals come. Animals are located here almost in natural habitat conditions.

Here you can even see lions and tigers, crocodiles, elephants and wild boars and many other representatives of the fauna and birds. In the zoo you can find animals that are on the verge of extinction.

Animals and birds that do not pose a danger to humans, freely roam the territory and communicate with people. They can be fed, ironed and photographed. The zoo is stylized jungle. The atmosphere envelops its virginity. Once here, it is even difficult to imagine that civilization is nearby.

Bird park

In Bali, you can get acquainted not only with animals. There is a separate park here, where only birds live. Visiting it, you will see firsthand how diverse and amazing the fauna of Indonesia. The park covers an area of ​​two hectares. It is located near the city of Ubud.

The inhabitants of the park are more than 250 species of beautiful winged creatures. Birds were brought from different parts of the globe.Birds are in the most natural habitats, as far as the closed exposure allows. On the territory grow tropical plants. There are only about 50 species of palm trees here. The atmosphere of equatorial forests is most favorable for birds.

This park has the largest number of birds in the world. Predators, flamingos, toucans, peacocks and even talking parrots live here. Water bodies are separately created for waterfowl. But of particular value are the Balinese starlings, which are very difficult to find in nature. Birds can be fed, picked up and photographed with them. Photos of Bali sights will be a long time to remind you of a nice holiday.

Bali beaches

The island is famous not only for its attractions. Many go to Bali also to enjoy a beach holiday. Sanur Resort is the perfect place to do this. Note that not all Bali beaches are suitable for recreation. Some parts of the coast are suitable exclusively for surfing. But not everyone can swim in the big waves.

Sanur is the best place for a beach holiday.There is a clear beautiful sea, soft sand, umbrellas and chaise lounges. Here you can combine sand felting with active rest. It is possible to go fishing or curb the wave.

Sanur is perfect for novice divers. Prices are moderate and even issue a certificate.

Bali is an island in the Malay Archipelago. Attractions can be viewed to infinity. It is better to come here for a long time to see at least a small part of all the interesting things that Bali has prepared for you.

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