The meaning of the name Angelina. The origin, the secret of the name

How to name a girl so that this name would bring her only success in life? How not to be mistaken with the choice? Let's find out more about such a beautiful and quite popular name like Angelina.meaning of angelina

The origin and shape of the name

The origin of the name Angelina, as a rule, is associated with ancient Greece. Having heard it, it is not at all difficult to guess its meaning. Translated from the Latin language, it means "angelic" or "herald", since it is the angels who foreshadow favorable events. Later, the name Angelina became widespread in Europe, where its analogues such as Angel, Angelina, Angelica, and Angelina arose. The most common short forms are: Gel, Lina, Ela and Alina. Phonosemantics of the name is very positive, because its sound causes only pleasant emotions in people and sets up a good mood.

Name days and folk signs

Saint Angelina of Serbia is considered to be the patron saint.After the death of her son, she devoted her whole life to Christianity and helping the poor. Suffered for their faith from Muslims in the XV century. Respected by the Russian Orthodox Church. The day of her memory is celebrated on the fourteenth of July. According to the national calendar, weeding of gardens and gathering of root vegetables begins on this angelina


Often, when a child is born in a family, parents want to call him by some unique and euphonic name. In such a situation, the name for the girl Angelina will be a good option. Its owners at an early age begin to talk and walk. They love to explore the surrounding space, so parents should always be aware of their actions. They are interested in everything around. As a result, a child left for a minute without supervision may break something or be injured. A girl may prefer boyish games to peers. So she gets rid of the energy that she has plenty. In the company of girls, Angelina becomes more calm and detached, which creates her reputation as an uncommunicative and silent child.

The value of the name Angelina has some negative points.So, the girl is sometimes very stubborn and irritable. It is often possible to see how little Angelina commands other children. The girl goes to school without much hunting. This is primarily due to the fact that she does not like to be told. She does not want to obey someone and listen to the orders of others. In the diary of schoolgirls often appear entries with comments, and parents are often called to the director. At the same time, the girl herself does not see anything wrong with her behavior.

the secret of the name of Angelina


Despite the sublime origin of the name Angelina, the character of its owner is far from angelic. Behind the outward calm and wide smile lurks a keen mind and lust for power. Angelina loves to be at the center of universal attention and does not tolerate the pressure of others on her. Anyone who will lead her to anger, will repent of this for a long time.

The favorable meaning of the name Angelina also lies in the fact that his carrier is the ideal hostess, with great joy that she hosts in her house of guests. However, she herself does not like to visit. Women have a wonderful sense of humor and healthy optimism. She has many friends who often turn to her for help and support. Angelina does not like idle chatter and frivolity.At the same time, she herself is incredibly responsible and punctual - she is hardly likely to be late for an important meeting.

Angelina is often fickle in her tastes and attitudes. Her behavior is contradictory and depends on her mood. May be withdrawn and mistrustful. Sometimes in her character notes of sentimentality and melancholicity appear. In life, she tries not to rely on someone's help, but to rely entirely on her own strength.the origin of the name of Angelina

Love and family

In a love relationship, the meaning of the name Angelina is not entirely favorable. Often, its owner has some difficulty in communicating with the opposite sex. The men are repelled by Angelina’s excessive authority. To form strong relationships, she needs to exercise more patience. A woman often changes men, which leads to numerous marriages and, accordingly, divorces.

The secret of the name Angelina is in contradiction of feelings and actions of its owner. If she still manages to create a strong relationship, Angelina becomes an excellent hostess. She loves cooking and doing housework. But her character manifests itself here too - she tries to connect all family members to this process.Especially well the woman succeeds in the role of the mother. She loves and cares for children. In order to preserve the harmony in the family, Angelina needs to listen more to her relatives and give them up on some issues. You can not try to subordinate all to his will. Full bloom as a woman comes about 30 years.

Profession and career

In terms of career, the value of the name Angelina can bring great success to its owner. As a rule, a woman with such a name works a lot and fully devotes herself to the chosen profession. Angelina thinks that her energy and strength could be enough for several people. Often, such self-confidence and its brings.

The name Angelina gives her carrier a strong and independent character, so she often chooses such a field of activity where she can control the process. If the work gives the woman pleasure, it will be done responsibly and in a timely manner, which will contribute to career growth. Significant professional success owner of the name will be able to achieve in trade, administrative activities or in the service sector. Angelina makes good teachers and actresses.The determining factor in choosing a profession can be the position that a girl will occupy in society.

name for girl angelina

Name riddle

Each name is accompanied by a certain secret. The name of Angelina is patronized by the Moon. Favorable colors are light green, yellow brown and red. Apple tree is considered to be the patron tree, and the water lily is the plant. The stone that can protect Angelina is chrysolite. It is recommended to carry it with you to protect from damage and the evil eye. Zodiac sign patronizing name is Cancer. Therefore, it is especially recommended to call Angelina a girl born under this zodiac constellation. Cancer has the same characteristics as Angelina - pessimism and secrecy. However, at the same time he will add to her the qualities that will help in her work and in her personal life - tenderness and cheerful disposition. Character traits that Angelina appreciates in the representatives of the stronger sex can have carriers of the names Boris, Igor, Victor and Vladimir. But with Stepan, Oleg, Anatoly and Leonid she is unlikely to succeed in building a long relationship.angelina what name

Famous personalities

Among the women known both abroad and in Russia, the name Angelina is often found.What name can boast such a melodious sound? It seems to be created to rivet the views of others. The most prominent examples on domestic television are: the great actress Angelina Stepanova and TV presenter Angelina Vovk. Among the foreign celebrities can be noted American actress, model and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. By the way, the latter has become the youngest among women politicians and the most significant in the modern political arena.

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