The moral choice is responsibility. Situation of moral choice

Good and evil. These two concepts accompany a person throughout his life. From the moment one realizes oneself as an individual, one goes to understanding what moral choice is. This is what accompanies a person at virtually every stage of his life’s journey and shows his level of moral development.

Moral choice is

Choice as part of human life

Every day a person faces a choice. It can be said that we solve daily many problems related to the problem of choice. Philosophers believe that this problem is an integral part of any human activity. Of course, we don’t take fateful decisions every minute, but it is from these small steps that the long road of life takes shape. Therefore, we can say that every second of our existence, we choose our future. Well, this theory has a right to exist. However, like many others.After all, the question of choice is very acute in philosophy and ethics. This applies particularly to such a concept as moral choice. This is a fundamental point of morality and the value system of human society. This topic would like to consider in more detail.

Moral choice is responsibility

The moral choice is what it is.

Any choice involves the activity of the subject of the situation. But the moral choice is an assessment of the value system and a decision in favor of one of them in certain situations. In a broader sense, this concept is perceived as a problem of the struggle between good and evil, a decision in favor of the dark or light side.

The moral choice of people in favor of one or another side is not always a constant, in a recurring similar situations the subject can take a completely different decision. This is due to its moral values ​​and experience. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which the individual was brought up. After all, every society has its own boundaries of good and evil. That is, in the case when two subjects of the situation make a choice in the direction of good, these can be completely different directions in the system of moral and ethical norms.

Situation of moral choice

Responsibility moral choice

The moral choice is the responsibility that the individual will bear after making his decision. This responsibility is an unbearable burden for many representatives of society, so they are trying to avoid taking this or that decision. But in any case, every person at least once in his life is faced with a moral choice that reveals all his ethical and psychological deformations. Indeed, in such situations, the individual must identify himself with any social group, and with the brightest and most characteristic part of it.

If we take into account the fact that moral choice is a responsibility, then we can confidently say that, getting into this situation, its subject must advance in its moral development by a certain level.

The moral component of the individual

To understand what a moral choice is, you need to understand what motivates a person to make a certain decision. In philosophy, the moral component of the personality is considered to be decisive. It can be presented in the form of a scan of his soul, which displays all the goals, ways to achieve them, priorities and the meaning of life of this particular individual.It is the moral component that gives an assessment of the actions of other people and their own, including. It characterizes the person as positive or negative in the prism of certain actions. It should be understood that in the case of an individual, this assessment is very subjective, but in other situations it can show the moral consciousness of the whole society as a whole.

Moral choice of people

Moral Consciousness of the Individual

Social consciousness has many forms. But one of the most important is the moral component of social consciousness. It represents a kind of cement that fixes the rules of morality and ethics in a particular society, determines the estimated criteria for people's behavior. It is worth noting that moral consciousness is a static value, and includes the principles and set of ethical standards adopted in society.

Objects of moral choice

You should not consider the problem of choice, without noting the objects of this process. They can be represented as follows:

  • individual;
  • separate group of people;
  • social structure;
  • numerous stratum of society or class.

In any case, the individual must decide in favor of someone.It can be a choice between a subject and a group, or a decision that does not affect the interests of the subject at all, and concerns a group of other people.

Situation of moral choice

Having faced a moral choice, a person finds himself in a situation of moral choice. It can exist only in the case of several decision options. Moreover, each of the options should be clear to the individual and resist a reasonable explanation.

The situation of moral choice does not imply an unlimited number of solutions; they cannot go beyond the understanding of good and evil. This is an indispensable condition of the situation, otherwise the choice can not be attributed to moral.

What is moral choice

Freedom of moral choice

It should be noted that the problem of choice has a number of features and specified conditions, outside of which the situation completely ceases to exist. Moral freedom of choice is an indispensable condition of the situation. The individual must make a decision based only on his own ideas and considering the scale of values, no one should put pressure on him and create a special framework.

Freedom of choice consists of the opportunity to make a decision and the real ability to perform a particular action in order to designate one's position.

Terms of moral choice

The choice between good and evil requires strict adherence to the conditions, they are the basis of the proposed situation and make it static, despite the mass of solution options:

1. Range of possibilities.

Each individual must be aware of and evaluate all choices and their consequences. If for various reasons he does not have the ability to conduct an objective analysis, then the choice will not fully reflect the moral values ​​and the foundations of the individual.

2. Social conditions.

Each person always makes a choice within his own social class, where certain norms of behavior and values ​​are adopted. This allows you to make a decision rationally, attributing itself to a certain group.

3. Understanding the need to choose

The individual must clearly realize that he follows his principles and moral norms, and does not make a decision because everyone does this, or no one does.

If all these nuances are observed, the individual becomes the subject of the situation.

Moral choice

Moral conflict

There are situations where moral choice arises from certain circumstances that do not lead to an unequivocal victory of good over evil. This problem is called a moral conflict. The individual falls into it when, in the circumstances proposed, the decision will become evil in another scale of moral and ethical norms and values. In such a situation, a person cannot decide on one or another option.

The choice in a moral conflict can be determined only by the personal personal values ​​of the individual. In this situation, the norms adopted in society, and the person remains one on one with his principles. Quite often, with such a problem, it is possible to talk about the maturity of the individual as a whole, the life experience gained and the totality of fixed norms will be what motivates decision-making.

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