The most fashionable skirts. Fashionable long skirts

Fashionable skirts of this year are presented in a variety of variations of styles and styles. They can be called with complete confidence the most popular element of any female wardrobe. They can be long, mega short, concise, variegated, slinky, free, monophonic, colorful, modest or frank.

Whichever model you choose, it will surely convey your mood, personality and lifestyle. It’s not for nothing that every year most famous designers spend a lot of energy on creating new models of this wardrobe item. Let us examine in more detail which of them will be at the peak of popularity in the warm season of skirts

If more and more girls in skirts appear on the street, then spring has finally arrived. For three months of cold and frost, we are so bored with bulky heavy clothing that, having seen the first warm rays, we run to the store for light new clothes. Among them must be fashionable skirts. And the more diverse their styles, the more opportunities we have to create the perfect image.

Modern designers offer a lot of stylistic solutions that are able to satisfy the most captious and sophisticated beauty in matters of fashion. Among the rich variety of spring-summer trends of this year, you will certainly be able to find for yourself some ideal options.

Choosing a style

What skirt is fashionable? Variants for spring and summer amaze with a huge number of the most diverse styles and styles. The podiums of this year are overflowing with models that defile in the new year's skirts, which have become classic pencils, decorated with retro notes, extravagant models "in the floor" and frank mini. Forget about banality, monotony and routine! Any clothes you choose should be unique, so that at a decent level you can convey all the facets of your complex, controversial and unbridled individuality.

The most fashionable skirts are of medium and long length. Mini is very difficult to find on the catwalks of 2015, but even their options presented are not extremely extreme. But the models on the ankle are found everywhere. Many of them have a volumetric style, they are created from dense fabrics that firmly fix the shape.In such a garment you will feel like a queen.trendy summer skirts

In the average length, there are variants that cover the knee completely or only half of it. "European" cut, to the center of the calf, you need to use very meaningful, because in fact it really goes to very few people.

Immortal pencils

When we consider fashionable skirts, it is impossible to ignore the “pencil” model, which is marching with confident steps from season to season, from year to year. This spring, she also steadily holds her position on world catwalks and in brand clothing stores. She is not afraid of the vagaries of fashion, nor the transience of time.

This style is so multifaceted that it can perfectly fit into any style. For example, "pencils" are the best friends of business women who adore the classic style. They also fit perfectly into the sophisticated images of secular parties. And even if you wear such a skirt with a free T-shirt and sneakers tucked into it, you will have an extravagant straight-bow, no worse than any Hollywood star.

The pencil skirt also owes its popularity to its unique ability to sit perfectly on any type of figure.Millions of women have proven that this is the most versatile item in their skirts spring

Choosing this option, do not forget about the main rule of this year: forget about the banality! Your attention is a myriad of unusual models, decorated with a wide variety of prints, decorative elements, colors and cuts. Do not drive yourself into the frame - choose flashy skirts in which you can really stand out from the crowd!

Modern Little Mermaids

Cutting "fish tail" is not the first year used in evening (in particular - graduation and wedding) dresses. But this year it evolved and got a new name. Fashionable skirts year tightly fit the leg and expand at the bottom of the same principle as the long-known to us "little mermaid".

This style belongs to the retro style. He perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure, makes a more soft and balanced line of the hips and visually gives the silhouette elongation and slimness.fashionable long skirts

The most common length for such models is below the knee level. But the most spectacular option - ankle-deep. Especially well suited for such fashionable skirts for obese and girls with wide hips. Regardless of your body constitution, you will look like subtle sea goddess in it.

And again flared!

Another trend, moving from season to season, is a stylish and flirty flared skirt. Its various interpretations are presented not in one line of clothes dictating a fashion of boutiques. It is worth noting that, compared with its predecessor last year, the current flare looks much more democratic.

Lovers of brevity will appreciate the A-shaped models, and for a more playful image, the best choice will be flying bells. When sewing these skirts are also possible different variations.

Woven from wedges, made in the shape of a half-sun or sun - choose what you like more! The main thing is that this piece of clothing easily and naturally fell down the hips, knocking in playful folds and hiding possible flaws in the legs.

Recall geometry: trapezoid

Each girl should have in her personal collection of clothes fashionable skirts, made in the form of an A-shaped silhouette, that is, trapeze. This is a very versatile model. She, as a rule, has a simple style, comfortable, concise and has a clear geometry.

Models of this type are perfect and thin, and full, and high and low fashionable women.It is also important that they harmoniously fit both into the image of a business woman, and into a street-bow of a lover of casual.

To give this style of brightness and dynamism, the designers decorate it with bright prints and choose rich colors for the design. Do not be afraid to take the risk and you! Add color to your everyday look - and get an excellent trendy mix.

Romance Corrugated

Fashionable skirts (summer 2015 offers new trends) are also presented in a gentle and romantic version of plisse (also known as corrugation). This model is the best choice for warm weather due to its lightness and airiness. It is very comfortable, free and does not hinder movement.

the most fashionable skirts

There is an opinion that such skirts are suitable only for thin girls, but in fact they fit perfectly on those whom nature has not endowed with a miniature figure. But it is better for them to choose models long and on the coquette. This season corrugated floor skirts are very popular. But their shortened modifications are also found.

For minimalists

Fashionable summer skirts can not be imagined without such a classic trend genre, as a mini. This is quite logical, because when it gets warmer in the street, most girls want to open up the body as much as possible and show all its charms in the best light.

If you choose the right skirt, it can visually make your legs longer, so that the attention of men will be provided to you. In addition, these models are very practical, because they are perfectly combined with any item of clothing.

On the fashionable catwalks this season, you can see a wide variety of prints, colors and materials, among which you will certainly look for something for yourself.

Ankle length

Fashionable long skirts embody simplicity, convenience, ease, weightlessness and complete freedom of movement. Thanks to them, you can easily create incredible feminine images. And the refined skirts in the floor, made in an A-shaped silhouette, are irreplaceable at evening celebrations.fashionable skirts for full

Another interesting option - fashionable long skirts with a high waist, similar to the dress. The belt of the model is above the waist level and due to this it makes it more subtle. Delicately flowing down the hips, this piece of clothing adds to the silhouette of tenderness, grace, elegance and sophistication.

We cut-shred

Skirts to the floor and knee to give the image restraint and severity.But it is necessary to dilute the asceticism of the cut with one long cut, and the model is instantly transformed. It immediately reveals new facets of attractiveness and even seduction.

Since fashionable skirts (spring-summer of this year) are mostly knee-length and lower, bold cuts contribute to the emancipation of their classic cut. They are presented in various forms: from an open thigh in a maxi-model to a slight cut in a pencil or even just a translucent drapery that barely covers the legs. Depending on which model you choose, it will help to create both a bold and frank image and a modest business.

what skirt fashionable

Another trend that has not left the podium for several seasons is asymmetry. It is difficult to find a fashion designer whose collections would not be affected by this cut. Moreover, it has become the mainstream of the current season and looks great on any model of the skirt.

Narrow, aerial, rave, business, mini, midi, maxi are very popular - in fact, all the options that have undergone uneven circumcision. By the way, asymmetry is applied both to the entire style of the garment, and to its individual fragments and prints in particular.

No limit to fantasy

Fashionable summer skirts can not be imagined without a variety of tricks in the design, thanks to which their developers tend to distinguish their offspring among competing brands. It is through the original finish clothing of a certain manufacturer becomes truly unique and recognizable.

In order to attract the attention of buyers, fashion houses use a variety of style solutions. Often among them you can see the intricacy and complexity of the highest degree.

For example, various types of rivets, embroidery, stones, beads are widely used for trimming skirts. Also an important role is played by non-standard design of coquettes and belts, in which exotic feathers, flowers, fringe and other elements are used. The result is a product that, in terms of its design, is not inferior to artsy museum exhibits and simply cannot attract attention.

What about color?

In the models of the current season natural calm tones are widely used. Among the leaders can be called khaki, gray, beige, white. But bright prints, however, manage to firmly hold their positions.So, among the most popular, of course, include curly, zoological and floral patterns.

In addition to the classic colors, it is also often possible to find bright terracotta, blue, golden, crimson, coral models, which invariably attract the views of passers-by. Regardless of which option you choose, discreet or impudent, do not forget to choose clothing and accessories to your skirt that will harmoniously blend with it.

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