The most useful nuts. Types of nuts. Benefit and harm

It is difficult to find someone who would not know how useful nuts are. Indeed, doctors and even nutritionists distinguish this product among others. What are the most useful nuts? Or do they all have unique properties? What kind of nuts do you need to eat to always stay young, and which ones are good for heart and vascular diseases? Let's try to figure it out.

How are nuts useful?

Sales stalls are now full of a variety of nuts - from the usual to us walnuts to very exotic Brazilian. Obviously one thing: this product is simply necessary in the human diet, because any nut has a lot of useful properties.the most useful nutsAt the same time, each representative of this product has its own unique qualities, thanks to which it is “prescribed” for certain problems or simply for maintaining health. So what is the benefit of nuts?

  1. It is simply a storehouse of minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body to function well. In this, all kinds of nuts are several times ahead of the fruit.
  2. Nuts are healthy fats of plant origin. Accordingly, the person using them may not be afraid of the formation of cholesterol plaques in the vessels.
  3. Vegetarians introduce nuts in their diet instead of meat, because they contain “perfect protein” - a great alternative to animal protein.
  4. Despite its high calorie content, nuts are a product that is appreciated by nutritionists. Studies have shown that, due to the structure of the fruit we are considering, the calories contained in it are not fully digested. In addition, omega-3 acids will help to cope with sweets for a diet.
  5. The ability of nuts to remove toxins from the body makes them an indispensable product for people who want to preserve youth and vigor of the body.
  6. This is the product that is allowed to eat in the evening and use as a snack. They quickly quench hunger.
  7. Unique properties are stored in them for a long time.
  8. To defeat depression, eat nuts. It is proved that they contain substances that help to cope with stress and nervous tension.
  9. It is useful to eat nuts and people engaged in mental work, because it is an excellent feed for the brain.
  10. Doctors in various fields offer their patients to eat these gifts of nature, because they help to regulate the work of various body systems - from cardiovascular to respiratory.
  11. Known benefits of nuts and beauticians. Oils of almond, cedar, walnut since ancient times have helped women to preserve beauty, make the skin soft and elastic.

The benefits of walnut

The walnut is perhaps the most famous and popular of all. The place of its growth is the Caucasus, it is cultivated in the Crimea, and in Central Asia, as well as in Moldova. Interestingly, not only kernels of nuts are useful, but also peel, and even leaves. Both young and already ripe fruits are suitable for consumption.Walnut

Why is walnut so popular? This is due to the wide range of useful properties that this product has. Tannins in large quantities in it help to cope with skin diseases and reduce inflammation of the gums. Since ancient times, walnuts have contributed to the healing of wounds, alleviated the condition of burns, disinfected, with their help even coped with parasites. In diseases of the thyroid gland, it is very useful to use partitions, because it contains very useful iodine.These nuts are shown to people suffering from diabetes, and all because of the low sugar content and starch.

By the way, these are the most useful nuts for those people who want to cope with high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Their use will not only prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques, but will also help to clean the blood from existing ones.

A walnut, with its appearance even resembling the human brain, seems to hint at what helps to improve mental activity. This is true: it is highly recommended to people of intellectual work.

A complex of trace elements and minerals contained in it strengthens the human body during epidemics and after illness. Calorie walnut does not exceed 680 kcal.

How are cashews useful?

Cashew is another nut that has many beneficial properties. “Food of joy” is what they call it in India. If you are afraid to gain extra pounds while eating nuts, then cashew is just for you, because it contains the least amount of calories - only 643 units. per 100 grams.roasted cashews

In addition to the properties characteristic of all nuts, cashew has its own, unique qualities.

Especially distinguished is the ability of this type of nuts to maintain immunity. In addition, the potassium contained in it has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, strengthening it.

Helps cashews and improve blood composition. In addition to the anti-sclerotic effects that many nuts possess, cashews increase iron levels and have a positive effect on hemoglobin levels.

The fact that these nuts help to cope with a toothache, the Indians noticed: they greased the diseased areas with a paste of cashews - and the pain receded. More recently, this fact has been proven scientifically: these nuts really help to relieve pain in the teeth.

For people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, doctors strongly recommend using cashews - these are the most useful nuts for patients with pharyngitis, bronchitis, asthma. And all thanks to the strengthening effect of the product.

It should be remembered that it is very dangerous to eat raw cashews for the organism, because the layer between the shell and the core is different in the content of cardol. The last in contact with the skin and mucous membranes can cause severe burns and even pulmonary edema. You can only eat roasted cashews.

Almond - Female Walnut

Almond nut is very useful for people suffering from beriberi and general weakness, for example, after illness. Nut kernels with a spicy taste should be included in your diet for people with heart and vascular diseases.kernels of nuts

Minerals and nutrients are balanced in the almonds in such a special way that they will certainly help to cleanse not only the kidneys for urolithiasis, but also the blood vessels and hepatic ducts.

Since ancient times, women who did not have enough breast milk, used almond. For its preparation, the walnut in a special way insisted on cow's milk and filtered it. In terms of its composition, this product easily replaced breast milk.

Hazelnut protects the body from cancer

Like the rest of the nuts, hazelnuts have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system: it makes the myocardium stronger, cleans the blood of cholesterol, and improves its composition. Among other things, hazelnut has a positive effect on the elasticity of blood vessels. It is recommended for varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, as well as other vascular diseases.hazelnut nut

If you want to prevent cancer, enter this nut into your diet. Hazelnuts will help in the treatment of this terrible disease: the recently discovered substance paclitaxel is able to defeat cancer cells.Hazelnut contains a large amount of antioxidants, excellent in removing free radicals. They will help to preserve the youth of the whole organism.

Hazelnut is also shown to cleanse the body of toxins. It is indispensable for people engaged in heavy physical work, because it fights fatigue well, including chronic fatigue. This is explained by the high content of potassium with calcium and sodium. These same elements have a positive effect on the nervous system, calm, save from over-stimulation.

Cedar nuts: useful kids

Pine nuts are not nuts in our usual sense, but only the seeds of Siberian cedar pine. They got their name from cooks. However, in their composition, these nuts are not inferior to other nuts: they are also more than half of the very healthy vegetable fats, contain perfect protein and a large amount of vitamin and trace elements.

Pine nuts - champions on the content of vitamins of group B. In addition, they also contain vitamins E, K, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. These small fount of useful substances are not only used in cooking, they are used to produce cosmetic oil - an excellent antioxidant that helps preserve youth.pine nuts

Expectant mothers should also take a closer look at pine nuts, because arginine contains there - a very useful substance for the successful development of the baby.

Cedar - the most useful nuts for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Rubbed cake and shells from them are used as a remedy for urolithiasis and liver problems. To alleviate the condition of the patient with arthritis will help the bath with oil cake from pine nuts.

Fruit of the Tree of Life - Pistachio

Pistachios, or nuts of happiness, as they are called in China, are not only tasty, but also very useful nuts. Not for nothing because in the countries of the East pistachio tree is called the tree of life.

We already know that nuts prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques and reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, but still the record holder in this business is pistachio. But this is not its only useful quality, their mass.

Pistachios are wonderful aphrodisiacs, they are recommended for men with impaired sexual function.

The lutein contained in these nuts will help improve vision, and a high fiber content will improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. The ability of pistachios to relieve pain in liver colic has long been proven.

In cosmetology, pistachio oil is used - it has a rejuvenating effect, nourishes the skin.

Peanuts, or Peanuts

Peanut is a plant of the legume family. Its widespread use is due to the high nutritional value of this product. Peanut is also made from frying oil and paste, and it is also used in confectionery products. Surprisingly, glue is boiled out of it, wool and soap are made. Here is such a nut!

As for the benefits, peanuts are recommended for heart disease, atherosclerosis, nervous disorders, fatigue and insomnia. He has a choleretic property. The ability of this nut to remove free radicals and slow down the aging of the body is scientifically proven by scientists.

It is wise to use peanuts for people with diabetes. Roasted is especially dangerous, but in its raw form - these are the most useful nuts for them, because they normalize blood sugar levels.

Very carefully it is necessary to approach the choice of peanuts, because it is damp, it can moldy and thus cause serious damage to the body.

Useful exotic: Brazil nut

Recently, previously unknown nuts began to appear on the shelves, for example, Brazilian.Those who managed to try it, definitely appreciated the beneficial effect of exotic fruits on the body. Brazil nut contains a large amount of selenium, which not only has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, but is also a prophylactic agent against intestinal, lung and breast cancer.the benefits of nutsThis nut can be given to children because it is easily digested due to its high fiber content. Brazil nuts and people with thyroid problems are highly recommended. To experience the beneficial effect of this nut, it is enough to eat 1-2 things a day.

It is obvious that all nuts have a large number of useful properties. To choose for themselves the most useful of them is necessary according to their taste preferences and the unique qualities that each species is rich in to a greater degree.

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