What is useful ascorbic acid? Ascorbic acid for children. Ascorbic Acid Overdose

Everyone from childhood knows that it is very important for a person to take vitamin C (ascorbic acid). It is (like glucose) one of the basic and very important vitamins for health. He participates in almost all biochemical processes of the human body. Ascorbic acid helps in the formation of lymphocytes, which destroy infected cells, and keeps white blood cells in a state of readiness to fight infections. What else is ascorbic acid useful for?

the usefulness of ascorbic acid

And where did our ancestors take acid?

Nature has more than provided ascorbic acid to maintain the health of children and adults. Any of us may well take advantage of its reserves.

Ascorbic acid is found in hips.What is bad for us, this fragrant brew tea? The berries of black currant - a whole storehouse of this vitamin. Another source of ascorbic acid is sea buckthorn. We buy white cabbage in stores, but we rarely make fresh vegetable salads. I wonder what's stopping you? Honeysuckle berries - the very first summer berries - why not stand on our tables? Sour, dirty hands, and then the tongue from the honeysuckle blue?

Lucky citrus: lemons, oranges - frequent guests in our fruit vases. Let's at least put parsley on the table! But no, you will not find again: the greens on our tables are replaced by gluconates, they give an attractive color, sharpen the taste (add addiction and dependence here). Here is an incomplete list of products that contain vitamin C - ascorbic acid. By the way, vitamin as a dietary supplement is designated as E300.

ascorbic acid for children

What does this vitamin affect

This vitamin is simply vital for us. It promotes the growth of cells and their recovery. It is important for cleansing blood vessels from plaques and toxins. Helps absorb the gland in the body. Without it, all sorts of diseases are delayed, recovery is slower.Especially relieves ascorbic acid inflammation and infection, as the vitamin triggers the body’s immune defense processes. It is useful to use ascorbic in the offseason, when so common for colds and other acute respiratory viral diseases.

By the way, it is important to remember that a vitamin is easily destroyed by smog, light and heat. Knowing this and taking into account the peculiarities of ascorbic acid, it is worth taking care of replenishment of stocks or proper use of the right products. That is, it is not necessary to keep vegetables, fruits and berries in the light or, when cut, to leave them for a long time. Heat treatment should be short. Sometimes you just need to steam or blanch some foods.

Daily dosage of vitamin

Of course, each person has his own dose. It is necessary to take into account age, place of residence, diet, ecology, clean water and air, bad habits, pregnancy or other special periods (menopause, adolescence). During the off-season (spring, autumn) it is very useful to use ascorbing. When wet and slush easily transmitted by airborne infections and bacteria.And if your immunity is weak, then the body can not cope with the pressure of the disease.

vitamin c ascorbic acid

On average, the daily dose can be up to one hundred milligrams per day. Thus, you need to use a half cup of white powder with a sour taste. But who does this among us?

Ascorbic acid during pregnancy is generally very necessary. Young and expectant mothers need to increase the dosage by a quarter, as the future baby should also get all the vitamins (by the way, this baby can also get the vitamin from mom's bones).

Harm from Vitamin Growth

The usefulness of ascorbic acid is clear. But is everything so harmless and useful? You understand that nature loves when everything in moderation. If you take this drug in large doses and constantly, and then stop taking it, then it is fraught with the fact that the body will no longer absorb glucose. This is one of the provoking factors of diabetes. Stones may begin to form in the kidneys and bladder. For children, ascorbic acid can cause damage to tooth enamel. The scurvy disease, by the way, is directly related to this.

ascorbic acid dragee instruction

How can I determine overdose with ascorbic acid? You will feel slight dizziness, rashes, pain in the abdomen may occur, insomnia may occur.

But with a shortage of ascorbic on the skin, you can see desquamation, frequent infectious diseases, bruises on the body can occur.

In any case, you can not do self-medication. Urgently consult a doctor if you notice any unpleasant and unusual symptoms. In general, it is better to consult with the district physician even about the selection of an individual vitamin complex, and not to take any vitamins on your own without any control.

How to use vitamin C

In our country, the drug can be easily purchased at any pharmacy without any restrictions. Before the children start buying these little yellow rounds, explain both the benefits and the harm from them. Themselves, too, follow the advice of a doctor and annotations that accompany the vitamin.

This is how useful ascorbic acid (dragee) is. Instructions for use of this drug are as follows:

  1. If you play sports or you have an active lifestyle, hard labor-intensive work (for example, at the factory or at night shifts), the dose may be 150-200 mg.
  2. If you just pursue preventive goals, then you need about 120 mg.
  3. Ascorbic acid is recommended for children as little as 60 mg.
  4. If we treat any disease, the intake is increased to two drops 4 times a day.

overdose of ascorbic acid

It is also necessary to remember that ascorbic acid is acid, which means that it can irritate the stomach walls and lead to corresponding diseases. To avoid unpleasant symptoms and illnesses, it is necessary that ascorbic acid (dragee) be taken after meals according to the instructions. Moreover, it is then that the vitamin begins to be absorbed faster into the blood.

What to do with an excess of vitamin?

In case of an overdose of ascorbic acid, you should consult a doctor, and urgently. But if there is no possibility yet? Follow these tips:

  1. Be aware that acid is rapidly absorbed, and gastric lavage will not help, even if large volumes of water are used.
  2. It is best to take the patient to the hospital.
  3. To relieve pain, drugs are needed to help the stomach lining.
  4. Is there a medicine that can withstand ascorbic acid? Such antidotes do not exist. Although some other vitamins can improve a little. Again - do not heal yourself, better than a doctor, no one will help you.

What if you are over 50?

What is useful ascorbic acid for the elderly? We all understand that with age in the body less useful. Heart attacks happen just when there is a shortage of this vitamin.By old age, vision deteriorates, and the risk of cataract increases. Wrinkles appear on the face, pallor, dryness, peeling on the skin. Minor hemorrhages may appear on the body.

ascorbic acid injections

But if the vitamin in the body is in sufficient quantity, then the cell membrane is strong, the capillaries are strong. The processes of strengthening the ligaments that connect the bones of the body. For even more effective absorption into the blood, ascorbic acid injections can be prescribed by the attending physician.

Is ascorbic acid tablets useful?

A few decades ago, nobody heard about ascorbic acid. And today these vitamins are consumed by very many. But the statistics asserts that, nevertheless, many modern people are sorely lacking in vitamin C.

The fact is that synthetic vitamin is very different from natural in structure and even causes harm to the human body.

Artificial species consists of one isomer, and natural - from seven. Natural vitamin C is easily recognized by the human body and is easily digested. His chemically created fellow, on the contrary, is rejected and removed (far from all) through the urinogenital system, causing harm to the human body.

ascorbic acid during pregnancy

So, the usefulness of ascorbic acid, the harmful, how to take it, you now know. Take care and be healthy!

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