This Russian pea-pea: recipe and cooking secrets

Peas undeservedly ignored by many. It seems that people know how useful and satisfying it is, but for some reason they avoid cooking it. Meanwhile, in the old days, he enjoyed great popularity. Both on weekdays and on holidays, people willingly cooked different dishes from it. There was even a special name for porridge - "pea". Its recipe, even the most simple, basic, gives a very tasty result at the exit. And if you add it to different goodies, everyone at the table will ask for supplements.pea pod recipe

Simple pea

It requires only peas, onions and time. When the pea is prepared, the proportions usually indicated in the recipe are virtually absent. The only thing worth paying attention to is the volume of water for soaking. Pea swells four times, soaking up the liquid. So a glass of legumes is poured with a liter of water and in the process they are also looking at whether the peas are dry: if they are very dry, they can “take” more.

So, legumes poured cold water overnight.The next day, they are filled with double the volume of fresh water, put on a small fire and cook. Depending on the variety, this process takes from an hour to two. Separately, finely chopped onions are zazharka. Please note: when the pea is cooked, the recipe recommends salting it only at the very end, otherwise the cooking time for peas will increase significantly. When it is cooked, porridge is spiced, flavored with selected spices and onions. If desired, it is pounded or passed through a blender. And you can eat it with butter, sour cream, cream or just like that.pea in a slow cooker

Meat Butterfly

The beginning of the process is similar to that already described: soak for seven hours and put on the boil. However, it is better to pour for cooking not with water, but with pre-cooked broth. Since we will have a peanut with meat, a third of a kilo of good pork (half a kilo of legumes) is cut in small cubes and added to a fried, chopped onion. All will be stewed together until final readiness. Finished peas are better to puree with the addition of oil, and only then you can stir the meat fry.

Smoothies for peanuts

With them, porridge becomes completely refined.A pea-mea with smoked meats can be cooked with corresponding sausage, with ribs, and with smoked chicken "spare parts". Take, for example, pork ribs (about a kilogram with a third). The meat is medium-sized and minced for ten minutes in vegetable oil in a deep frying pan. Then onion ribs are poured onion semi-goats plus pepper (as you see fit) and a spoonful of sugar. After mixing, a pound of soaked peas in the evening and a triple volume of boiling water are added. Stew porridge for an hour and a half, salted before removing, and served with herbs and vegetables, fresh or salted.pea with meat

Porridge with mushrooms

On fasting days, the nourishing pea will greatly support the strengths, the recipe of which ignores the skimming ingredients. The pea is again soaked. For two glasses of legumes you can buy (or get from the freezer) a pound of mushrooms. In the morning, "forest beef" (namely, our ancestors called mushrooms) is boiled and cut. Two large onions crumble into half rings or quarter rings. They are fried in vegetable oil (in the days when it is banned, this stage is skipped). When the rings begin to shine, pour the mushrooms; everything is fried together for about ten minutes.

Swollen peas are transferred to the iron pot, filled with double the amount of water and supplemented with mushroom roasting. The oven warms up to two hundred Celsius, the cauldron is covered with a lid and retracted into it for half an hour. Then the contents of the pot are salted, mixed and returned to the oven for a dozen minutes. Separately well cooked another onion - porridge tastes better when sprinkled with roasted roast on top.a pea of ​​proportion

A goodie in a pot with chicken

You can cook this dish and portions. Moreover, with the bird it turns out very tasty pea. The recipe advises to prepare the main ingredients separately: cook a kilogram of chicken in one pan and a glass of soaked peas in another. Additionally chopped shredded onion. When she gets a beautiful "tan", the pulp of half a lemon, cut into small slices, is added to it. The pan is left for five minutes on fire to quench the ingredients together. Then chicken pieces are laid into it, quickly fried and curried, and half a cup of sour cream with a pair of spoons of broth. When stew,boiled peas and chicken with gravy are distributed in a pot (can be interbedded). The containers are put on the third of the hour in the oven. The finished dish is served directly in the pots.peas with smoked meat

Pea in the crock-pot

If you have already acquired such a kitchen assistant, he will help you with pea porridge. Soak legumes still have to, but everything else will make for you a miracle machine. Peas, a shredded onion and chopped smoked meats are simply put in a bowl. Water is poured to cover the products of a centimeter for two. The extinguishing mode turns on, the time is set for an hour and a half. Ten minutes before the signal, the pea in a slow cooker is added and seasoned. Deal done, you can eat.

To peas cooked faster

If you do not want to soak the base for peas, there are ways to speed up the brew:

  1. Take not whole beans, but crushed. Cooking time will be at least halved.
  2. Dry peas are poured with a small amount of water; when boiling it is added a quarter cup of fresh, but also cold. This secret allows you to cook any beans very quickly.
  3. If you do not mind soaking, but do not want to wait for a long time, pour half a teaspoon of soda into the water.The pea will swell in half an hour.

Good luck to you peasants!

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