Tinted hair at home

For every woman it is very important to always have a well-groomed look. It would seem that there is nothing simpler, but in reality there are more than enough difficulties. People are always beginning to be judged on the basis of appearance, for whatever a person has a good heart, but if he has uncombed hair and grown-up roots, he will ruin the overall impression. The problem is that it takes a lot of time to take care of yourself, and the girls ask themselves the question: how can you look stunning without spending a lot of effort? This will help such a procedure as tinted hair.

hair tinting

What is this procedure?

Tinting (toning) of hair is a process during which a dyeing composition called tinting agent (tonic) is applied to the hair. It gives the curls a certain shade and can completely replace the usual ammonia paint, if not planned major changes.

Of course, with the help of such a procedure as hair tinting, reviews of which will be considered by us further, it will not be possible to turn from a brown-haired woman, but it is possible to give the desired shade to the curls.

hair tinting at home

Moreover, in order to bring new notes into your life, it is not necessary to change completely. Sometimes the right shade of hair can completely transform a girl.

Is there an alternative

Surely, many are wondering: why do you need this procedure? Most girls are accustomed to dye their hair with ordinary paint. Of course, it spoils the hair, of course, in a month it is necessary to tint the roots again. This procedure is not pleasant, and the smell of ammonia gives a lot of inconvenience to many. If you want to look attractive, but there is no alternative, then in that case dyeing your hair is the only way out. But it turns out that there is always a choice. Tinted hair gives almost the same effect as painting, but harm brings much less.

What is the advantage

The advantages of this procedure are that the tool does not spoil the hair, and the coloring itself takes much less time. As a rule, the tonic that is used to treat the hair is also called a coloring balsam, which means that it strengthens the curls, makes them silky, and makes combing easier.

hair tinting reviews

It contains a large amount of oils,vitamins and natural ingredients. A huge advantage is that the tonic does not contain ammonia and has a pleasant aroma. It does not penetrate deep into the hair, and paints it only superficially, which is why it is not harmful. In addition, hair tinting is a fairly easy procedure that even a teenager can handle.

How to choose a color

Each method of hair coloring is unique, and each has its own specific rules. Hair tonic is no exception. Knowing a few tricks, you can tint your hair without leaving your home, although, of course, hairdresser’s also provide such services.

First of all, you need to find the necessary shade of funds. It is selected depending on the color of your hair. For example, pearls ashy, smoky pink and fawn are perfect for blondes. But the important rule is that the shade must be darker than yours and not more than 3 tones.

hair tinting photo

In addition, girls with bleached hair should be extremely careful. If the color of the curls is uneven, the tonic may also take spots.

Toning technology

Hair tinting is a fairly easy process, but depending on the manufacturer of the products, it can differ significantly.For example, the well-known firm "Tonica" represents a huge selection of various shades. But it should be borne in mind that her toning composition seizes well enough on her hair. For dark-haired this is just a huge plus.

Looks great on a brunette, for example, the shade of "Mahogany". Hair becomes reddish and shimmers wonderfully in the sun. Indoors, the shade is almost invisible, but it is worth going out, as the hair begins to glow. And to achieve this, for dyeing you need to take the right amount of tonic and evenly distribute the entire length of the hair. After 15 minutes, the composition can be washed off.

Estel hair tinting

For blondes (clarified), this technology is not suitable. The fact is that all light colors have a purple hue. And if you do the same procedure as for dark hair, the blonde immediately turn into Malvina.

In addition, it is important to note that tinting the hair before and after dyeing with ammonia is extremely undesirable. This can lead to the fact that the color of your hair changes unexpectedly and unpredictably.

Tinted hair at home for blondes

So that after staining the curls with Tonika, they do not acquire a purple hue, you can act in several ways:

  • Method one. In a clean dish, pour warm water, add 4-5 drops of the product and mix well. After shampooing your hair, you must rinse the hair in the resulting composition. Now you can dry them and enjoy the result.

hair tinting at home

  • The second way. Take any that suits you, hair balm. In a separate jar squeeze a little tonic and balm and mix well. After washing your hair, apply this composition to your hair.

Both methods are equally good for such a process as tinting hair at home, and this is especially true for owners of light strands. It is important to note that the thinner the hair structure, the smaller the amount of funds that must be used.

Toning products

The modern beauty industry does not stand still. Every day, hundreds of new skin and hair care products are produced. On the shelves you can find a variety of tinting tools. They differ in the method of application, the duration of the effect, as well as the price category.And if before the funds could have an effect only for a week, now there are ammonia-free dyes that preserve the result even for a couple of months, although this procedure is still not actually a dye, but a hair tint.

Estel is a company familiar to many. It produces wonderful non-ammonia paints, which do not spoil the strands, but on the contrary, improve their appearance. In the box "Estelle" there are 2 bags of coloring matter, a bottle of oxidant, instructions, gloves and balm. The set does not differ from the usual paint, except for one thing - there is no ammonia in the composition.

hair tinting before and after

Schwarzkopf can boast of an interesting offer. In their assortment can be found such a tool as a tinting spray. It is very simple to use: it is enough to spray on the hair, like a varnish, and wait a couple of minutes. Hair immediately get the selected shade.

Tint shampoo is also a very interesting solution. Tinting hair at home with such a tool will not be difficult. For example, WELLA PROFESSIONALS produces shampoo and conditioner that neutralizes ugly shades and returns to the curls a cool range of light color.But the company "Kapus" produces professional shampoo-balms of natural shades (copper, red, brown). They give the hair a rich and deep color.

The disadvantages and advantages of the procedure

Any cosmetic procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. Hair tinting, the photo of which is presented above, is no exception. Of course, from the shortcomings can be identified that the tool does not last long on the hair. It is quickly washed off, and therefore it must be used regularly.

But most often the clients have negative reviews based only on the fact that they did not manage to find the right shade. This can happen if the hair has recently been brightened using 9% and 12% oxidizer. To avoid this, tinted hair, reviews of which we are considering, should be applied at least one week after dyeing with ammonia paint.

If we talk about the advantages of this procedure, many people point out that after it the hair becomes more alive and silky.

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