Tom Hiddleston, actor (Loki)

British sleek beauties are always in fashion in Hollywood. This is primarily Colin Firth, Hugh Laurie, Benedict Cumberbatch and many others. A few years ago, this impressive list was supplemented by another very interesting instance. This is about Tom Hiddleston, whom many fans call "the actor who played Loki."

Despite this attitude of fans, over the past few years, he has appeared in several worthy projects, proving that he is a serious, diverse artist. Let's learn more about Tom Hiddleston, as well as the movie character who made him famous.

Who is Loki (actor Tom Hiddleston)

Photos of this character of the Universe "Marvel" can be found in all the comic shops, especially since the graphic novel "Thor" was filmed (2011). As is often the case, the audience is very fond of not only the valiant first-born Odin, but his cunning brother Loki. He entered the top ten best villains comic (according to IGN Entertainment).

actor loki

The biography of this antihero, as well as many scoundrels, is very sad.He was the son of the lord of the ice giants - Lafei. However, Loki's mother belonged to a different race. As a result, Lafeisson was born a very modest size, and his father was ashamed of his child, hiding him from everyone.

But fate gave the baby a chance to change their fate. After defeating the ice giants, Odin killed their leader and learned about the existence of Loki. The mighty warrior could not kill an innocent baby. Instead, he took Lafeisson with him and, posing as a boy for his son, raised him on a par with Thor.

Practically no one knew anything about the real origin of the new prince, but Loki always felt his inferiority. First of all, because in Asgard (the kingdom of Odin), as in the homeland of Lafeisson, physical strength and victories in battles were valued above all. And Loki could not boast with all this - he was growing up as a physically weak child since childhood. But the guy from his early years showed an incredible ability to magical arts, as well as outstanding intelligence. Developing all this, the youngest son of Odin soon learned to avenge his offenders, and first of all Torah.

When Odin chose his eldest son as his heir, and Loki found out about his origin, Lafesson decided to seize power in Asgard.But all his attempts to discredit the Torah in the eyes of his father, or simply to destroy his brother, were in vain. And for their tricks this character was repeatedly imprisoned in various dungeons or expelled. But each time he managed to find a loophole and make another attempt to become the ruler of Asgard.

In the Marvel film festival, this hero first appeared in the 2011 movie “Thor”. A year later he became the main antagonist in the action movie "The Avengers".

In 2013, Loki (actor Tom Hiddleston) appeared in the sequel "Top 2: The Kingdom of Darkness".

The future appearance of this character on movie screens

After the release of the second solo film about the Torah, his cunning brother did not appear on the screen for several years. But in November 2017, the audience will see a new meeting with the beloved Loki Lafeisson in the blockbuster “Thor: Ragnarok”. He will also appear in two future tapes about the Avengers in 2018-2019.

And while all the fans of Marvel are looking forward to the new premieres, it is worth knowing what the actor who plays Loki is - Tom Hiddleston. And besides, many will be interested to know in which projects he has been shot.

How spent childhood performer the role of Loki - actor Tom Hiddleston

Thomas William Hiddleston was born (this is how his full name looks like) in February 1981 in Westminster. His parents were not ordinary people.His father, James Norman Hiddleston, was a chemist, and his mother, Diana Patricia Servaes, worked as an art administrator.

loki actor

In addition to Tom, Hiddleston had two more daughters - Emma and Sarah. Emma, ​​like her brother, became an actress, and Sarah chose the profession of a journalist.

When the boy was twelve his parents divorced. Tom and his sisters stayed with their mother, who helped the children get an education in the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. So, the future actor at different times studied at a school in Oxford, at Eton College, and at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge.

When Tom grew up and chose for himself the profession of an artist, he entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, which is the most prestigious acting university not only in the UK, but throughout the world.

The first steps in the acting field

While still a student, the young man began to actively withdraw. True, at first he received only roles on television, in projects such as The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The Conspiracy, Churchill, Heroes of the Cross of Victoria, Regrets of Miss Austen, Secret Diaries of Darwin and others.

In addition to working in television projects, since 2002.and to this day, Hiddleston participates in radio shows BBC Radio. His debut was the role of John Barker in the radio play The Trial of the Angry Brigade. Then there was “Dracula” (Jonathan Harker), “Caesar III: The Endless Empire” (Romulus), “Othello” (Cassius), “Cyrano de Bergerac” (Christian), etc.

The first steps in the movie

On the big screen for the first time appeared in 2006, the future performer of the role of Loki. The actor then played Oakley in the movie "Alien."

Despite a decent debut, Tom Hiddleston was not perceived as a film actor for a long time, so in only four years he appeared again in the tape "Archipelago".

Contract with Marvel

Paradoxically, the work in the theater (which the artist does not leave so far) helped him to get the role of Loki. The actor in 2008 participated in the play of the play “Ivanov”. The director Kenneth Brana, who worked with him, noticed a talented young man, and when they began to look for the performer of the role of the cunning brother Thor, he invited Hiddleston to the tests. His game came to taste producers, and was soon approved for the role of Loki actor.

Tom Hiddleston's filmography is finally filled with new projects, thanks to a contract with Marvel. After all, the success of the film “Thor” glorified him for the whole world, and yesterday, an unknown British artist just became a snapping up.

However, by agreeing to play Loki, the actor (whose name is Tom Hiddleston) tied himself up with a long-term contract, because of which he still has to adjust his work schedule to the requirements of Marvel. Because the company has long-term plans for his character. For this reason, even today, Tom can star in projects that do not interfere with his work at Marvel.

Other interesting projects with Hiddleston

Despite being busy with Marvel, many famous directors began to give him roles in his films, having considered what a talented actor he is (Loki, thus, became his passport to the world of serious cinema). The first of these was Woody Allen, who invited Tom to play Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris.

loki actor tom hiddleston

After such a successful role, Hiddleston was invited to play in “The War Horse”, where Benedict Cumberbatch also played with him.

Having a good reputation as a dramatic actor, Tom got the lead role in Terence Davis's love drama “Deep Blue Sea”, where his partner was the unsurpassed Rachel Weiss.Loki actor

The following year, this actor (Loki) was forced to take a short break: he again had to play in the Avengers.And successfully coping with this role, Tom Hiddleston received an offer to play in the television series "The Empty Crown" (based on the works of Shakespeare). The artist got the role of Henry V (it is noteworthy that Cumberbatch starred in the same project as Richard III).role loki actor

Next was the role in the love drama "The Exhibition" and again the project "Marvel" - "Top 2: The Kingdom of Darkness".

In 2013-2014 the actor played in the tapes "Muppet 2" and "Only Lovers Survive." He also voiced one of the characters in the cartoon “Fairies: The Mystery of the Pirate Island”.

The following year, Tom received a role in the Gothic melodrama of Guillermo del Toro "Crimson Peak". It is noteworthy that earlier Benedict Cumberbatch claimed this role, but subsequently Hiddleston played Thomas Sharma.

The next well-attended film project with an artist is “The High-Rise,” in which he played Dr. Lang.

As for working on television, in 2016 Hiddleston, along with Hugh Laurie, starred in the mini-series "Night Administrator".

Future premieres

In early March 2017, the movie “Kong: Skull Island” was released with the participation of Tom. Also at the end of the year there will be “Thor: Ragnarok”, where this actor Loki Lafeisson will play again.

In 2018, an animated project Early Man will be released with this artist. Also scheduled for this year is the premiere of another film from Marvel (“The Avengers: War of Infinity”), where this actor (Loki Lafeisson) will once again embody his crown role.

Career model

In addition to advances in film, television and theater, there are other areas in which Hiddleston has achieved recognition. For example, some glossy publications called him one of the sexiest and most stylish men in the world. Because of this, the famous Gucci brand made Tom the face of his off-season collection.

Loki actor

In addition, it was Hiddleston, along with Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong, who were invited to star in an advertisement for the Jaguar F-Type sports car.

Armani also plan to invite Tom to become the face of their new collection of underwear.

The personal life of the artist

As for the personal, then, despite the success of women, the actor has never been married.Loki actor Tom Hiddleston photo

In 2008-2011 He met with his colleague, Suzanne Fielding. And in 2016, he had a relationship with American singer Taylor Swift. Today all this is in the past and the heart of the stylish British is free.

Also not to mention the social activities of Hiddleston - he is the British ambassador to UNICEF.In addition, in 2014, the artist traveled to Guinea, as part of programs to help starving women and children.

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