Tonsillitis is a serious disease

Tonsillitis - what is it? This disease, which is characterized primarily by inflammation of the tonsils. It is not surprising, therefore, that until recently the most favored method of treatment for most specialists was their removal. Cut out - and no problem. Let's give some figures. According to statistics, tonsils (they are tonsils) were removed from fifty percent of children whose birth year occurred between 1970 and 1980. However, not everything is so radiant: of course, the tonsillitis in the child no longer appears, but the baby often did not stop being sick with sore throat. On the contrary, doctors noted that the diseases of the upper respiratory tract in young patients only increased. To explain this is quite simple: after the removal of the tonsils, the protective properties of the mucosa decreased drastically.
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Currently, the vast majority of doctors unanimously assert that chronic tonsillitis is not an excuse to carve the tonsils. It can and should be treated in far less radical ways.


What are these tonsils? They are located between the soft sky and the tongue, on the sides of the palatal curtain. In any textbook on biology, you can read that the tonsils are part of the lymphoid pharyngeal ring. Their main function is to prevent pathogens from entering the body during inspiration or ingestion. Thus, the tonsils are a kind of protective barrier, and tonsillitis is its "destruction".
tonsillitis what is it

Acute tonsillitis

If tonsils are often exposedinflammatory processes, they can not fulfill their function. Microorganisms that enter the body are not destroyed, but provoke inflammation. First, a person suffers from frequent prolonged angina (in fact, acute tonsillitis - this is angina), then the disease turns into a chronic stage.

Chronic tonsillitis

What is characterized by this disease? Doctors distinguish a number of symptoms. Firstly, it is constantly elevated body temperature, which can not be knocked down for many weeks. Secondly, as already noted, a person is prone to sore throats and other colds. Thirdly, the tonsils are covered with a white curdled coating. The patient also has an unpleasant odor from his mouth.

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The treatment process is aimed primarily atremoval of "traffic jams". The best remedy is washing the tonsils, which must be done regularly. In addition, the doctor can prescribe antibiotics to the patient. Self-medication can not be done in any case: tonsillitis is a disease that can lead to the most unpleasant consequences, including heart disease, rheumatism and glomerulonephritis.


Doctors say that to completely restorethe protective function of the tonsils is difficult if the patient has suffered from chronic tonsillitis for a long time. In this case, the main goal is to increase the overall immunity of the patient. He is given immunomodulatory drugs, and they should be chosen with great care: the drugs must be combined with antibiotics.

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