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Imagine that you are in a library with millions or even billions of books, large and small, consisting of both a thousand pages and just one. These pages, even pictures, are encrypted in a special way. This library is nothing like the Internet with billions of books, that is, pages and sites. In order to at least something to parse, and even more to find the necessary information in this huge web of intertwined sites, you need a special device, or rather, an application or program that can read the code on which the pages of each book are encoded, and show the user information in a format understandable to human perception.

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Browser for all occasions

Such a program is a browser - from the English wordbrowse- "view". More accurate translation of the wordbrowser- "browser". There are new free browsers on the web, as well as paid ones, which are popular and not so much. There are a lot of browsers, and an important task is to choose a browser that will meet the subjective requirements of each specific user.Someone poses a high speed of loading pages for himself as the primary task, the presence of a high degree of confidentiality seems to be an important component, while others would prefer maximum protection of their computer against hacking and hacker attacks.

Popular browsers

The rating includes the following reviewers:

  • Google Chrome.
  • "Yandex browser".
  • Opera.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer.
  • "Amigo".
  • Rambler Browser.

Consider them in more detail.

1. Google Chrome - the leader among browsers worldwide

google chrome

Even the CEO himself did not support the idea of ​​creating a Google browser’s own assembly for six long years, appealing that the company is too small for browser wars. But after creating the beta version of Google Chrome, Eric Schmidt admitted that "it was so good that it made me change my mind."

Which browser is better for Windows 7?Most Internet users will say that Google Chrome, because it occupies a leading position in the global market and in the Russian-language Internet, is simply on the Internet. What makes it so good that, according to LiveInternet, it covers more than 300 million Internet users around the world?

  • Security - periodically the browser downloads updates from the so-called black lists.And when a user tries to go to a malicious website or phishing page, he will be warned about it.
  • Chrome launches a separate process for each new tab, which does not allow attackers to get to another tab. As well as running an isolated tab can not read or run the process itself, only calculations. So to say, the browser launches a tab in the sandbox. Any tab running like this in isolation can be disabled (remove the task) without losing data on the other tabs.
  • The integration of the flash player into the browser made it possible to protect the user from vulnerabilities in separately installed plugins. Starting with version 42, Google Chrome has a specially designed plugin of the new Pepper API format (PPAPI), which runs in the sandbox, providing maximum protection against threats.
  • The next degree of protection is the confirmation of the executable file. When you try to run any EXE, .DLL, or .BAT file, you need to click "Save", thereby preventing the possibility of automatic downloading of malicious software on your computer.
  • The Google Chrome browser supports page loading in incognito mode, in which all user actions in the browser are not recorded in the cache and cookies, browsing history is not saved.After closing the page incognito everything will be deleted, but all downloaded files will be saved.
  • High speed of loading pages.
  • We should also say about the interface - it is simple, intuitive, not oversaturated with extra buttons, in the top panel there are buttons "Forward", "Back", "Update", "To the main page" (by the way, in the settings of the main page you can specify any page), settings and login buttons.
  • In the browser there is a shortcut page, it has 8 tiles of the sites you’ve recently visited.
  • The address bar is combined with the search line and received the name Omnibox. In the upper right corner of this line there is a button to save bookmarks as an asterisk, it’s enough to click on this star on the page to save the page in bookmarks.
  • Google Chrome store has the largest library of plug-ins and browser extensions Google Chrome, both from Google and third-party developers.
  • In the browser there is a function of auto-translation, foreign sites will be automatically translated into the language set by default. To do this, simply click on the appropriate button in the upper right corner at the end of the address period.Provided, of course, that the language of the site is supported.

2. "Yandex Browser" in RuNet

latest Yandex browser

Yandeks.Brouzer really ranks second in the ranking among users in the post-Soviet countries. In fact, this is a copy of Google Chrome, only with a different appearance.

The latest Yandex Browser is built on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome, identical to the settings menu, page test scores and much more. Why use a copy if there is an original? And if "Yandex Browser" is just a copy of the famous browser, why is it so popular? It's all about the aggressive policy of introducing your product wherever possible. With almost every second application downloaded from the Internet, you can “bring” to your computer "Yandex Browser". And with it - a whole set of absolutely unnecessary applications and buttons. But in addition to the standard library of functions there are some "buns" in it. And regardless of the aggressive implementation policy, not what other browsers lead, the Yandex.Browser rating holds on top.

  • Security is provided in the form of active protection. Protect is a set of measures that include several degrees of protection: encryption of data transmitted over a wireless network, anti-virus protection, password protection.
  • The browser address bar is referred to as the “Smart String”, which responds to requests with the exact address, as well as simple user requests. And also corrects requests, with the wrong layout giving the correct result.
  • Yandex Browser has a turbo mode developed by the creators of the Opera browser, which will be discussed later. In turbo mode, even at a very low connection speed, pages load as fast as possible due to traffic compression. Turbo mode is configured by default to automatically turn on when internet is weak.
  • There is also a quick access bar, it is only called the "Scoreboard". Initially, it is filled with links to various sites that are popular on the Web. When you work, the display will change, adapting to the user, displaying the most frequently visited pages in tiles. Pages can be customized, fixed, unfastened, interchanged.
  • Yandex.Browser supports viewing PDF files, which is very convenient when reading books and documents in this format, as well as in doc, docx, rtf, ppt, pptx, pdf, ePub, fb2 and formats, in one word , "Yandex Browser" can be used as a book reader.
  • The browser supports extensions for both Chromium and Opera.

3. "Opera" - stable and fast

opera browser

The third place of our hit parade among Russian-speaking users is Opera. All over the world, Opera is a browser that occupies the 5th place in the ranking of the most popular. The history of the browser begins back in 1992, but it can be considered a birthday on August 30, 1995, when Opera Software was founded. Over all these years, Opera has undergone a number of improvements, changes and modifications. And since 2013, she switched to the Blink engine in the “Chromium” shell, for which she received a number of rather negative reviews. When switching to a new engine in relation to the Chromium project, Opera lost some of its functions. Users blamed the developers for creating the next Google Chrome clone, and also expressed dissatisfaction with the loss of uniqueness and the interface, which is not the same as other browsers, while the Opera rating has dropped significantly. Although the developers of "Opera" promise in the near future to return most of the functionality.

  • Opera is a browser thatpositioned as the fastest on earth.
  • Unlike other browsers, the strength of the Opera is the work with JavaScript scripts.
  • Thanks to the TDI-interface in the "Opera" it is possible to configure pop-up windows, the browser is protected from fraud, there is a download manager.
  • Convenient customizable express panel.
  • Widget support - small web applications that can be launched in the browser environment.
  • The browser supports empowering embedded plug-ins, but the plug-in library is limited and does not allow downloading third-party extensions, only those that are approved by Opera Software.
  • In the browser there is a setting for people with disabilities - voice control, the connection of "screen speakers" and so on. Functions can be customized to your liking.
  • Support for browser control keyboard shortcuts and so-called mouse gestures, customizable at the discretion of the user.
  • Scaling pages, as well as customizing colors, styles, and fonts, this can be useful on pages with a bad design or an unreadable font.
  • Support a large number of a variety of standards, and besides, "Opera" was the very first to support the standard CSS.
  • In the "Opera" there are several security settings available to the user, one of these is the ability to quickly clear the history,cache and cookies.

4. Mozilla Firefox - flexible settings structure

mozilla firefox

The fourth place of our hit parade is Mozilla Firefox. Generally, Firefox originally had the name Phoenix - "phoenix", but later the name changed to Firebird - "firebird". As a result, the browser got the name Firefox: the literal translation is "fire fox". Unlike the previously described browsers, Mozilla Firefox does not have a standard fixed set of functions. Instead, the browser is flexible, and the user can, at his discretion, install plugins, customize and modify it to suit his preferences. Many browsers, which rating is quite high, do not have such features.

The browser supports many features, some of which are:

  • Support tabs and pop-ups.
  • "Live" bookmarks and a built-in search bar.
  • The browser has almost unlimited possibilities for changing the appearance and behavior settings, at the expense of third-party extensions as well.
  • A huge number of extensions created for Firefox precisely because of its flexibility.
  • Convenient web developer tools.
  • The browser is automatically updated.
  • Display content on the page, even if the page is not fully loaded.With slow internet it is very important.
  • Thanks to the password wizard, the theft of personal information is difficult even with physical interaction with the computer.

5. "Amigo" - a browser convenient for social networks

amigo browser latest version

Amigo is a browser created by the Russian developers of the Mail.Ru Group, on the same open-source Chromium engine. A distinctive feature of the browser is close integration with social networks, mainly with networks from Mail.Ru Group.

Amigo is a browser, the latest version of which took over the main functions of browsers created on the Chromium engine. But it also has its own unique functions:

  • The news feed from social networks in the right part of the browser, which allows you to be aware of the events of friends in social networks without opening a separate tab.
  • The browser has a built-in web application for listening to music, mainly music is searched on social networks, and you can listen to music in collections and playlists, as well as create your own collections.
  • The quick access panel or “Remote”, similar to the express panel, appears when opening a new tab.

Thanks to the “unauthorized” installation of the browser, almost every second application on the Amigo computer is actively criticized by users.When an application is inattentively installed, a number of applications from the Mail.Ru Group appear on the desktop. And difficulties in removing the browser even more frustrate users, since Amigo does not have a standard uninstaller. In addition, it is impossible to interrupt the installation process; when you try to close the window, the installation goes into hidden mode. And even if users have already learned how to uncheck the wizard in the application's installation wizard, Amigo can still be installed on the computer. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to read carefully the license agreement of programs, such as browsers for Windows and other applications that are freely distributed on the Internet, and also on the website exclude unwanted browser installation if you do not need it.

Amigo uses as a search engine, it is impossible to configure another search engine. It is also very difficult to disable the built-in services.

6. Built-in default Internet Explorer

internet explorer browser

In truth, Internet Explorer is used only by those who cannot install another because of ignorance or inability. These are mainly users who do not understand computers and do not know which browser is better for Windows 7,or use the Internet Explorer browser due to the fact that it was, starting with the ancient operating systems up to the Windows 8 version inclusive - built into the Windows operating system by default. Every year, support on various sites of this browser becomes less and less, already a huge number of sites are simply incorrectly displayed in Internet Explorer or do not work at all. In the Windows 10 version, Microsoft Edge has come to replace Internet Explorer. The browser, improved in both style and feature set, still has a number of improvements and modifications, and perhaps the Edge will one day be the leader, at least it gives hope. And the Internet Explorer browser remains on the outskirts, obsolete both morally and functionally.

7. Rambler

rambler browser

The company "Rambler" also decided to keep up with world leaders - browser developers, having released their own, and called it "Nichrome" or "Rambler-Browser", so to speak, as opposed to "Chrome". The name was chosen from the name of the alloy of nickel and chromium. Now nichrome not only warms, but also shows pages. The engine was used all the same "Chromium" because of its availability (has open source), and because of the popularity. In general, the "Rambler-Browser" is not much different from its counterparts in the engine, some changes regarding the search engine, of course, this is "Rambler",as well as numerous support services "Rambler".

Let's sum up

Naturally, this is not all browsers and their capabilities, here only the most famous and alternative for users of the RuNet.

In general, summing up, you can come to a conclusion. The list describes various browsers for Windows and for other operating systems, as well as for different needs. If the computer is quite powerful and the Internet speed is high, you can use Google Chrome, if the speed is low, then it would be better to use Yandex or Opera due to the turbo mode. If you are concerned about privacy, Mozilla Firefox collects and transfers the least amount of information about the user. Fans of social networks and quick access to them may be interested in "Amigo", and if you prefer the services of "Rambler", then "Nichrome" gives good hopes to take quite high positions among browsers. Some users wonder? Which browser is suitable for Windows XP?Any suitable, but Google Chrome has stopped supporting Windows XP, as well as some other outdated operating systems. Google Chrome browser will work for them, but will not be updated.

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