Traditions, rites and rituals at Epiphany

The Christian mystery of immersion in water,It means Baptism. Rites, traditions on this great day - January 19 - take place in all orthodox homes, where people believe in God. On Epiphany (its other name is the Epiphany), people perform various rituals to gain strength of spirit and body. Today we learn about the most popular ritualson this dayand about the traditions observed by believers.rituals and rituals for baptism

Epiphany: the history of the appearance of the feast

Another name for this great festival is the Epiphany, and why this synonym is explained below.

At the baptism of Jesus Christ, the presenta miracle - the Holy Trinity appeared to mankind. God the Father notified from heaven about the Son who was baptized by the ordinary mortal John the Baptist, and in the image of the Holy Spirit the dove came down from the sky. Therefore, the name of this holiday is the Epiphany, that is, on that day the Trinity appeared for the first time to the world. After the Epiphany, Jesus went into the wilderness, led by the Holy Spirit, and in his prayers and meditations began to prepare for the great mission for which he appeared in this world. Drawn by the Evil Force, like all ordinary people, Jesus still resisted and stayed 40 days without food and water. In this way, with the participation of John the Baptist, there was a significant event in the history of all mankind - the Baptism of the Lord. History shows that this was the first important event in the social activities of Jesus.rituals for baptism January 19

Sacrament of Epiphany

This phrase denotes spiritualthe rebirth of man, this is his birth for the Orthodox Church, where he gets access to Confession, where he connects with God. A feature of the rite is a triple immersion of a man, a woman or a child, or pouring water on them to read prayers. After that, a personal cross is put on the Christian, and then the person changes into white clothes. The meaning of this ordinance is that after him a man, woman or children can live according to Christian laws - commandments.baptism rites tradition


An important and first Christian sacrament is Baptism. Rituals, traditions on this day must be observed by all people who have become members of the church. On this day, Christ gave man, fallen in sin, the opportunity to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit after the rite itself.

Signs on Epiphany are considered the most accurate and truthful. Here are some of them:

- If on this day there was heavy snow, then it is worth waiting for an excellent harvest in the summer.

- If the day is clear and very frosty, then the summer months will be hot.

- If the stars shine brightly on the eve, then spring will start early. And it means that the year will be calm, without any shocks.

- The actual sign of Baptism in our days: if the Epiphany falls on a full moon, then one must be afraid of flooding and flooding of rivers.

- A lot of snow fell on January 19 - to good health.Feast of Baptism January 19

Symbol of the holiday

All rites and rituals at Epiphanyassociated with the water that has that dayextraordinary strength. First of all, it keeps absolute freshness for 3 years. Even it can dilute ordinary water, adding only a drop of Epiphany. On the feast, all Christians should go to the temple and consecrate this healing liquid. Also, people go to the river, a pond for this purpose. There it is consecrated in special holes called "Jordan", in honor of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan.

Water in Epiphany is further used tohealing people from any disease, it can heal various wounds and drink just every day in the morning on an empty stomach. She also sprinkles every corner in her apartment so that no impure force enters the dwelling, and there is always order and peace in the house.

Rite for physical health

It is necessary to hold this event on the first dayafter the Baptism of the Lord. It is necessary to collect warm water in the bathroom, add a few drops of sacred water and immerse there completely, leaving no part of the body dry. Even a person for a few seconds is desirable to dip. In complete tranquility, it is necessary to lie for 10 minutes, and then get up from the bath and, without wiping yourself with a towel, wait until the body itself is dry. Such rituals and rituals at Baptism are held not only in relation to sick people for their early healing, but for the whole people. Even if a person is healthy and does not bother with anything, it is desirable to carry out this exercise for his further good health.

To recover a recumbent person

The Great Feast of Baptism, January 19all orthodox Christians is not only the healing and healing of people who have appeared on a curative reservoir or river. Some patients, due to their various ailments, simply can not get out of bed and go out to bathe. For such unfortunate people, there is a special ritual for recovery. To do this, it is necessary that someone from the family gets a holy water, came into the house and consecrated each corner of it, and then three times sprinkled the patient's room. A frail close person should be given a cross-shaped 3 times from a separate container. Then it is necessary to wash the relative and wipe his back shirt with his back. After that, change clothes, and wash your shirt on the same day - January 19 in the pond. Then let it dry and put on again. After a similar ceremony, the sick relative will very soon be recovered.water in baptism

Ritual for the fulfillment of cherished desires

This ritual is conducted as follows: on the eve of the feast in the cup you need to collect the sacred water left over from past years, and then drop a silver coin there. Then you should put the cup with the contents on the windowsill so that the moon shines on the capacitance (it is advisable to perform this ritual on the full moon). Then you need to pronounce quietly 3 times the cherished desire and go to bed. In the morning, go outside and pour water under the tree, and hide the coin in a secluded place so that no one else will find it. Similar rituals and rituals for baptism for fulfillment of cherished desires have been carried out before, and still people believe in them and with special joy and trembling wait for the feast of the Epiphany, in order to take advantage of the occasion and fulfill the sacrament of implementation of their dreams.the baptism of the Lord's history

Ritual for the tone of the body

Of course, everyone knows where to startBaptism on January 19. Traditions indicate that the trek to the reservoir is the first event in the great feast of the Epiphany. During the ritual for the tone of the body you need to plunge into the consecrated river, the reservoir completely with the head, and it should be done 3 times and be sure to be baptized. But not all people know how to properly prepare for such an event. Rituals for Epiphany on January 19 should be carried out according to the rules, so you should first gather and perform simple instructions that are expressed in the following:

  1. The most important thing is to fast 3 days before the ritual of immersion in sacred water.
  2. It is necessary to lead a correct way of life - to refuse from alcohol, smoking, not to use foul language, not to deceive, not to steal and, certainly, not to commit adultery.
  3. In the evening of January 18, you should go to church and collect holy water, which you need to sprinkle yourself, and in the morning just wash it.
  4. Only after the above actions you can go to the river or pond, where before praying, you should read the prayer "Our Father" three times.

In no case at Baptism - an Orthodox holiday - you can not fall into the water with someone's help. A man must do it himself, because this is a kind of test for the fortress of spirit and body.

People who sincerely believe in healing powerwater, will never get sick, even if there is a frost of -30 degrees. And those who decided to join and hold such rituals for Epiphany on January 19 for the sake of fashion or for other reasons can only do themselves harm, and serious enough.

Rite for childless spouses

A lot of couples want their homesthere was a child's laughter, but they could not get a child. However, if they believe in God and in his power, then such unfortunate people should hold a special rite on the feast. Baptism (January 19) helps all childless spouses and gives them a chance to become parents. However, it is necessary to take advantage of this case, so first you should prepare yourself. Husband and wife should not sleep together in bed three nights before the Epiphany. In the evening of January 18, the spouse must necessarily defend the service and leave after it, not talking to anyone until three dives in the pond (that is, on the morning of January 19). Her husband may not attend the church, but if he also wishes to retain service, he should go to another temple. And in the same way after that, he can not talk to anyone before the dipping process. When the couple fall three times in the baptismal water, only after that they can meet with each other and spend the night together. And very soon they will have the opportunity to become loving parents. Such rituals and rituals on Epiphany should not be told to other people. Therefore, it is better not to tell anyone about such a sacrament.Baptism January 19 tradition


1. On the eve of the feast, all believers during the day fasted, and in the evening the whole family gathered at the table and tasted kutya, as on Christmas.

2. On the day of the Epiphany, the service in the church rests.

3. On the eve of Baptism, water is consecrated in the temples, and in the festival itself - in rivers, lakes, seas.

4. The day before the Epiphany, people carve an ice hole on the ice in the form of a cross, a figure of the dove is installed next to it, as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

5. Above the river near the cross there is a rite of water education. During it, the priest lowers the cross and the lighted three-candle three times in the hole. It turns out that the water is baptized with fire.

6. The great feast of Baptism is celebrated on January 19. Young people's traditions on this day are fun on the ice: young guys and girls skated and arranged carousels. And in the evening they began to walk around the houses caroling, singing songs, congratulating all people on a great holiday. After Baptism, the young people gathered again in the evenings, and then the girls and boys got acquainted, communicated and soon chose a couple. And from the Epiphany to Great Lent the new season of weddings lasted.

Now you know what a holiday is likeEpiphany. Rituals, traditions, rituals are respected from time immemorial by our ancestors, and we, as Orthodox believers, should not forget about such sacraments and necessarily go to church, pray, and on January 19, prepare in advance and go plunge into the ice-hole for healing the soul and body.

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