Universities of Omsk: list, passing points, student reviews

In Omsk, a large number of higher education institutions providing educational services are represented. Almost all universities have university status and are annually included in Russian rankings assessing the quality of education.

Omsk State Medical University

The medical institution of higher education was founded in 1920. In 1924, the medical university of Omsk received the status of an institute, and later - a university. Today, the university annually confirms the level of education that it gives to students, and therefore OGMU every year is included in the ranking of the hundred best universities in Russia.

Medical students

Among the areas of preparation of the medical university are the following:

  • medical and preventive care;
  • medical business;
  • pharmacy;
  • pediatrics and others.

The control numbers for admission to specialist programs are as follows:

Direction of training

Number of budget places

Number of paid places

Medical business









For university entrants, the University has prepared preparatory courses, including:

  • preparation courses for the exam for foreign applicants, the duration of 1 month;
  • training courses for applicants for the exam, the duration of 3,5,6,7 months;
  • Sunday preparatory courses;
  • lectures for applicants.

The average passing score in 2017 in the direction of “Medical and preventive care” was 60. The number of budget places is 80. The cost of training on a fee basis is 113,000 rubles.

Medical University Teachers

Positive feedback from university graduates suggests that the university is developing and does not stand still.

Omsk State Technical University

In the list of universities of Omsk certainly cannot be included OmSTU. Its history began in difficult times, namely in 1941. Already in 1942, the admissions committee began to conduct enrollment for several courses for applicants. In 1955, the technical university of Omsk broke its own record - over 500 students were enrolled in the 1st year. In 1963, the university was renamed the Omsk Polytechnic Institute. And only in 1992, the university was granted university status, it was from that day that it became Omsk City Technical University. It is one of several large universities in Omsk with budget places.

Technical University

The number of OmGTU faculties includes the following:

  • liberal arts education;
  • transport, oil and gas;
  • elite education and magistracy;
  • information technology and computer systems, and others.

The institutions of OmSTU include the following:

  • petrochemical;
  • design and technology;
  • machine building;
  • energy;
  • life safety and others.

The following departments work on the basis of the faculties and institutes of OmSTU:

  • machine tools and tools;
  • communications and information security;
  • chemical technology and biotechnology;
  • design and technology of the media industry and others.

The passing mark in the university of Omsk in the direction of "System of mobile communication" was 123 last year. The number of budget places - 3, paid - 10. The cost of the educational program - 48 000 rubles per year.

University in Omsk

In general, the quality of the education provided is assessed by students for the evaluation of 4 out of 5 possible. The university provides the opportunity for nonresident students to stay in a dormitory.

Omsk State Pedagogical University

The budgetary university of Omsk was created in 1932. It was originally an institution.The university received university status only in 1993. Today, more than 8,000 people study at the Omsk State Pedagogical University, more than half of whom receive education in undergraduate programs. The faculty of the university includes more than 200 candidates of science, in addition, doctors and honored professors give lectures.

Pedagogical University in Omsk implements 18 areas of the first stage of higher education - undergraduate, as well as 13 areas of magistracy. The average passing score on undergraduate programs is growing every year, quite recently it was at 60 points, and last year it reached 64. At the same time, the university has a number of educational programs to prepare applicants for the Unified State Exam and the university's internal exams. Detailed information about the preparatory courses is available in the pedagogical university in Omsk.

The teaching staff of the school is strong. Positive feedback suggests that the pedagogical university is a prestigious university in Omsk.

Siberian State Automobile and Highway University

The number of faculties and institutes of the auto-road university includes the following:

  • highways and bridges;
  • oil and gas and construction equipment;
  • management information systems;
  • engineering and construction, and others.

The teaching staff of the Civil Engineering Institute includes 9 professors, as well as 30 associate professors. The Institute of Automobile and High School University in Omsk has a separate building that fully complies with modern standards, includes equipped laboratories, a library and comfortable audiences for students and teachers.

The average passing score for the program “Roads” last year was 100. The number of budget places is 66. The cost of training on a paid basis is 40,000 rubles a year. In general, the university is rated positively.

Omsk State University of Communications

The University of Communications was founded in 1900. The institution also has a branch in Taiga. The structural units of the educational institution include the following institutes and faculties:

  • automation, telecommunications and information technology;
  • heat power;
  • management and economics and others.
University of Railway Transport

The following departments operate on the basis of faculties and institutes:

  • descriptive geometry and engineering graphics;
  • customs and law;
  • power supply of railway transport;
  • physical education and sport and others.

Passing points last year were as follows:

  • to the direction “Power supply of railways” - 117;
  • for the program "Locomotives" - 126;
  • on the educational program "Wagons" - 129.

Analysis of reviews showed that the university is popular among applicants who want to get a technical education.

Omsk State University. Dostoevsky

Education in various specialties at the University of Omsk is conducted, both full-time and part-time. Institutes and faculties include the following:

  • international business;
  • legal;
  • mathematics and information technology;
  • chemical.
Omsk State University

The following departments work on the basis of the Faculty of History of Omsk

  • modern national history and historiography;
  • social work, pedagogy and psychology;
  • universal history and others.
Omsk State University

In order to enter the budget place of the direction “Mathematics and Computer Science” last year, the entrant needed to get more than 147 points for the Unified State Exam. Budget places - 10.

OmSU is a rather popular university in the region.A big competition for a place is proved by the fact that many people dream of entering OmSU. Feedback from graduates is generally positive.

Omsk State Agrarian University

Agrarian University began to conduct educational activities in 1918. For 100 years, the university has trained almost one hundred thousand qualified specialists. The teaching staff includes more than 500 people, including doctors of science and professors. Their share in the total number of teachers reaches 16%.

The passing mark on the direction of "Agronomy" - 115. Budget places - 102. The cost of training on a contractual basis is 15 000 rubles per year. The passing score on the direction of "Land Management and Cadastre" reaches 122. The number of budget places - 150.

Siberian State University of Physical Education and Sport

The university was founded in 1950. The structural departments of the university are the following faculties:

  • physical culture;
  • home study;
  • scientific and pedagogical;
  • sports, and others.

The following departments work on the basis of the faculties of SibGUFK:

  • pedagogy and psychology;
  • socio-economic disciplines;
  • theories and methods of swimming and others.

The passing mark on the direction of preparation of the bachelor degree “Technology of organizing tour operator and travel agent services” exceeded 192 last year. In order to enter the paid department, it was necessary to get more than 151 points. 20 budget places are allocated, paid ones - 15. The educational program will cost 44,000 rubles a year.

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