Urinary nitrites: what it means, causes and characteristics of treatment

Urinalysis is considered an important and mandatory examination for any disease or illness. Its indicators indicate the presence of certain changes in the human body.

To be sure to contact your doctor. However, you can independently learn the value of some indicators in order to be ready for consultation with a medical specialist.

This article will focus on the detection of nitrites in urine. What does it mean? The causes and treatment of possible diseases associated with exceeding the norm will also be considered.

But first, let's get a general idea of ​​where nitrites come from and how to get tested correctly in order to get objective indicators.

The concept of the term and its explanation

Before you understand what it means - nitrites in the urine, let's briefly see what this figure.

It's no secret that large quantities of negative substances such as nitrates enter our bodies. They are everywhere - in the water, in food and even in the air. Therefore, the presence of nitrates in the urine, no one is surprising.

But the detection of nitrites in the urine (what this means will be discussed below) indicates a serious pathological process.

urine nitrite what does it mean

Nitrates combined with bacteriological microorganisms form hazardous chemicals such as nitrites. That is, the presence of the latter in urine suggests that there are bacteria in the bladder that trigger diseases of the urinary system.

So, we found out what the nitrites in the urine mean. This indicates the development of infection in the urinary tract.

Analysis and its correct passage

Observance of elementary rules when conducting a biological study will help determine the actual presence of nitrites in the urine analysis. What does this mean in practice?

First of all, before the delivery of biological material it is necessary to cancel the reception of any antibacterial therapy, preferably for three days. Moreover, experts recommend using cabbage, carrots or spinach before the analysis. And of course, for the study should take the first portion of the urine.However, this should remind you a doctor.

nitrite in the urine what does it mean causes and treatment

But what to do if, in compliance with all the above rules, your urine test for nitrites is positive? What does it mean?

Why do they appear

It is noteworthy that the detection of undesirable compounds in the urine does not always indicate the presence of serious diseases.

Perhaps, before passing the analysis, you were simply very worried or frozen. Maybe your body simply does not have enough vitamins, or the immune defense is sharply reduced due to viral ailments.

But most often the causes of nitrites in the urine are complex inflammatory processes that affect the urinary organs. These can be diseases such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, and others that indicate the presence of bacteria in the kidneys, bladder, ureter, and so on.

When there may be corrupted data

Yes, it is not always about the presence of the above diseases say tests. In some cases, inflammatory processes in the human body occur, and the results of biological studies show that no nitrites are found in the urine. What does it mean?

nitrite in the urine what does it mean in a child

First of all, the reduced concentration of these chemical compounds may mean that the urine contacted with the bacteria for a very short period of time, or that the presence of bacterial organisms in the organs of the urogenital system is very small.

On the other hand, a large amount of urobilinogen or ascorbic acid may predominate in the urine, which can affect the actual performance of nitrite.

There is another reason why there may be a false negative test for these chemical compounds. It lies in the fact that bacteria living in the urinary tract do not possess the necessary enzymes to convert nitrites from nitrates.

So, we received general information about these chemical compounds and the reasons for their appearance. But what do nitrites in the urine of a child mean? Let's find out.

Why do nitrites appear in babies?

This does not always indicate a serious disease of the internal organs of the urinary system. The fact is that sometimes the indicators can be false.

So, the analysis revealed that the baby has increased nitrites in the urine. What does it mean? First of all, consider whether the sterile conditions were met during the collection of biological material from the infant.Perhaps due to the fact that the urine could not be dialed immediately, foreign bacteria could have penetrated into it, for example, from the hands of parents, used diapers, and so on.

Or, perhaps, the baby's foreskin is inflamed (which is quite common in newborn boys). Because of this inflammatory process, bacteria could get into the urine, thereby triggering increased nitrite levels.

Yet, sometimes this can be a sign of serious violations. What kind?

Possible diseases of your baby

What do the nitrites in the urine of a child mean? This is likely to mean inflammatory processes in the kidneys, bladder, intestines, or external urinary organs.

On the other hand, increased rates may indicate pathological changes in the work of the kidneys due to the greenhouse effect, which is formed by air-tight diapers.

urinary nitrite causes

Also, a similar situation can be associated with the use of fresh vegetables and fruits, with which the child's body receives a dose of nitrates, which are converted to nitrites.

Therefore, whatever the result, it is recommended to pass a repeated analysis on nitrites, somewhere in three to five days after the first.

If this study of biological material is positive, then, most likely, we are talking about inflammation. The specific disease, as well as its root cause, will be indicated by the doctor after additional examination of the child. He will also prescribe the necessary treatment, which will include the use of antibiotics, as well as a diet restricting fresh vegetables and fruits.

But what to do if nitrites are found in the urine of women? This will be discussed below.

Undesirable rates in women

Unfortunately, an increased concentration of nitrites indicates serious pathological changes and inflammatory processes not only of the urinary system, but also in other important organs. Most often, high rates are accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, discomfort during urination, fever.

What do nitrites say in urine? Most often, they indicate cystitis or urethritis, and sometimes they can even indicate diabetes. Why?

The fact is that an increased concentration of glucose in the body creates a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria, such as staphylococci, enterococci, E. coli and others.

Unpleasant analysis in pregnant women

If nitrites are found in the urine of the future mother, this may mean the following undesirable changes:

urine nitrite is positive what does it mean

As you can see, the list of ailments is quite serious, so pregnant women should always pay attention to these indicators in their analyzes.

Treatment of concomitant diseases

First of all, you should review the diet, that is, get rid of what can provoke undesirable high rates. For example, it is advisable to purchase vegetables and fruits only from trusted suppliers who do not use nitrates and other heavy compounds as fertilizers. It is also recommended to replace fresh vegetables and fruits with boiled or baked.

During the period of treatment it is best to use dairy products (cottage cheese, milk, low-fat sour cream) and boiled meat (especially chicken or turkey).

Often the attending physician may prescribe antibiotic therapy, as well as taking vitamin complexes. During medication, you need to drink plenty of purified water. This will contribute to the early removal of nitrites from the body. Also during this period it is best to abstain from sex, in order to prevent the pathogens from multiplying.

But what if an increased rate of nitrite is found in men?

Strong floor and nitrites

What if they are found in young men and adult men? First of all, you should be aware that elevated rates suggest the presence of inflammatory processes that may encompass the patient’s internal and external urogenital organs, as well as the prostate gland. As you can see, this is very serious, therefore, for any deviations from the norm, timely treatment should be initiated.

increased nitrite in the urine what does it mean

However, it is easier to cure the disease at the first stage than when it is already neglected. Therefore, every man should regularly, at least once a year, visit a urologist to pass urine and blood tests and undergo a routine checkup.

Little about drugs

Many are interested in what drugs should be drunk to get rid of nitrites in urine. However, a specific list of medications does not exist, since the presence of chemical compounds in the analysis may indicate various types of diseases, to which we should apply a different therapy.

Therefore, the list of pharmacological drugs and vitamin complexes you appoint only the attending physician. At the same time, it will take into account how much the rate of nitrites is increased, what disease it can be caused by, and also what causes it is provoked.

As we see, it is better not to self-medicate and not to rely on the advice of all-knowing acquaintances or pharmacists-pharmacists. Only a specialist will be able to prescribe the correct and effective treatment that suits you and your situation.

what does nitrite mean in urine analysis

A few words in the end

From the foregoing it can be seen that the presence of nitrites in urine is an important and serious indicator of any analysis. The fact that chemical compounds are present may indicate severe diseases of the urogenital system, as well as the development of diabetes or other ailments.

Yet these indicators do not always indicate serious diseases. Perhaps you just need to adjust your diet. Or you froze or survived the stress before testing, which could also affect the presence of nitrites in it.

Whatever the case, it is recommended to repeat the study after a few days. If the situation recurs, then your doctor will prescribe other tests to find out what could have caused the presence of nitrites in urine. Later, special medical therapy will be prescribed, as well as a special diet.

Not always the presence of nitrites may be accompanied by pain in the abdomen or other organs. Therefore, try at least once a year to visit a doctor as a preventive measure, in order to detect any pathological changes at an early stage and to engage in timely treatment. In this case, recovery will come as soon as possible.

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Urinary nitrites: what it means, causes and characteristics of treatment 9

Urinary nitrites: what it means, causes and characteristics of treatment 12

Urinary nitrites: what it means, causes and characteristics of treatment 78

Urinary nitrites: what it means, causes and characteristics of treatment 53

Urinary nitrites: what it means, causes and characteristics of treatment 31

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