Volumetric letters to order: manufacturing and installation

Since 2006, our company has been successfully manufacturing volume letters from all sorts of materials and formats.

volumetric letters

Prices for the production of volumetric letters

Below you can see the table of prices for manufacturing of volumetric letters in our company:

Volumetric letters Sans serifs Serif Art
up to 20cm 20-50 cm more than 50cm up to 20cm 20-50 cm more than 50cm up to 20cm 20-50 cm more than 50cm
Not light 67.5 p / cm 108 p / cm 88 p / cm 140.5 p / cm 101.25 p / cm 162p / cm
Face light 1950 p / pcs 97.5 p / cm 135 p / cm 2535 r / pcs 127 p / cm 175.5 p / cm 2925 p / pcs 97.5 p / cm 202.5 p / cm
Face and ends light 2340 p / pcs 117 p / cm 172.5 p / cm 3042 p / pcs 152 p / cm 224.25 p / cm 3510 p / pcs 175.5 p / cm 259p / cm
With a contrasting cloth 1200 p / pcs 90p / cm 90p / cm 1600 p / pcs 120 p / cm 120 p / cm 1840 p / pcs 138 p / cm 138 p / cm
Metal 195 p / cm 273 p / cm 292.5 p / cm
Metallic with Contour 255 p / cm 357 p / cm 382.5 p / cm

If this table does not have dimensions or optionsexecution, necessary in your case, you can call us at the specified phone numbers, and we will be able to calculate the cost of production of your option.

Installation of volumetric letters

We draw your attention to the possibility of ordering the assembly of the manufactured volumetric letters in our company.

Installation is a responsible event, muchdepends on the location of attachment, height, exposure to wind loads. Simple designs are mounted quickly, but there are also masterpieces with project documentation and plans for roofs and buildings. The installation of such voluminous letters takes not one day, with the involvement of special. technique, climbers.

Our company conducts production briefings before each installation, we recite and work through all the subtle points, options for duplicating solutions, additional fasteners.

We also carry out warranty maintenance of installation, repair, replacement of damaged elements of volumetric letters.

Materials for manufacturing volumetric letters

volumetric letters as a branding tool

Our products are made of plastic, PVC, polystyrene, acrylic and metal. More on what is made of such equipment for outdoor advertising, you can study in .

Our production allows us to make lettersboth without illumination, and with different variants of illumination - internal or kontrazhurnoj. As a source of light, all available technologies are used, the most popular of which are LEDs.

The company "ExpoVizage" in its production practice constantly follows the latest innovations and discoveries in the sphere of manufacturing signboards from volumetric letters for outdoor advertising.

Our long-term observations show thatvolumetric letters are one of the most effective ways to attract visitors to the places of rendering services and the point of retail trade, so that the demand for similar products for outdoor advertising in the business remains systemic and stable.

Where are volumetric letters applied?

volumetric letters on order

To date, it is simply impossibleto present the streets of Moscow without using letters with illumination. In the production of these products as lighting, as mentioned earlier, most often use diode lamps. Sometimes external illumination of structures is used, and one can also find variants of signs without illumination.

One way or another, volumetric letters remain relevant for completely different types of commercial and other activities.

Advantageous investment of funds is quickly justified by the practicality and general appeal of the product - it is impossible to pass by the signboard-logo, burning with bright colors, which are so beckoning to look.

The use of 3D letters comes out on top inuse for its popularity. To date, all modern shopping centers or entertainment complexes can not do without this attribute to attract visitors.

Leaders in the use of voluminous letters as a quality tool for outdoor advertising are online stores of electronics and household appliances.

the price of making volumetric letters

Points of sales that work 24 hours a dayday, attention is paid to signs from illuminated letters at a sufficiently remote distance, which greatly increases the flow of visitors in the evening. Among such businesses, offline retail can be identified pharmacies.

Beginning businessmen and private entrepreneurs,who have a limited budget, can safely invest in working advertising and then watch how effectively its impact on consumers. It fully justifies the costs in the shortest possible time, allocates among the competitive analogues, in addition, a small amount for voluminous letters does not affect its quality in any way - with proper easy care and timely preventive maintenance, the equipment will delight the eye and serve for the good of the cause for many years.

Conceptual and trendy coffee houses and lounge barscan boast of their fashionability both with the help of external and internal bulk advertising, which helps to maintain the special atmosphere of the institution not only inside, but also near it.

Family cafe, decorated with catchy signs withbright colors, attract the attention not only of adults but also of children who always choose what attracts them most. Red, orange and yellow colors excite appetite and subconsciously urge passers-by to go to a cup of tea with a cake.

Small retail outlets with ice cream or snackin the city parks, too, can acquire an enviable advantage over their rivals and become more visible thanks to the beautiful hanging inscriptions with illumination.

Amusement parks would not be sofascinating and interesting, if they were not framed everywhere by the decoration in the form of illuminated arrows, flickering names of carousels, gleaming sweeps all around the perimeter, and so on.

volumetric letters

An important advantage of volumetric letters is that they form a certain mood and impression of the public, which is in the immediate vicinity of the outdoor advertising object.

As you know, advertising is able to direct the coursethoughts of potential customers, modify it to present the institution or store in the brightest light, which is best obtained by using such equipment.

Bright letters with a spectacular backlight cancomplement also festive events, both large-scale and family celebrations, while allowing you to organize a zone for taking photos and video reports, and will also be one of the main topics for discussion.

Use of such marketinginstrument is actual even at weddings and graduation, because such events occur only once in a lifetime, and always want to make such moments memorable and original.

Volumetric letters as a branding tool, with a large number of people, can become the calling card of any event or celebratory event, making any of them bright and memorable.

volumetric letters as a branding tool

Sponsors who post information about themselvesin an unusual way, have much greater success and remain in the subconscious of people much longer than organizations that resorted to the classical techniques of their positioning.

the price of making volumetric letters

The organizations, engaged in brand clothes,often turn to us, because they in practice have long been convinced of the success of using such a tool in their marketing campaigns. The implementation of such advertising allows you to accurately repeat the special style of writing a brand of clothing or shoes, as well as copy the manufacturer's brand name as clearly as possible if it is present in the composition or necessary for decorating street or glass display cases. This type of branding becomes not only a smart marketing move, but also a visiting card of boutiques and ateliers.

The presence of the mentioned attributes on the forums,competitions or major city festivals will significantly improve the status of the event, make it better and much brighter, especially in the evening. Many ornaments of this kind are pleasant to present in public, if there is television or paparazzi.

How is the price for the production of volumetric letters formed?

The cost of the product depends on the materials used, the complexity of the elements of the structure. Also, the cost is influenced by the presence of the backlight.

Below is a list of possible options for bundling:

  1. Type of font (letters are classical with straight lines or complex shapes - with serifs).
  2. Used as housing materials (PVC, composite, foam, metal or a combination of several options).
  3. Your letters can be backlit (hidden, external using LED strips).
  4. The desired size (thickness, height, length) also affects the final cost.

LED backlight in volumetric letters

The positive characteristics of LED lighting are obvious.
They almost do not have shortcomings, if we take them in comparison with other sources of light. Ease of installation and dismantling, long service life and safety guarantee full operation.

This technology allows you to do not onlyconstant, but also flickering glow of volumetric letters, and the ribbon variant of the placement of LEDs allows you to repeat internal or external contours of the letters of the joint in the joint.

Due to low power consumption, thistechnology provides minimal costs for utility bills for electricity, which is undoubtedly important in the matter of the economic effectiveness of any advertising.

What do the three-dimensional letters consist of?

The construction of volumetric letters can be completely different, but we try to identify the main constituent elements, of which we most often produce such outdoor advertising:

- fastening of letters: since the letters are attached either directly to the wall, or to brackets or can be suspended from the ceiling, different mounting options are used;
- LED clusters: fix the lighting strips and ensure a stable position;
- supply wire, which in its properties reliably transfers power to the bulbs and reduces the risks of fires or burns;
- The ends and the rear wall form the volume that visually expands the boundaries;
- the front side, most often acrylic, transparent and smooth, gives a beautiful appearance and creates a finished appearance of the final product;
- Oracal film complements the required color gamut and accurately distributes the colors in the desired location.

Volumetric letters - the tool of the outdoor advertising

Light letters-signs are a popular tool notonly street, but also interior positioning, which is able to perform not only its central task - branding, but also include in this process the functions of pointers, decorations, design parts, decoration of shop windows or window frames of boutiques, full components of expositions, etc.
Materials used in the creation phasebeautiful nylon signs with luminous words, are offered a fairly wide range - from lightweight foams to strong metal and composite special materials, the choice of which is due only to the financial capabilities of customers. The fastenings for the signboard must be strong, as they are responsible for the safe location of the sign and exclude the risk of falling or detaching any part from the place of its attachment to the wall or ceiling.

Strength of parts provides the abilityadapt to virtually all weather conditions and climate change, which means that such interesting branding can be established regardless of the geographic location of the commercial object. In addition, the material is resistant to rain, wind, sudden temperature changes and other external influences.

At the moment when composing the brand-letters in theAs a highlight, LEDs are mainly used because they have many advantages, such as compactness, brightness, efficiency, and they are not fire-hazardous. The colors of the LEDs can vary, in addition, there is the option of setting the multicolor glow and adjusting the mode and the frequency of changing the color scale. Your savings will not suffer because of electricity costs, as diodes absorb it in minimal quantities, but they work 100% all the time.

It is also important that modernautomated technologies allow practically any fantasies and ideas to be realized in practice, which sometimes seem impossible. Brand-letters exist on the market of marketing decisions for a long time, but they do not lose their attractiveness precisely because they are not amenable to classical execution. Each customer is individual, emphasizes in particular the advantages of the place, demonstrates his
a highlight that can not be found in a competitive location.

Our team of professionals is happy to offer youtheir services on favorable terms of cooperation. Experienced consultants provide assistance and full support at all stages of cooperation.

Technologies of a new generation and the professionalism of our staff allow us to achieve the goal of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

Value for money and quality is our worthy embodiment.
We are happy to advise the most universal option for you, based on your desires, fantasies.

In our portfolio you can see photos of many realized ideas products and make sure that our customers are large companies, known throughout the country.

volumetric letters on order

three-dimensional letters portfolio

volumetric letters as a branding tool

three-dimensional letters portfolio

volumetric letters

three-dimensional letters portfolio

We will help you develop your own distinctive style, if necessary.

The team of specialists will deal with the tasks of not only creating volume-letters, but also solving the problem of delivery.

Our many years of experience in such worksays that the mechanism in our company for signboards-brands of any type is a single and integral established system that does not fail and leads to amazing results.
If you have any doubts, youyou need more detailed information, you want to get advice or place an order, then contact us, and we will be pleased to fulfill all your requests.

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