"Vuk-Vuk": reviews. "Vuk-Vuk": instructions for use, price

What is Vuk-Vuk medication necessary for? Reviews about it will be presented in the materials of this article. We will also tell you about the form of release of this drug, describe its composition, contraindications, side effects and indications.wook wook reviews

The composition and existing forms of the drug

In what form does the drug "Vuk-Vuk" go on sale? Reviews of this medication are ambiguous.

Currently, this tool can be purchased at almost any pharmacy chain. It goes on sale in the following forms:

  • pills;
  • capsules.

Tablets "Vuk-Vuk", reviews of which are both positive and negative, is a means of plant passage. They are based on the Zifo complex. It includes the following components:

  • serosine virosa (100 mg);
  • tree heteromorph (100 mg);
  • Velvich Triumfetta (80 mg);
  • carissa edible (80 mg);
  • mesh retention (40 mg).

In addition, auxiliary elements such as lactose and calcium stearate are included in the preparation.

As for the "Vuk-Vuk" capsules, the price of which is indicated a little further, they include in their composition the extract of euricome long-leaf and maltodextrin.wook wook men reviews

Pharmacological characteristics of herbal remedies

What is the drug "Vuk-Vuk"? A drug with this name can often be found in pharmacy chains. It is a dietary supplement that is taken with food. It is also unique in that it is a balanced drug used for a comprehensive solution to any sexual problems.

Means "Vuk-Vuk", contraindications which are described in the attached instructions, called natural herbal mixture, which consists of more than ten South African plants. Since ancient times, they have been used as effective aphrodisiacs. Thus, the presented drug is a very powerful sexual stimulant.

What they say about the drug "Vuk-Vuk"? Reviews of those who have ever experienced the effect of this tool are ambiguous.Someone claims that he quickly raises and also strengthens the potency, and someone displeasedly speaks about its inefficiency. However, the instruction attached to the medication contains information that such a herbal mixture can give a man energy and endurance, increase the duration of sexual intercourse and aggravate sexual experiences.

Features of the drug

What features does a product called “Vuk-Vuk” have? The use of this medication is allowed for both men and women. It can be used immediately before sexual intercourse, and on a regular basis for the purpose of preventive measures of sexual disorders. It should be noted and the fact that this drug is completely harmless to health and is not addictive, unlike most other similar drugs.wook wook contraindications

According to the attached instructions, the composition of this drug includes only rare medicinal plants. Most of them grow exclusively in the southern region of Africa, and to be more precise, in the province of Bulawayo, which is located in Zimbabwe.

The secrets of the effectiveness of this drug, as well as its history are rooted in the distant past of the African people. They are passed from generation to generation.

Details on the components

Do you know why the drug "Vuk-Vuk" is so popular? For women and men who periodically use it for the prevention of sexual disorders, there are no secrets about why it is in great demand among people. If you do not have this information, we will present it right now.

The effective effect of this drug is due to its plant origin. Each element in its composition has special properties. Consider some of them.

  • Securinega virosis is an element that stimulates the central nervous system. It is especially effective in erectile psychogenic dysfunction.
  • Carissa roots are a component that tones and enhances sexual potency.
  • Velumvich triumfet is called a remedy for impotence, which can even relieve infertility.
  • Heteromorph treelike is very effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

wook wook for women

Reviews of specialists and patients taking the drug

What do they say about herbal medicine "Vuk-Vuk"? Men reviews about this drug do not always coincide with the opinions of experts and manufacturers.

According to the instructions, this tool helps to strengthen and restore the lost sexual function. It strengthens and increases the potency, stimulates sexual desire and gives the strong sex stamina and energy. The same opinion is shared by specialists who have ever prescribed medication to their patients. They argue that the herbal drug significantly increases the duration of sexual intercourse and significantly exacerbates sexual sensations.

It should also be noted that the manufacturers of this tool guarantee improved blood circulation in the pelvic organs, including the prostate gland. According to experts, this property is able to prevent stagnation in the said organ. In this regard, the drug is very often used as a prophylactic against the development of prostatitis.

Drug "Vuk-Vuk": reviews, price

As for the opinions of men who have ever taken this drug, it is ambiguous. Some representatives of the stronger sex argue that this tool well raises the potency. However, most patients disagree with this opinion. After applying 1-2 tablets, they have no effect. Although the reception of 5 pieces almost always gives a positive result. However, not all men agree to take the drug in this volume. As a result, they completely abandon it.wook wook reviews reviews

How much is the drug "Vuk-Vuk"? Its price may vary depending on the pharmacy chain and mark-up. However, it should be noted that the cost of this drug is its main disadvantage. So, for 60 tablets you will have to pay about 1,300 Russian rubles. Given that some men have a positive effect only after taking 5 pieces, then the medication is considered very expensive. Although those whom he really helps, they say that it is worth the money spent.

Indications for the use of herbal medicine

In what cases is prescribed medication? According to the instructions, it is recommended to take it when the following deviations occur:

  • chronic prostatitis with various clinical manifestations;
  • erectile dysfunction (i.e., erectile dysfunction, having a vascular or psychogenic origin);
  • with impaired potency;
  • as a herbal remedy for exacerbating sexual sensations.

It should also be recalled that this drug is allowed to take not only men, but also the representatives of the weaker sex.

Drug "Vuk-Vuk": contraindications to use

According to the reviews and instructions of the drug, the presented dietary supplements have practically no contraindications. This is primarily due to the fact that they include exclusively vegetable components that can not adversely affect the human body.

However, it should be noted that this drug still has one contraindication. This includes the patient's hypersensitivity to the elements that are part of the product. For this reason, before using it, you should definitely consult an experienced specialist.wook wook application

Application Methods

Manufacturers of the presented drug claim that it can be included in your diet during the diet.In this case, the dietary supplement will serve as an additional source of tannins, bioflowonoids and saponins. She will also maintain the functional state of the human sexual sphere.

Adults of the stronger sex, as well as women, the drug can be given in the amount of 2 tablets. It should be taken only with meals. The duration of such prevention of sexual health is exactly 4 weeks. Further use of pills must necessarily be coordinated with a specialist.

As for the occasional use of the agent (for the stimulating effect), in this case, 4 or 5 tablets are prescribed. Use them to increase potency preferably 1–2 hours before immediate sexual intercourse.

Many men fear that this medicine will be addictive. However, manufacturers claim that this will not happen under any circumstances.

Side effects

What negative consequences can occur after using the mentioned drug? As in the case of contraindications, this medicine has virtually no side effects.Although in some cases, patients still complain about the appearance of allergic reactions. However, they immediately disappear after the termination of the reception or action of herbal remedies.wook wook medicine

Pharmacy and storage conditions

Despite the need to consult a doctor before using the medication, in a pharmacy it is available without a prescription. Store this drug is recommended in a dark place (without hitting the direct rays of the sun) at room temperature. Its expiration date is indicated on the packaging. It is usually three years from the date of production.

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