We clean gold to shine at home

Gold jewelry is the pride of their owner. In order to maintain their attractive appearance, it is necessary to carry out cleaning, since in the process of using the product they are covered with bloom and lose their luster.

To ring glistened: how to prevent contamination

For many people, the question of how to clean gold at home to get a good and durable result is relevant. The achievement of high results will help the knowledge of what composition gold jewelry has.

Gold in its pure form without the addition of other substances is not used, since this metal is very soft, so jewelry in its composition has a number of substances that contribute to the improvement of physico-chemical indicators.

The appearance of the raid contributes to:

  • To make the ring shinezinc (in small quantities);
  • copper;
  • silver;
  • cadmium (some)

When interacting with the surrounding air or water, including the sea, oxidation occurs.It is necessary to clean the gold, since pollution not only spoils the appearance, but also is harmful to health: plaque can cause inflammatory and allergic reactions.

In order for gold to shine spectacularly, and the raid does not form, it is necessary:

  • do not allow the product to come into contact with alkalis and various acids (household work should be carried out with gloves);
  • prevent exposure to solvents and other aggressive substances (including nail polish removers);
  • protect from the effects of paints and abrasives (take off or work in gloves);
  • Do not expose to high temperatures or UV light.
To prevent pollution, the cleaning process should be carried out regularly, even if these guidelines are followed.

The nuances of the cleaning process

Before you start cleaning, you should consider some important features.

  • Many jewelery products have a complex shape and hard-to-access places, for example, stone insertion points, bends, connections.
  • The capacity for the preparation of the mixture for cleaning must be chosen so that the product can fully accommodate it.

If we take into account these nuances, the work will be faster, and the result will be better.

Cleaning process: preparation of a solution with ammonia

We clean the gold correctly using ammonia and ordinary laundry detergent. It is necessary to give preference to containers made of glass or plastic to eliminate the possibility of oxidation. To obtain a cleaning solution with ammonia, you will need:

  • boiled water - 250 ml;
  • ammonia - 4 ml;
  • powder for washing (without coloring additives) - 1 tbsp.

cooking solution with ammonia

If there is no powder, then you can safely use dishwashing detergent.

The mixture is stirred, the powder should be completely dissolved, leaving no lumps.

Products are placed in the solution for 2-2.5 hours, after which they must be rinsed with clean running water and wiped dry using a soft, lint-free towel and volume pictures or the same cloth.

Other cleaning solutions

If liquid ammonia could not be bought, then you can use other recipes that will effectively clean yellow or red gold at home.

1. To use as a main component should dishwashing detergent.For this you need to take:

  • water - 1 cup;
  • dishwashing detergent (preferably with a softening effect) - 1 tsp.

The container that should be used for the cleaning process should be selected taking into account that the composition will be heated within a few minutes. At the bottom should put a soft cloth, then the jewelry that you want to clean, and then all the components to create a solution are added to the container. The heating process lasts 10 minutes. Then the product should be removed and rinsed under running water, wipe with a soft towel. The method is suitable for cleaning jewelry and jewelry from yellow, as the most popular, and red, gaining popularity, gold.

Other cleaning solutions

2. Liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide are also used when there is a need to clean gold from contamination and debris. You will need to mix:

  • water -250 ml;
  • hydrogen peroxide - 40 ml;
  • liquid soap (it is better to choose a soft, without any extra additives) - 1 tsp;
  • ammonia - 1 tsp

Water needs to be heated, but not boiled - it should be warm, about 37 degrees, then add all the other components and mix. Then put in a container decorations that need to be cleaned.The exposure time is 20 minutes. At the end, gold products should be washed with plain water and wiped using a lint-free cloth.

3. Salt, which is probably available in every home, is also used to carry out work on cleaning gold from dark scurf. An effective way for those who wish to achieve a good and durable result, includes the following components in the composition of the solution:

  • water - 160 ml;
  • salt - 3 tbsp.

Ingredients should be mixed until the salt is completely dissolved. The jewelry is placed in the solution for 12 hours, then washed under running water.

Gold cleaning process

4. Another easy way to clean gold is to use foil. Products will shine and sparkle. Would need:

  • water -1 glass;
  • soda - 2 tbsp.
  • foil.

Lay the foil on the bottom of the selected container so that it completely covers the surface. It is required to mix water and soda, pour it into a container and put decorations into the solution. The cleaning process also continues for 12 hours, after which the gold should be washed and wiped with a soft cloth towel.

Cleaning gold with a matte finish requires special attention.

5. The number of jewelry made using this type of metal is increasing every day.Therefore, the question of how to clean gold at home and not damage the surface is particularly relevant. Here, accuracy, slowness and delicacy are important. Powders, brushes can not be used.

You can use the following solution - ammonia (solution 25%). The product is placed in it for 2 hours, then washed with water and wiped dry with a soft cloth.

Lime mixed with water is also suitable for cleaning products from matte gold. Lime (3-4 g) must be mixed with water, put a little soda (1 g), mix. The mixture should be infused for 3 days. Then the products are placed in it for 4 hours. In the end, the gold, as usual, is washed and wiped with a soft towel.

Mechanical cleaning of products from yellow and red gold

In some cases, this method is necessary. For example, if none of the proposed methods had any effect and the contamination remained, one could not do without mechanical impact. It is important to take into account that abrasive pastes are not used in this process, especially if the products with cubic zirconia, as the surface of the jewelry and stones are very easily scratched.

It is recommended to prepare a paste for cleaning yourself.Would need:

  • toothpaste (without additional elements);
  • petrolatum;
  • chalk crushed;
  • laundry soap;
  • water.

All components should be mixed well. Soap should be grated beforehand. The proportions of each substance should be the same. The resulting paste is applied to the product with a soft cloth. Then you need to wash the golden thing to get rid of vaseline. At the end, the product is additionally rinsed under water and dried.

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