We make manicure with points

Now geometric patterns and patterns on nails are very popular. Therefore, we suggest that you learn how to do a manicure with dots.

How to draw a dot or what you need for a pinpoint manicure?

manicure with dots

To make a beautiful manicure with dots, you will need to take a base and a top coat, a base lacquer that will be used for the background and lacquers for the dots.

The very dots of the master of manicure are made with the help ofa special tool - dotsa. This thing reminds an awl. Small handle and knitting needle. Only the end is not pointed, as in the awl. There is a small ball. Dots can be bilateral. In this case, the balls will be of different sizes. Use dotts not only for creating points. They are comfortable drawing petals, geometric patterns, flowers, curls and much more.

If there is no dootsa, then manicure with dots can be done with a usual match or toothpick.

Simple peas

manicure with black dots

The most common manicure with dots is monochrome peas. The combination of retro fashion, simplicity and elegance are the advantages of this design. Points can decorate all the nails or select a few.

Operating procedure:

  1. Prepare the nail plate and apply a base coat.
  2. Paint nails with varnish for the background. If necessary, apply one more layer.
  3. Wait until the varnish dries.
  4. Take a small piece of leaf or lid and drip the lacquer chosen to create the dots.
  5. Take the instrument (dots, toothpick or match), dip a little into a drop and put a dot on the nail. Continue to put tochechki.
  6. Try to make the points the same in size. Before applying the pattern on the nails, you can practice on a sheet of paper.
  7. When the dots dry, cover the nails with a topcoat.

Very beautiful looks contrast manicure with black dots on a white background and, conversely, white dots on pink, red, gray, blue and so on.

The set of points

nail polish dot manicure

Want to create a cheerful and bright manicure? Dots on the nails will help you do it. First, apply a base coat and background. To make a manicure more expressive, you can make an extra layer of sequins. Even in place of the background, you can densely apply a solid shading.

Take a few varnish colors. You can use any number of shades, the main thing is that they fit one by one in structure and type. Place one drop of varnish on the substrate. Take the instrument and put a dot on the nail. Create as many points of the same color as you need. Then put a drop of the other varnish. Draw the points again. Continue painting until you finish the manicure.

You can combine points with other patterns(e.g., lines). To make a beautiful manicure, you can draw a different sized pea. Another very nice option is when the points overlap. In this way it is possible to cover the whole plate or only a part.

Drawings on the nails with dots

Peas - this is a beautiful pattern in itself. But you can do and drawings on the nails with dots. Examples of design (see the picture below):

drawings on the nails with dots

  1. Of the three black points, you can draw Mickey Mouse's head. Just put one drop big, and two smaller ones.
  2. If you put a large point of the same color, andaround it to make several points of the other, you get an original flower. On one nail can fit a few such daisies. It all depends on the size of the points.
  3. You can make another version of the flower. To do this, first set the petal points tightly to each other, and then make a middle. These flowers look good in the group performance. But a beautiful manicure will be obtained if the pattern is applied to the edge of the nail, and around it in a chaotic order arrange different points on the size.
  4. Points can be a complement to an abstract drawing. With their help you can make patterns. For example, multi-colored spirals.
  5. Different in color and size of the point can be nicely placed on the nail arc in an arc. Let one arc go over the other and so on, until they cover the nail.
  6. Also, the original manicure will be obtained if the points are put one on one. You can not wait for the complete drying of the first drop. Then there will be a smooth transition between colors.

The main charm of a point manicure is the ability to create a different design using two or three colors. Also it's pretty quick and beautiful.

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