What does "van love" mean? Translation and explanation

The world is globalizing, becoming multicultural and multilingual. Along with these processes and whole phrases occur between languages. Such an interchange occurs because of the presence of a certain cultural shade in a foreign phrase, the literal translation of which does not reflect the fullness of the described phenomenon. In other cases, borrowed phrases come to the Russian language as a transliteration of the original, precisely because of the impossibility of a literal translation.

The words with which we describe emotions and feelings have always been difficult to find. Love is paramount among such feelings. Many young people use the phrase "van love" to describe their emotions in relation to other people, objects or phenomena.

What does "van love" mean: translation of the phrase

The first word of the phrase - "van" or "one" - is the name of the numeral, which denotes the number one, or something in the number of units. "Love" or "lov" - from the English "love", translated as "love".Humankind has not yet succeeded in creating a clear definition of love, but in this case we will describe love as a warm, disinterested feeling of one individual towards someone or something else.

what does van lav mean

Now speaking van lav, contrary to expectations, very rarely mean other people. At its core, you can use the phrase van lav to anything that a person really likes - it could be a favorite song, ice cream, a piece of clothing, or something else. There are no restrictions on what you can love.

Examples of using

What van lav means will be much easier to understand if we give some illustrative examples.

"My great aunt's cake is perfect, just van lav", - with such a statement we make it clear to the interlocutor that we are particularly addicted to cousin aunt's cakes.

By the way, this "love" does not oblige you to keep it all your life. The words "van lav", which are applied to inanimate objects, are something emotionally coloring the basic meaning of the sentence, like an introductory phrase. That is, we can say "Aunt Pie is perfect" and the phrase will be considered complete, but there will be no personal position of the speaker to this.

In other words, figuring out what van Lav means, it can be concluded that this is an application for more emotional coloring of speech, which lets you know about the positive mood of the speaker to the subject of discussion.

what does van love mean translation

What does "van lav" mean in English-speaking countries

The meaning of the phrase varies slightly, depending on in which part of the globe it will be pronounced. So, in the UK, for example, you can’t scatter the words "one love" to the right and left, because the British are more restrained in their statements.

We have found out what van lav means in English, so in order to demonstrate just a positive attitude to something, it is better to use the word like. Thus, what does the word van lav mean in English is something more serious than that of the Russian-speaking peoples.

Here we are talking about family and love for a long life. Alternatively, we can also talk about true love, as the feeling that a person had experienced earlier in his life or wants to experience in the future.

what does van lav mean in english

Such lyrics are not inherent in the Russian segment of the Internet, and the phrase “van lav” is used more like a meme.

How to use the word "van lov" in the Internet and culture

Meme, or thought virus, is a concept introduced by Richard Dawkins in one of his books. It denotes an idea or subject that captures the human brain and makes you think only of this thought-virus.

Memo the phrase "van love" just was destined to become. Public pages on social networks for some time actively posted images of a Caucasian girl with accrete eyebrows. The caption to this picture is “van lov, van brow,” as if it hinted that the girl might be looking for great and eternal love, but her appearance makes people laugh. Modern humor is extremely cruel, but there are more loyal examples of memes with this phrase.

Another example of its use in culture is the eponymous musical track by the group “Defiant”, which became the soundtrack for the rather popular film “Love in a Big City”. The song presents the idea of ​​a single love, as an eternal goal, for the sake of which it is necessary to overcome absolutely any obstacles and not to turn from the path.

what does van lav mean

How to use the phrase correctly

It is necessary to understand that language is not something permanent, on the contrary, it is a dynamically changing system that people themselves form in the process of life and the change of generations.This means that you can use a phrase in the sense in which you see it and your interlocutor understands it.

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