What happens if the lower eyelid twitches?

The reasons for which the eyelid is twitching can be defined as neurological, psychological, and those that have arisen against the background of common diseases that have been carried forward or that are currently available.twitches lower eyelid

How does a tick

Neurological causes include causes that indicate exhaustion of the nervous system. Strong shock and sleep disturbance (forced, due to lack of time or associated with painful insomnia) provoke the occurrence of a false impulse in the brain. It causes a muscle group or a single muscle to contract almost constantly, which gives the patient a very unpleasant feeling.

If the eye is twitching,what could be the reasons?

The fact that the lower eyelid is twitching can be defined as a psychological problem. And it becomes especially clear against the background of the fact that a tick is accompanied by irritability, a decline in the emotional background, or even aggressiveness. This indicates the accumulated problems in the mental health of a person: uncomfortable relations at work, in the family, and difficulties with self-esteem.Crazy rhythm of life, forcing quickly to make important decisions, not giving time for proper rest, and sometimes even depriving a person of the opportunity to sleep properly - this is a serious problem that we all meet. Therefore, it is very important to be able to relax, isolate yourself from the world, leaving the city or simply turning off all the phones; create from time to time “days of silence” when you are alone with your hobby, book or just good music, driving away all thoughts of problems.if eye twitches

Common causes for lower eyelid twitching

If a person has no obvious reasons for tic - stress, insomnia, nervous or physical exhaustion - then it seems that such a patient develops facial hemispasm. And this requires a mandatory consultation with a neurologist and further treatment. Sometimes twitching can be triggered by an infectious disease or head injury. Even if all this was quite a long time ago, it can leave its negative mark on the body, causing the eyelid to twitch. Common problems include lack of B vitamins, which can cause involuntary muscle contraction.No less common causes include the weakening of the body after surgery or childbirth. And sometimes it is a clear damage to the muscles or nerves. Then the problem becomes quite serious. Other serious causes include micro-strokes, encephalitis, brain tumors, or multiple sclerosis.eyelid twitches

If the eyelid is twitching, we don’t close our eyes to the problem.

Remember that any reason that you have twitching lower eyelid, forcing, first of all, to revise your daily routine, reduce stress, reduce the time spent at the computer, start taking vitamin complexes. Products containing magnesium (fish, chocolate, watermelon, bananas, beans and rye bread) must be added to the diet. They allow you to remove the excitability of neurons. You also need to drink natural sedatives - tincture of peony, valerian or motherwort. In case of prolonged ticking, consult with a neuropathologist! The main thing is to establish and eliminate the reason that your lower eyelid is twitching.

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