What is a chronometer? The most accurate gift

In this article we will talk about what a chronometer is and where it is used. This term now corresponds little to what people used to think about it for several centuries.what is a chronometer

What is a chronometer? Origin and meaning

The word "chronometer", in fact, consists of two Greek words. The word "chronos" is time, and "meter" is to measure. In the XV century, inventors tried to create the first devices. What is a chronometer, as a concept, and who invented it? The concept first appeared in 1714 thanks to Jeremy Tucker. He named his invention, which was a watch in a vacuum chamber. At that time, the emergence of the most accurate instrument was simply vital: navigation experienced considerable difficulties in determining the exact location. So came the marine chronometer.

Modern analogue - the merit of watchmakers!

In the modern world, the chronometer has lost its association with the maritime theme. He was a faithful companion of the brave sailors in the vast expanses of the ocean. Today, such devices have been superseded by modern technologies like wireless Internet and GPS.This fact contributed to the fact that the chronometer is now considered a synonym for wristwatches. Stylish and comfortable.

marine chronometer

Chronometer - a watch? Or not?

Now, any watch can be called a chronometer, but in the watch industry in professional circles this term is usually called the most accurate watch. The main advantage of any time meter is its accuracy. Any status attribute decorated with the most luxurious case is considered unsuitable and useless, if it does not fulfill its most important function - to report the exact time.

What is a chronometer in the modern world? We can observe how they are now equipped with various complex functions. Their number causes, at times, the thrill and horror of modern technology. As already mentioned, there is some confusion in terms, because the chronometer is often confused with such a term as chronograph, which is a separate mechanism in the chronometer for recording time. In general, no need to make mistakes. Today, the chronometer is a watch with maximum accuracy, which received the appropriate COSC certificate after numerous tests. Passed them to "excellent."In short, this article will help you understand what a chronometer is.


It is worth noting that the most important fact when testing watches is testing not the watches themselves, but their internal mechanisms. They are tested separately from the overall design, and it is up to the master (sometimes the client) to choose the material and form of the future instrument. The status of a chronometer is received by no means every clockwork, because they are carefully subjected to individual testing at the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. Having passed all the "severe" tests, the mechanism is supplied with a certificate of conformity called Bulletin du marche. All certified chronometers have a serial number engraved and a certification number assigned by the institute of timekeeping.

It is noteworthy that certificates are of two types - extended and regular. The latter contain only the final test results, and the advanced ones, which proved to be rare and expensive, contain daily measurements for 15 days.

Watches with a tested mechanism are not cheap,as the process of certification of components is quite expensive. Thus, the price of a watch with a tested mechanism increases by about $ 250.

If you have been looking for a quality gift for your man for a long time, pay attention to the products of the legendary watch company Rolex, a company that is associated in society with luxury and high status. It was founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1910, and since then is among the leaders of the watch market according to all indicators.

chronometer watch

Useful male acquisition

As a gift can serve as an elegant men's watch-chronometers Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea. This is one of the most famous models of the renowned company, won popularity due to increased water resistance (3900 m). Developed back in 2008, she fell in love with divers from all over the world.men's chronometersThis model consists of a unique case design that is able to withstand water pressure at sea depths: high quality stainless steel that can withstand enormous water pressure, is located between the middle case and glass, thick sapphire dome-shaped, and the back cover titanium alloy.The chronometer watch is equipped with a helium valve fitted to the size of the case and made of stainless steel.

The Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea model is considered a kind of tribute to the famous Deep Sea Special, the former first experimental prototype, which was immersed in the Mariana Trench - the deepest place on the planet, whose depth is 11034 meters. Even after diving with the Trieste bathyscaphe, they showed the exact time.

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