What is a panorama? Meanings of the word

This term, like many words in the Russian language, is multi-valued. Today we understand: what is a "panorama"? In the most general sense, this is a wide space, on which the view falls.

Wide horizons

First, it is a long view thatopens from any point (usually, from high terrain, window, bridge) to a certain point, populated or landscape. For example: "From the balcony of the twelfth floor a shimmering panorama of the city opened up: lights and dark silhouettes of buildings, a tower." Or: "Behind the market and the area, the roadway went steeply down, and before us unfolded a wide panorama: the hills and the valley."panorama of the city


What is a "panorama"? Also this word is usually called a big picture, where before the canvas there are three-dimensional images of objects, figures of people and the like. This picture is usually located on the wall of a rounded room. Accordingly, the work itself can then be called "panoramic".museum panorama

Panorama Museum

A vivid example for illustration can servea museum depicting the battle of Borodino. It was opened in 1962 on the place of Fili (now Kutuzovsky Prospekt). The images were based on the advice in Fili in the hut and, in fact, the battle at Borodino. On a huge canvas in detail describes the course of the battle, which has become a historic for the Russian state. For the first time the picture was presented to a wide audience in 1912, to the centenary of the famous event. A burnt hut, which was held by the council with the participation of Kutuzov, was restored according to the sketches and testimonies of the officers.

Event overview

What is a "panorama"? This term is also called a review, mental or verbalized in words, images (video) of various phenomena and facts, events and incidents. For example: "In the author's thoughts a wide panorama of the stories unfolded, where the current episode was only a short fragment of the outset." Also often a television news review is called this word.

Device and device

What is a "panorama" in a technological context? This is called a special device, looking at which through the magnifying glass you can see the three-dimensional picture, located in the middle of this mechanism (as a rule, in greatly reduced dimensions). And for the military this term means an optical device for maximally accurate guidance of guns and other long-range guns. It allows you to take into account many errors for the most accurate hit of projectiles into targets.what is panorama

Panoramic photos and video reviews

In the modern world, with the development of the art of photographyan increasing popularity is acquired by panoramic photography. So generalized is everything that can be associated with broad prospects. In particular, these are the usual pictures of the "prolonged" format in the ratio of height to length, one to two, one to three or more. Images with an overview angle of more than one hundred and eighty degrees, exceeding the possibilities, for example, of conventional average lenses. And also the photo obtained by assembling from separate frames. Such images can be reproduced entirely on photographic paper (or on a computer monitor, but in a flat display, without the use of special programs). And can be virtual, that is, designed to be displayed on a computer monitor using the appropriate software. This allows the prospective viewer, so to speak, to "rotate his head", looking at various parts of the panoramic space, of what surrounded the photographer. And more - spherical, allowing you to look at the views not only to the left or to the right, but also above your head or under your feet, feeling completely believable on such a "virtual" tour.

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