What is an ISP?

Internet provider is a very important link inconnection to the World Wide Web. It is thanks to him that you can go online and use all modern online services. In this article we will tell you in more detail what it is, and besides, you may be interested in the article What is the provider. But if you are interested in more practical questions, for example, how to check the connection speed or find out your tariff, look in the section Speed ​​of the Internet on our site.

What ISP does

If you translate the mysterious word"Internet provider" in a more understandable language, it turns out that this is just an Internet service provider. In other words, it is the company that provides you with a connection to the Web. Internet providers can also record companies providing cable Internet connection, and mobile operators, which enable them to access the Internet from a mobile phone through a cellular network.

At the global level, access to the Internetprovide backbone providers. They usually do not deal with ordinary users, and sell their services to local, smaller providers, although there are exceptions. For example, in Russia, Rostelecom, MegaFon, MTS and VimpelCom are among the largest backbone providers, which work with individual subscribers and resell Internet access to small local companies.

So that the end user has the Internet,the provider must associate it with the global network. The network cable that you use in your apartment, reaches for the network switch of the provider, to which other apartments in your house are connected. From the switch cable goes to the gateway, which usually serves a whole neighborhood or neighborhood. Next is the connection to the main provider node, to which all its subscribers are connected, and the provider node, in turn, connects to the main provider's node. The last stop on the way to the global Internet is the point of connection of the main provider's network to the networks of other providers, including foreign ones.

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