What is SMM? Concept and features

Social Media Marketing, or marketing in social networks, and in short, just SMM. So what is SMM? This is a peculiar process of attracting attention through the use of social platforms. Social media is used as promotion channels. Simply put, if you want to promote the store, you need to write about it "In contact". But seriously speaking, SMM is a more complex and multifunctional process, and we will talk about it.


About what SMM, today knows a third of Internet users. Although most of them do not even realize that they use SMM almost daily. By SMM is meant the promotion of a particular product or service using social media. SMM specialists place emphasis on creating content that social network users could distribute without the direct participation of the organizer.

Social media marketers believe that the messages that users post on social networking pages inspire confidence among potential consumers.This type of promotion provides an opportunity to influence the target audience. Using SMM, you can choose the sites and resources where the target audience is mainly going, so that advertising only affects interested people. In social networks they promote not only goods or services, but even the mass media create accounts with their content and thus expand the audience, or companies simply form a favorable image for themselves. That's what SMM is.

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SMM benefits

Compared to other means, SMM has several undeniable advantages:

  • Covers a large audience.
  • Each social network has its own unique audience, which is united by socio-demographic signs and interests.
  • You can accurately determine the target audience. Most social networks have mechanisms that make it possible to distinguish among all users representatives of the target audience and to show advertising only to them.
  • SMM promotion is convenient to manage. In addition, most social networks have ad exchanges where you can create advertisements.
  • There are analytical systems that allow you to track data on traffic.
  • Social networks can be used for search engine optimization, it will speed up the process of adding a site to the search engine database.
  • If something relevant and interesting is advertised for a specific target audience, the subject of advertising immediately becomes a topic of discussion. Naturally, this contributes to sales growth.
  • You can have a dialogue with potential consumers.
  • Promotion on social networks is a great word of mouth.

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Although even here there are some drawbacks. For example, it is impossible to achieve instant results. Before the SMM campaign earns, it needs to be promoted for several months. Also, the dialogue can play a very negative role, for example, if the negative reviews remain without comments or other advertising messages appear on the page. In addition, no one guarantees the ultimate success. In SMM marketing there are no clear rules to follow in order to attract an audience and achieve success. It is difficult to calculate the budget, because it is not known how long the advertising campaign will last.In addition, social networks are not suitable for each product, if the user is looking for something specific, then he will most certainly turn to the search engine.


SMM marketing was created in order to perform a number of specific tasks:

  • Attract additional traffic to the site and look for new consumers of goods or services.
  • Make the brand recognizable to the audience.
  • To win the loyal attitude of consumers.
  • Improve the image of the company. In social networks, a company can provide support to its customers, answer questions or give advice.
  • If you apply SMM correctly, you can organize a constant flow of sales.

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Features of implementation

Before embarking on promotion of a product or service in social networks, the SMM manager must do several preparatory manipulations. First, the company must determine the target audience and highlight the necessary users from the majority of users of the social network. If you do not focus the advertising campaign on the right people, then the conversion will be virtually absent. Secondly, you need to optimize the company's website, but here we are not talking about SEO-optimization, but about informational advancement, that is, you need to fill the site with useful and interesting articles.Only after that you can start full-scale SMM-promotion.

Social networks and goals

The overwhelming majority of users using SMM marketing are confident that its main goal is to get a certain number of subscribers. However, the task of any advertising campaign is to sell a product or service, but not to entertain the audience. And all this should be presented in numbers. Goals can be communicative and economic. The economic goals of SMM are to increase the level of sales by a specific amount of interest, reduce the cost of promotion, or the company may wish to occupy a certain market share.

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Communicative goals are to inform Central Asia and feedback, which will form a loyal attitude. And these goals should be expressed as a percentage.

Ways of promotion

Just as in the case of the promotion of sites, there are three types of promotion of social networks. In accordance with the legality of promotion methods, white, gray and black optimization are separated.

White optimization includes promotion methods that are officially allowed. The most common ways to promote it are:

  • Targeted Advertising. These are small advertisements that can be placed in any places of the social network. For example, in the news feed or under the menu block. Such advertising necessarily has a memorable image and signature, and most importantly, is shown only to users with relevant interests.
  • Contests.For promotion groups often use contests by type, share the publication and a random user will receive a gift of such and such a number. Thus, users independently distribute information about the company.
  • Advertising in other communities.The advertiser can advertise their product in other communities with similar themes.
  • Group optimization.Even pages on social networks should be optimized for issuing on social networks. That is, the community needs to come up with an appropriate name, make a description of the group and optimize the address.
  • CommunicationThanks to the opportunity to write comments, a representative of the company can make contacts with consumers, which will play a significant role in the promotion.

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Gray and black optimization methods

The use of gray methods of optimization in social networks is prohibited.These methods include processes such as cheating on subscribers. Of course, this will raise the position of the group in the search, but if the system detects a “dishonest game”, the group will be blocked. You also can not send spam, although this method is characterized by positive results. But the mass-trapping is not prohibited by the administration of social networks, besides it is difficult to track. This process consists of subscribing a group to a consumer who can subscribe in response.

As for the black ways of optimization, this may include methods that are prohibited even by law. For example, hacking pages.


SMM training should not only consist in understanding technical issues, but also in the ability to create interesting content. Of course, creating the next publication is important to remember that the ultimate goal is the sale of a product or service. But with all this, the user needs to be intrigued, interested and create a favorable impression about the product. Therefore, there are several requirements for content:

  • The publication should be so interesting that the user wants to share it.
  • All graphic images or video should be branded.
  • Users want to know how to use this or that product, so you need to teach them all the secrets.
  • To discuss the product, you need to leave comments open.

It is better to post new publications when there are most users in the network, and in order not to lose positions, you need to publish two information and advertising posts daily.

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Search for colleagues

Maybe that's why today you can find a lot of ads with SMM-marketer vacancies. It should be noted that this trend in advertising has existed in Russia for about five years. There is quite a few specialized literature in Russian. Most specialists learn from foreign, as a rule, American books, and on their own mistakes. The fact is that a different audience perceives advertising messages differently. And the fact that in the United States can be a successful marketing ploy, Russian consumers will be perceived as some kind of absurdity.

Additional tools

But, despite such a young industry, programmers have already managed to create several auxiliary tools. One of them is SMM-planner, a postponed posting tool. Thanks to this resource, users are able to planposts for placement on eight main social sites.

This program has a simple and intuitive interface. To get started, you just need to register in the system and connect the necessary sites. For each network, you can choose a different publication time. In addition to the automatic posting function, the service has several more irreplaceable SMM tools. User feedback indicates that using a “glider” provides many additional features. There is a weekly display of content. You can download the new post and see how it will look on the site. And it is also possible to automatically remove the post after some time.

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Of course, this pleasure is not free, but the cost is purely symbolic - for 50 posts you need to pay 49 rubles. It is possible to publish advertisements for free, and you can also pay for additional features such as statistics, traffic, forecast, etc.


So what is SMM? This is a young branch of online advertising, which uses social networks for publishing. SMM marketing is highly efficient and over time can become a major source of advertisements.

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