What is a bracket and how to use it?

This word is often used to describe fixing devices, but few actually know what a bracket is. This part is used for fixing devices in a vertical plane, for example on a wall. It can be a separate unit or act as an element of a more complex supporting structure. Depending on the application, the material from which it is made, as well as the weight of the fixed device, the bracket can be fixed on the plane with metal screws, nails, stickies or glue.

Application area

What is the bracket and what it is intended for, it is easier to understand if you understand the scope of this part. The brackets are used in architecture, technology, automotive, furniture manufacturing, and interior decoration. During the construction of various architectural structures, it serves as a supporting device for the projecting elements of the building, constructively represents a protrusion on the wall.In this case, it can be simple or decorated with all sorts of curls or decorative edges. It is usually used to support eaves and balconies, as well as for arranging facing masonry.

What is the bracket in engineering and automotive? This is an element that serves for fixing assemblies and individual parts of various equipment, such as bearings. Trolleybus wires, external antennas, cables, and lighting devices are mounted on the brackets.

The brackets help fix the shelves on the wall or in the closet, TVs and other household appliances: air conditioning, heating radiators.

What materials are brackets made of?

The most common materials for the production of brackets are metal, wood and plastic. Depending on the weight of the object being fixed, its size, purpose, operating conditions and requirements for appearance, any suitable material may be selected. In architecture and technology, steel and aluminum are most often used, and for furniture and non-heavy furnishings - wood, plastic or even glue. In some cases, copper may be used.This material is quite expensive, but in some cases its use is justified due to corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.

Wooden bracket

Furniture Brackets

A small, often imperceptible, but important element of the fittings - this is what the furniture brackets are. They allow you to hold the shelves and the entire load, located on them, in the desired position. Furniture brackets can be extremely functional or carry an additional decorative component. The first ones are usually used for fixing shelves in unobtrusive areas, for example, in cabinets, closed doors, or storerooms. The latter are used not only as a fixative, but also as a decorative element designed to decorate the interior of the dwelling. To this end, produce metal brackets on the wall, decorated with curls, flowers, ornaments, as well as stylish and modern wooden structures.

Bracket under the shelf

Glass shelves are particularly demanding on the appearance of supporting structures, so the brackets for sideboards are most often made of metal or high-quality plastic with a bright glossy finish.

TV brackets

To free up the space of the floor and make the room more spacious and comfortable, it is customary to hang a flat-panel TV on the wall. TV bracket will get rid of the bollard and save some free space. According to the type of design, TV brackets can be different.

TV mount

Fixed. With their help, the TV is mounted as close to the wall as possible, but in this case the screen will be impossible to tilt or turn. The advantages of fixed brackets are reliability and low price.

Tilt and swivel mounts for TV allow you to adjust the angle of inclination and make viewing more convenient. There are even models with a motorized drive with a remote control, which allows you to set the screen in a comfortable position, while not getting up from your favorite chair. Such options are quite expensive, but can provide a high level of comfort.

TV mount on the wall

The brackets are used in many areas, from the automotive industry to the interior of the apartments. This convenient and reliable part makes everyday life more comfortable, and technology - more reliable.

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