What is experience? Meaning of the word

Since today there is such a stir around the most diverse experience, it would be nice to consider what experience is. We define the value, we indicate synonyms, in the examples, of course, there will also be no shortage.


what is experience

To talk was substantive, you need to define concepts. Therefore, let us begin by taking from the shelf an explanatory dictionary and finding out its opinion about the object of our today's research. Let the reader not be afraid, despite the apparent vastness, the values ​​of the noun are only four:

  1. Reflection in the minds of people of the laws of the objective world and of social practice, obtained as a result of their active practical knowledge.This is, of course, a special term. The definition is most likely taken from a philosophical dictionary, a very specific language.
  2. The totality of knowledge and almost learned skills, abilities.For example,experience by anyone, experience of scientific work, experience of teaching.
  3. Reproduction of any event or phenomenon experimentally.For example,psychological experience, natural science experience. And scientific research, of course, can be both successful and unsuccessful, failure.
  4. The first attempt to do something.For example,first teaching experience, writing experience, reportage experience, experience of milling parts on the machine. I remember Tom Sawyer, who had a very successful first experience painting the fence.

We are in the context of the topic will be interested in all values, except the first. In any case, the reader should already have a first understanding of what experience is. And we turn to the synonyms of the object of study.


the meaning of the word experience

Since the question cannot be answered with one definition, there will be many replacements, but not too many, so as not to overload the reader. So, the list:

  • experiment;
  • skill;
  • study;
  • practice;
  • qualification;
  • skill.

As you might guess, they are synonymous with the word "experience." But they do not give all the answers to the questions. For example, because you can live your life, that is, to formally accumulate life experience, but you cannot learn anything. True, the phrase "life experience" is tricky, because it necessarily implies some kind of skill, idle years do not count.Now with a clear conscience, you can proceed to the interpretation.

Positive experience

synonym word experience

When asked about the experience, it is assumed that it was positive. If the experience is negative, then it is of no interest to anyone, but this concerns only life, everyday things, when it comes to science, then another rule is already in effect. Usually, of course, they say that "a negative experience is also an experience." But, as a rule, this is only a way to somehow cope with your disappointment. For example, when a student comes to work, he is required to have at least two years of work experience in his specialty. And if the same frame went on interviews and was not useful anywhere, then this is unlikely to be a plus. We venture to suggest that if he has experience for a month in 24 organizations, then in this case he will not be hired. The experience is not enough positive, it sounds a little funny, but it is true. Therefore, one answer to the question "what is experience?"

Negative experience

how to understand the word experience

The reader understands that we will talk about science separately. In the meantime, we are interested in life examples that are found everywhere.Negative or negative experience is not valued by society, but it is an excellent tool for self-knowledge for the person himself. Because the more “no” accumulates, the better a man or woman imagine, and what they really want. The thought is rather old, but true. Therefore, there is no reason not to say about it. The reader may note: “But is it really impossible to listen to yourself and find out what the soul needs, what kind of self-realization it craves?” You cannot vouch for this method. In order to understand your vocation, it is better to try, albeit at the amateur level. For example, various school circles are an excellent option to weed out the superfluous or, on the contrary, to find yourself. It is wonderful to find out what you want to do as soon as possible. Time is that resource which is not replenished in any way.

What is experience negative? These are dips, cuts, abrasions, corns. He trains will and character. But you will not present it to those around you, as there is no positive balance. In society, only the result is valued, the process of very few people is interested. How to understand the word "experience" when it comes to science? This is described further on the example of a very famous psychological experiment.

Uncovering Some Sides of Human Nature in the Stanley Milgram Experiment

experience in other words

Science and life sometimes look at facts differently. In particular, negative experience is valued in science, because it gives the very knowledge that we lack. Milgram's experience is very famous, so we will describe it briefly. Only the essence and results.

People were asked to participate in a psychological experience, the purpose of which is to find out if pain affects memory. Naturally, the subjects were misleading and actually wanted to explore the depth of conformism, the tendency to obey authority, even when it contradicts moral and ethical beliefs and attitudes.


In the experiment there were three elements - the head, the subject and the other subject (actually an actor). One was supposed to be a “student,” the other a “teacher.” They received real electric shocks (15 volts) to make sure that everything was happening. Then the "student" and "teacher" were separated, they found themselves in different rooms. The "teacher" heard only the voice of the "student." The latter had to memorize a long list of words, and for each wrong answer the “teacher” “awarded” “lazy” with a current shock, and with each new error the current strength increased, as a result, it could reach 450 volts.When people began to doubt, fear punishment, the leader said: "Do not worry, I take all the responsibility on myself, go on."


the meaning of the word experience

The results of the experiment are as follows:

  • 65% of the subjects completed the experience, that is, they gave the victim maximum stress.
  • Men and women were equally cruel.
  • People continued to torture, even when they knew: an electric current can kill the "student".
  • The subjects did not observe any mental abnormalities, and they were not sadists.

The last point needs serious justification. When scientists made changes in the course of the experiment, and the “head”, “head” left the room, only 20% agreed to obey the orders of the assistant and the remote orders by telephone. And if the subjects were allowed to choose the punishment themselves, then they stopped at around 150 units. Too much, but still not 450.

In other words, this experience was scientifically amazing, and from a human one it was discouraging. He proved the presence in men and women of the deep installation “the boss is always right.” Misanthropists could say that people hurt only because they felt impunity, and when conditions changed, that is, the authority left the room, they were no longer so sure that nothing would happen.To interpret the results of each is free as you please

Life experience: myth or reality?

what does the word experience mean

We examined the meaning of the word "experience" from a scientific point of view, now we are back to life. Because there is a phrase, which must be said in the context of the topic, “life experience”. The older generation loves to ponder their younger ones. And young people are sure that there is nothing of the kind in nature, and in general, they know better. Who is right? The meaning of the word "experience" is many-sided, therefore it is not easy to establish the truth. However, it can be argued that there is no abstract life experience. The older generation can help the younger, only if it concerns a specific job, activity, because there is still an institution of mentoring. The experience of more mature people comes in handy when it comes to human relationships, of course, only if wisdom came along with the gray hair.

But people from different professional worlds can not teach each other. This is also true for representatives of different ages, when they have fundamentally different value, ideological attitudes - the “wisdom” is lost in vain, no one will use it.

Reflecting on what the word “experience” means, one needs to understand its relativity in any case, especially now, when technologies are constantly progressing, simultaneously changing the world beyond recognition. Maybe we will still find an era when the accumulated human knowledge will not play any role, for each new day will be completely different from the previous one.

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