What is the federal district of Omsk, and where is it located?

People often ask the question, Omsk - which federal district? Or ask in a different way. What is the federal district of Omsk? But in fact, Omsk is one of the cities of the Siberian part of Russia. It is located on the West Siberian Plain, as part of the Siberian Federal District. Omsk is one of the largest cities in Russia and Siberia. It is the administrative center of the Omsk region. In terms of population, it ranks eighth in the country. The area of ​​this city is 567 square meters. km In total, it includes 5 administrative districts. The size of the city is about 40 km. The population is 1,166,092 people. The population density - 2.05 thousand people / km2. What federal district is Omsk? Omsk is now part of the Siberian Federal District.

Church in Omsk

The famous Transsiberian railway passes through Omsk.

Omsk - which federal district of Russia?

The city of Omsk is included in the region of the Omsk region. But if you answer the question, which federal district does Omsk belong to, then this is the Siberian Federal District.

Omsk history

The city was founded in 1726.And the status of the city he was assigned in 1782. Starting in 1934, he became the administrative center of the Omsk region. The greatest development of the city was noted in the Soviet years. After the collapse of the USSR, there was a decline in production, and the social situation deteriorated. Omsk has always been part of the Siberian Federal District. Which Omsk can now be seen in the photos? In the article they are presented.

Geography of the city of Omsk

Omsk is located in the southern part of the West Siberian Plain, in the zone of forest-steppe. It was built on a river valley, in the place where the Om River flows into the Irtysh River. The terrain is flat, with separate hollows and ridges. Heights range from 69 to 124 meters. The time zone of Omsk is designated as MSC + 3.

Fountains in Omsk

The climate of Omsk is continental and corresponds to the conditions of the Siberian forest-steppes. Winters are cold, the average temperature in January is minus 19 ° C, and the minimum is minus 45 ° C. In summer, temperature drops are great: the weather can be very hot or cold. This is due to the openness of the area to the winds from the Arctic and Central Asia and high continentality.

The annual precipitation is 415 mm. The weather is mostly quite dry and sunny. Dust storms also occur.

Natural vegetation in the city and its surroundings is almost not preserved. Sown areas and areas of secondary birch-aspen forests predominate.

Ecological situation

Until 2011, Omsk was considered one of the most polluted cities in the country. However, in recent years, the environmental situation has improved. The reason for the improvement was the modernization and slowdown of urban enterprises. However, the problem of transport pollution persisted. The problem of landfills that affect river pollution also remains relevant. The waters of large rivers remain in unsatisfactory ecological condition.

Reservoirs of Omsk

City population

The population of Omsk began to grow rapidly from about 1900 and increased until the 90s of the 20th century, after which it was without pronounced dynamics. In 1903, it was only 60 thousand people. The maximum number was recorded in 2017 - 1 178 391 people. This is the eighth place among other cities of Russia. Most of the inhabitants of the Omsk region (60%) live in Omsk. A significant part of the population arrives in the city from other points of the Omsk Region and the CIS countries. But there are also positive changes in the size of the birth rate and a decrease in the death rate in the city itself.

The elderly population in Omsk is 20 percent.The average life expectancy for men is small - only 63 years. While women live an average of 75.6 years. There are more women in Omsk than men - 55%.

Economy and Industry

Omsk is an industrial center, one of the largest in the country. In this list, he is in 5th place. The enterprises of the city specialize in petrochemistry, chemistry, oil refining and strategic engineering. There are many enterprises of food and light industry.

There are 27 hotels and 8 hostels in the city. The prevailing trend is the construction of small hotels and hostels. The most prestigious is the hotel "Birch 2", in common referred to as the state dacha on Berezovaya. By the quality of services, it corresponds to the five-star level. Another 3 have the official status of "three star". The rest status is even lower. Many projects for the construction of hotels have not been implemented.

Omsk transport

In the city there are various types of public transport. River transport has a long history and is represented by a river station and a cargo river port.

There are 2 railway stations in the city: “Omsk-Passenger” and “Omsk-Prigorodny”.Before them there is a station square. Important in economic terms is the passage through the Omsk Trans-Siberian Railway.

Air transport is represented by Omsk-Tsentralny airport. There is also a rather ancient airfield Omsk-Severny, which was previously used for civilian traffic.

City transport is represented by all types: buses, trams, trolley buses and minibuses. The number of bus routes is several times more than trolleybus and tram routes.

Modern Omsk

Also, the federal highway “Irtysh” with code number P254 passes through the city.

Rest in Omsk

As in many other Russian cities, recently the number of places available for recreation has been steadily decreasing. This is due to the compaction of buildings and cutting down trees. Despite the ban on swimming in rivers, there are several beaches in the city. From the point of view of nature, the Bird Harbor Park is of the greatest interest, where natural reservoirs and wetland vegetation with wildlife are preserved.

Omsk - Bird Harbor

Thus, to the question of which federal district and region of Russia is Omsk, the answer was given at the beginning of the article.

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