What is the most criminal city in Russia

In order to compile a list of the most criminal cities in Russia, a study was conducted in which more than 150 settlements with a population of over 100 thousand people took part. As a rule, all analytical centers use statistics provided by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rosstat.

Types of offenses

Composing a complete picture of offenses, the following types of crimes are taken into account:

  • theft - theft, robbery and robbery;
  • damage to health is mild, moderate and severe;
  • violence against the person: rape or attempted coercion to sexual intercourse;
  • deprivation of human life; attempted murder or murder.

Russia's most criminal city

* When providing statistics on which is the most criminal city in Russia, all figures showing the number of crimes are calculated in the ratio of illegal acts to a population of 1: 1000, the time period is one year.

90s in Russia

The peak of the criminal history of the state came in the 90s.At this time, a record number of different gangster groups was created. Law enforcement agencies are faced with a huge number of contract killings, many of which are still unsolved. An interesting fact is that the representatives of the police tried to ignore the acts of the bandits whenever possible, preferring not to spoil the statistics. This attitude was due to a large number of unsolved cases.rating of the most criminal cities of Russia

Probably no one will be surprised that the most criminal city in Russia in the 90s is Surgut. This is quite natural, since during the financial crisis, many left for the north of the country in order to earn decent money. However, if some were going to improve their well-being, working hard, then others simply were chasing the “light ruble”, which, it should be noted, was not always legally acquired.

Surgut - the criminal capital of 1990 - 2000.

The epoch, which includes several decades, glorified Surgut as the most criminal city in Russia. The rapid increase in the number of crimes occurred in 2000 - 2006. For a long time he occupied the first place in the rating. The city recorded the largest number of crimes related to robbery and theft.This fact is easily explained: the high level of wages can significantly improve living conditions. And this, in turn, leads to the welfare of a larger percentage of the population. The second step in the criminal ladder is robbery and murder. It is worth noting that the number of recent acts has decreased significantly. In total, in Surgut, according to annual statistics, about 500 crimes are committed per 10 thousand people.

The military actions in the Caucasus became a rather tangible problem. This led to a massive migration of the indigenous population. Different views on life, behavioral culture, religion began to lead to frequent fights among people. Such fights could have different consequences: both beatings of mild and moderate severity, and murder committed by a group of people. During clashes, cold weapons and firearms were often used.list of the most criminal cities of Russia

Thanks to the work of the police, the rating of the most criminal cities of Russia in 2014 - 2015. somewhat changed: in it, Surgut dropped to tenth place, which indicates an improvement in the crime situation.

Rating of cities leading in the number of murders committed: TOP-10

  1. The city of republican significance is Kyzyl.
  2. Chita is the administrative center of the Trans-Baikal Territory, located in Siberia.
  3. The capital of the Republic of Sakha is Yakutsk.
  4. The most criminal city of Russia is Irkutsk, located near the western coast of Baikal.
  5. A small town with a population of just over 230 thousand people - Bratsk, is part of the Irkutsk region.
  6. Syktyvkar is the center of the Komi Republic.
  7. The city of administrative significance of the Far Eastern Federal District is Khabarovsk.
  8. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, located in the south-east of Sakhalin Island.
  9. The capital of the Republic of Buryatia is Ulan-Ude, located in Siberia.
  10. A small Russian city - Ussuriysk, the population barely exceeds 150 thousand people.

Russia's most criminal city 90s

TOP most criminal cities of Russia on theft

This rating combines all thefts, robberies and robberies recorded in the territory of settlements during the year. Some data from different analytical centers may differ, as they combine not only the general statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also their own research.

Consider the rating:

  1. Perm is the criminal capital of the 21st century. According to the reports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, almost 700 crimes per 10 thousand people occur here every year.Unfortunately, it’s the most criminal situation.
  2. Criminal cities of Russia, according to statistics, are located mainly in the north of the state - Surgut, Tyumen.
  3. Town in the Perm region - Berezniki.
  4. Abakan is the capital of the autonomous republic of Khakassia.
  5. Khabarovsk in the number of murders committed takes almost the same place, yielding only two positions.
  6. Syktyvkar confidently entrenched at the sixth stage in all ratings.
  7. Thefts in Yakutsk are much less frequent than murders.
  8. In Kurgan, the criminal history began in the 90s, local authorities became famous throughout the country.
  9. Birobidzhan is located in the Far East of Russia, the largest turnover of narcotic substances is recorded here, which is reflected in the overall picture of other crimes.
  10. Concludes TOP-10 Rybinsk city - the regional center of the Yaroslavl region.

What is the most criminal city in Russia?

The most criminal city for economic crimes

The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan - Kazan - was awarded the title "The most criminal city in Russia, where there is a rapid growth of the shadow economy." The main stage of development was in 2010. Currently, there are almost 100 economic crimes per 10 thousand.residents.

However, the criminal situation in the city does not end there. In 2012, the case of the rape of Sergei Nazarov, 52 years old, became resonant. Police officers who, according to investigators, beat the victim and had sexual intercourse with a bottle of champagne, were accused of being in it.

According to data compiled in 2010, more than 20 thousand crimes were committed. Of these, the largest percentage was drugs and street hooliganism, a little less was theft, and about 5% were murder.Top of the most criminal cities of Russia

Siberian city of Kemerovo

According to research data, Kemerovo has a very high crime rate (322 *). This is mainly directly related to economic development. The biggest percentage is street crime: robbery and robbery. Statistics 2014-2015 disappointing, every fifth crime is directed against the person.

Recently, a certain trend has begun to be observed: the age of intruders has decreased significantly. Every eighteenth crime is committed by persons under the age of majority. The work of the police is not effective enough, detection is less than 50%.most criminal cities of Russia according to statistics

There are several districts in Kemerovo that are not recommended to visit, since the largest number of incidents is recorded there:

  • on the left bank of the Tom river - Central district;
  • Leninsky - the south-eastern part of the city;
  • Stroygorodok, located in close proximity to prison facilities;
  • Two Gypsy villages have a considerable influence on the criminal statistics in the city.

Crime in the city of Kurgan and the region

The city of Kurgan occupies a leading position in the ranking of "The most criminal cities of Russia in 2015". The list is compiled by leading research companies. About 150 crimes per 1 thousand people are committed in the region. The situation in the city is somewhat different, these figures exceed the mark of 300. In the dashing 90s, many criminal authorities came from Kurgan. They are long remembered for their cruelty and bloodthirstiness. Some groups were known not only in Russia, but also in the near abroad. Already in the XXI century, legendary films about the life of "brothers" were made.

In this city, crime has been at the same level for decades. Fifty percent of all offenses amount to theft.Recently, a large-scale drug trafficking case was prevented by investigative actions. However, things are not so smooth in the work of law enforcement agencies: unfortunately, the detection rate for fraudulent and contraband crimes is negligible.rating of the most criminal cities of Russia 2014

Tyumen city: data of the Ministry of Interior on the crime situation

Tyumen is located in the heart of the north of the Russian Federation. There has recently been a significant drop in the number of street crimes. However, other types have sharply increased: raider seizures, smuggling, extortion. This is explained by the fact that gangster groups are not exchanged for trifles, but act according to a well-thought-out plan, which takes into account all possible details. As a rule, such crimes mostly remain unsolved, which significantly spoils the statistics of the entire area.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are 307 crimes recorded here *, these figures are relevant for 2014.

Nizhny Novgorod

The problem of almost all million-plus cities is in a large number of visitors. The population of Nizhny Novgorod is more than 1 million people, and it is only the people who live here permanently.Due to the cultural development of the city there is a large influx of tourists. It is worth noting that Nizhny Novgorod (207 *) is the most criminal city in Russia, one of the twenty most dangerous settlements in the country. According to police reports, most crimes are committed by visitors and people without permanent residence. Due to the fact that not all temporarily residing here have official registration, the disclosure of crimes at a low level.

Finally about Moscow and St. Petersburg

Touching on the topic “Rating of the most criminal cities of Russia” in the article, one cannot keep silent about the capitals of the state. They are the largest metropolitan areas, but their crime rates are not so high. This fact is due to population density.Russia's most criminal cities 2015 list

Criminal Indicators:

  • Moscow - 143 *.
  • St. Petersburg - 120 *.

With these numbers, these cities did not even hit the TOP-20. Therefore, the title “Gangster Petersburg”, one might say, was given to the northern capital quite unfairly.

It is difficult to say what influences such statistics, but it is still nice to know that the future of the country is in safe hands, and our children will live in a state of law.

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