What kind of a dog?

"Everyone knows this, it's not a secret, it's more faithful."there is no friend in the world ... "- which of us did not remember the song about the shaggy friend Electronics? Dogs, however, like other animals, have a happy property - to cause positive emotions in people who are watching them. The Internet teems with nice and funny pictures of pets. Seeing that the neighbors have gotten a touching puppy, just hobbling alongside the master in the yard, or admiring the little Japanese crested baby in the hands of the mistress who emerged from the car, you might also want to get yourself a dog. Or maybe this is your child's passionate dream? And then a lot of questions arise. What kind of a dog? Already an adult or a puppy? A big furry bodyguard or a terrier kid? What kind of dog do you have? And believe me, this is far from the most complete list of issues related to thinking about what kind of dog is better to start.

However, before deciding on which dog to get in the apartment, try to soberly and honestly answer the following questions:

  • Is everything in your family not against the appearance of a dog in the house?
  • From whom did you initiate the acquisition of a dog?
  • Are you ready for the fact that your life will change?
  • Are you ready to devote time to raising a dog, and do you have enough patience for it?
  • Do you understand that the appearance and maintenance of a dog requires financial expenditure?
  • Who will educate, feed and walk with the dog?
  • What size of housing do you have?

If all the questions you discussed and decided, then you can proceed with the selection of the dog breed.

What kind of dog do you have in your home?

The first question arising at this stage is trite - which dog is better: the noble blood of the breeding nursery, the usual mongrel or half-breed?

For those who plan to participate in exhibitionsor professionally engaged in hunting, the question is decided in favor of the first option - buying a puppy of a certain breed in the nursery of eminent parents. True, the presence of a pedigree is not a guarantee that your pet will win at the exhibitions. The only thing that you will know for sure is what your dog will be when he grows up.

If you do not have far-reaching plans, and you takea dog for the soul and communication, take a faithful and faithful mongrel or half-breed. Such dogs are very intelligent, smart, affectionate, sociable, and most importantly, their devotion and love for you and your household will be limitless.

What kind of dog is better to have in an apartment

What kind of dog to get in the apartment: an adult or a puppy? Be prepared for the puppy to become a foster mother: to feed 5-6 times a day, not to sleep at night, to scratch and massage as a small child, to rub puddles and clean up piles, to play, educate, monitor its development, do Inoculations.

And you can take an adult or grown-up dog fromSociety for the protection of animals, choosing the one that suits you in size and nature. Everyone has heard Antoine de Saint-Exupery's winged phrase that we are responsible for those who have been tamed. Nevertheless, it happens that after playing with a puppy or an adult dog, she is left to the mercy of fate, forgetting that she also has a soul. Veterinarians say that not every dog ​​is able to cope with stress, when its owner betrays, - her heart can not stand it.

When choosing such a dog, remember that it doubly needs love, so that she can believe that she will not be betrayed any more.

What kind of dog does a child have?

Choosing a dog for a child, you need to focus onthat it will be a breed that loves children, is non-aggressive, loves to play, is not glamorous and has an obedient and affectionate nature. As a rule, children are selected by the poodle, Labrador, Collie, Bloodhound, American Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Big Bag, Griffin, Boxer, Newfoundland, German Shepherd, Spitz, Cocker Spaniel, Akita Inu.

It is not recommended to take a dog for a dogMastiff, Bull Terrier, Mastiff-Neapolitano, Fox Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Risenschnauzer, Rottweiler, Central Asian and Caucasian Shepherds. This does not mean that these breeds of dogs are bad or spiteful by nature. Simply, these breeds were derived with certain goals for protection, service and so on, and they are unlikely to be suitable as a nanny for your child. Although there are many comrades in children's games among these breeds, everything depends on education.

When choosing a particular breed, pay attention towhat kind of hair a dog has. If long and silky, remember that in order to care for her, you must have time. This is a constant bathing and combing the wool. If you are not ready for this, choose dogs with short hair. About what to feed your pet, you can read in detail on the page of the kennel of the chosen breed.

Now let's find out which small dogto get. Today, fashionable crumbs have come into fashion: toy-terriers, maltese, chihuahua, Japanese crested and other small breeds of dogs that fit into a purse. Despite its small height and weight, pedigreed puppies are not cheap: from 24,000 rubles to 200,000 rubles. Not everyone can afford such a luxury. So if you still decided to buy yourself a miniature dog, stop at the half-breeds of these breeds, the price of which varies within 10,000 rubles.

So, which dog is better to start, after allwill have to be decided by you, having comprehensively considered all the pros and cons. If you still make a decision and take a dog, your worries will be repaid by a hundredfold with her.

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