What does paradise look like? The idea of ​​paradise in different religions

At all times, people believed in the existence of life after death. It is believed that a righteous person necessarily goes to heaven. And although these statements have not received scientific confirmation, mankind does not cease to believe, the soul finds grace in peace or falls into the eternal torments of hell. What paradise actually looks like, nobody knows, but in different religions it is described as an evergreen, fragrant garden.


In literal translation from Greek, “paradise” is “pleasantness”. In the Old Testament he is identified with the Garden of Eden. What does a Christian's paradise look like? The Bible tells us that the first people on earth were Adam and his wife Eve. They lived in Eden, which was the Garden of Eden. But after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve were expelled to the ground. Eden is called the Golden Age, but the path is closed to humanity. After death, the righteous soul can enter the kingdom of heaven, and the sinless one goes to a “privileged” heavenly place.For a Christian, paradise is a beautiful, fragrant garden, where the soul finds peace and eternal life; it is a man-made habitation in heaven created by God.

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What does paradise in Islam look like? The Qur'an describes it as an evergreen fruit-bearing garden surrounded by silver and gold walls. There are no illnesses, misfortunes, sufferings and torments. The soul feels only happiness and peace in the Garden of Eden. In Islam, it is believed that women after death turn into beautiful gurias, and promise beautiful virgins to righteous men. Man cannot imagine how beautiful paradise is. The Quran says that this is a fairy-tale world, which consists of 100 levels separated by walls with a time interval of one hundred years. In the Garden of Eden there are huge tents consisting of beautiful stones, between which milk and honey rivers flow. Paradise is the value that every Muslim wants. But this place is intended only for the righteous and sincere believers in Allah people.

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What does a paradise for Jews look like? Judaism does not give a detailed description of the Garden of Eden. It refers to Gann Eden, a creation formed from the spiritual world.Jews represent it as a multi-storey building where the soul goes after death. Depending on the degree of sinfulness, it can “occupy” the first floors of the “home” or go to higher rooms. This is stated in the book Zohar. A similar transition of the soul is made in 7 stages. On the highest floors of the heavenly building, you can sense the presence and light of the Creator. The Jews also believe that after the coming of the Messiah they will be resurrected for eternal life on earth. But the land here seems perfect and sinless.

Ideas about paradise in mythology

Most religions describe paradise as a place closest to God. Therefore, all people after death want to go there to reunite with the Creator and remain in its light. The ancients also believed. They thought they knew exactly what heaven and hell looked like. Among the Slavs, paradise was associated with Iriy the Bird and the Snake. Birds went to the first place in the fall and returned in the spring, bringing babies' souls with them. Snake Irii was a large pit, where all the snakes crawled with the onset of winter. In the German-Scandinavian mythology tells about Valhally - a paradise, intended for the valiant knights. This place was a large palace with a dome, which was inhabited by brave knights.Every day they killed one animal, the meat of which was their main food. In the evening, the knights arranged feasts that were visited by beautiful young maidens.

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Images of paradise

Descriptions of the Kingdom of Heaven echo in many religions. But people are not given to find out what paradise looks like in reality. Over the years, a person has been trying to convey his idea of ​​this place through pencils and brushes. All the pictures depicting the Kingdom of Heaven are based on scenes from the fall of man, which are described in the Holy Scriptures. Among the works of art you can see religious pictures. What does paradise look like on them? In painting, he often appears in the classic vision. This is a beautiful fragrant garden, where animals and people exist in harmony with each other. Some artists depict paradise hidden in the clouds, the heavenly staircase leads to it, and its main inhabitants are angels.pictures of what paradise looks likeIn the literature, paradise is often described as a beautiful evergreen garden, where the righteous soul finds peace. Each person represents the kingdom of heaven in his own way. For many, it is associated with inner peace, bliss and a world of silence.People who have suffered clinical death claim to have seen a bright light that leads to heaven. Foreign scientists have proved that when the brain dies, sight is turned off, and therefore a person begins to see a bright light. It is the central point of the shutting down visual system. But even if paradise really exists, it is unlikely that a person will be able to describe it by returning to the sinful earth.

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