Moscow is the capital of our homeland. Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world, so you can easily find a place that will be interesting to you and your child. Let's think about where you can take the child to Moscow. So:

Where to go in Moscow with a child?

Every person who happens to be in Moscowthe obligatory order to visit the world's famous Red Square. This place has been around for many centuries. It was there that the most important events took place for Russian history. Once inside the center of Moscow and feeling the centuries-old stones of the pavement under your feet, you can feel the burden of time and plunge into reflections on the difficult fate of this ambiguous city and country.

But do not forget that the child is not burdened yet with knowledge about our great homeland, which is why other places may be interesting to him.

Any child loves movies, especially cartoons. In our time, the film industry has spread its powerful hand over the whole world. Moscow also did not go unnoticed. A huge number of cinemas for every taste you can find in Moscow. You can visit a regular cinema or get to the movie in 3D and IMAX. Modern cartoons will not only take and delight your child, but also teach him something.

Where else can I go to Moscow with a child? Moscow is rich in various kinds of entertainment and interesting places. Every child, no doubt, loves amusement parks. The city of Moscow is ready to offer you a wide range of services in this direction. The first thing that can attract your attention as a responsible parent is the location of amusement parks. As a rule, these are either hidden parks or parks located in the most picturesque areas of a huge city. You can not only feel the incredible adrenaline rush on the roller coaster, but also laugh in the rooms of the crooked mirrors or really get frightened of monsters and ghosts in the rooms of fear. A full range of emotions is guaranteed to you and your child. However, when choosing a place for joint pastime, it is necessary to take into account the season. Unfortunately, amusement parks mostly work in the summer.

What can you think of in winter? Where to reduce a child in winter in Moscow? Again, every child loves funny and such familiar winter fun. Playing snowballs, sledging and so on. Where can you find all this in Moscow? Go to the Krylastkoe area. There is a place for those who like to have fun in the winter. You can not only have a good and active time, but also keep warm and relax in cozy cafes and restaurants.

Where to go to Moscow with a child? If you want your child to be attached to high art, then your path must lie in the Bolshoi Theater. The very location in the foyer of this institution is already worth it to visit there. The big one has strongly changed after reconstruction, and now this theater is a real pearl of not only Russian culture, but also culture of the whole world. A large number of high-quality performances will be offered by the Bolshoi artists. Ballet, opera, symphonic music, newfangled and ambiguous performances of the most famous directors and directors. All this you will find in the Bolshoi Theater. Even if the ticket is not so cheap. But the feelings you get will stay with you forever. Your child will be very surprised and delighted. Such a way of bringing children to a high academic culture nurtures high moral feelings in a child.

Thus, Moscow can offer you andyour child is anything. Do not be afraid of spending big money in Moscow. The capital is an expensive city. But having been in a really good place, you will not regret spending money. And the main thing is that your child will remember this city, as something special in his life. Your child's impressions are in your hands. Do not waste time in the empty. There is nothing interesting at the stations.

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