Why do co-students succeed more than excellent students in life?

From early childhood, people get used to the idea that the higher the grades in school, the more beautiful the future will be. How perplexing happens when over time it turns out that former classmates with worse academic performance are doing much better. Inevitably, the question arises of why troeters succeed more than excellent students, because parents tirelessly asserted that without the highest marks in the card, only the janitor’s profession shines for children? In fact, this phenomenon is natural, we have to admit that excellent marks are not at all a guarantee of superiority in the future. To understand the causes of this phenomenon, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of success and its relationship with future success.

why co-students succeed more than honors pupils

Teacher children

Why don't troechnik students learn better? According to the teachers, most of the Troechnik does not receive low marks due to lack of ability; rather, they do not consider it necessary to overstrain or are busy with something else.Being a troechnik is not as easy as it seems - bilateral pressure from teachers and parents can deliver unpleasant moments, but for some reason these children stubbornly don’t try to climb the school Olympus to the coveted gold medal.

During this period, it is almost impossible to get an explanation of why troeters succeed in honors, because outwardly, everything looks just the opposite. Of course, there are exceptions, too, and quite often - there are Troechnik students who simply don’t pull the school curriculum, there are excellent students who are given everything playfully, without tension. But the exception only confirms the rule.

why do co-students excel

Excellent children

In most cases, parents and teachers cannot rejoice at schoolchildren earning excellent grades. Does this mean that pressure is absent or less? Surprisingly, it does not mean anything. Excellent students are sometimes under even greater pressure, often successes are due in part to the fear of punishment and other unhealthy phenomena.

Surprisingly, an excellent assessment does not mean the child’s comprehensive preparedness, it only indicates that it ideally meets the expectations of others.Perhaps it is precisely in this that the secret lies why the troechnists succeed more than the best students - the excellent performers, and not the leaders, show the ability to justify the hopes placed on them. A schoolboy with a perfect certificate demonstrates readiness to continue to do everything that is required for praise, expressed by all sorts of marks, points, letters and commendations.

why do co-students succeed more

Baggage knowledge and skills troechnikov

After school, the average student can not only present a satisfactory level of knowledge, but also a fairly broad view of the world, the ability to adapt. Often, a secondary certificate indicates that yesterday's schoolchild “has built up skin”, knows well what failures are, and, in principle, knows how to respond adequately to them. It turns out that troeans succeed more than excellent students, because they have learned not to focus on the assessment of their knowledge and skills by other people, and this is an important trait of character that allows them to fully express themselves.

The luggage of knowledge and skills honors

The owner of the ideal certificate is best able to learn, which is why he has excellent grades. Of course, this is not a required parameter.In each school there is a student who is ready not only to give excellent grades, but also has time to attend various sections and circles, who are interested not only in studies. But then there would be no question of why troeters succeed better than excellent students. Consequently, it is possible to speak of a steady trend that stings the ego of the ideal student.

why do co-students succeed better than honors pupils

Flexibility and ability to adapt

Perhaps the main advantage of the trio is the talent to direct the efforts to what is best, leaving the insignificant aside. At the same time, other people may consider that the sides of life ignored by the Criterion are extremely important and cannot be dispensed with. A flexible approach and a broader view of life help you quickly find your niche and feel happier.

Excellent students often suffer from a perfectionist complex, which is obliged to achieve excellent results in everything that it undertakes. And if you consider that in school you have to take up what the teachers dictate, then there is no special choice for students. In examining the question of why troeks succeed more than excellent students, one has to take into account precisely the ability to respond to changing circumstances.When it comes to students, in most cases the students will not only study, but also work in parallel, this may explain the reduced performance. However, if you think about the meaning of the word “satisfactory”, this does not mean “almost bad”. Rather, it is a sufficient level that cannot clearly indicate a poor level of knowledge.

why co-students succeed in life more than excellent students

Dependence on the opinions of others

No less important is the aspect of dependence on the evaluative opinions of other people; honors pupils from childhood become accustomed to the fact that their success rate is determined by the number of points received, praise, letters and all sorts of documents. The habit of receiving a formal reward instead of a material one can seriously affect the ability to strive for real success, which is why troecs succeed in life better than honors pupils.

Pupils with average grades get used to giving a formal reward an adequate place in their life. Yes, it is nice to receive a letter or verbal praise with a wide audience, but the appraised opinion has no practical value. In the future, when it will be necessary to make serious decisions in business or at a management position, such a person will place not literacy or a laudatory press release at the main place, but real positive results.

why co-students succeed better than honors

Why do co-students succeed in life more than honors pupils?

If we consider that in real life no one is going to put marks in a diary or record book, then an assessment of people's own success differs significantly from an objective point of view. A typical student during the training rarely rose to the level of an excellent student or did not go so far at all. He does not imagine a ceiling of possibilities, therefore in most cases he goes to victory for the sake of the process itself, and not for the sake of getting a mark.

High achievers, on the contrary, perfectly see the ceiling of opportunities, because they are accustomed to being on the top floor of a skyscraper of formal achievements. The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that former troika students, accustomed to seeing practical or simply applied benefits from any actions, will consider training as a tool, and not as an end in itself. When people ask why troeans succeed more than excellent students, they can confuse the instrument with the goal for which this instrument is recommended to be used. Differences in the approach to learning and determine future success.

cops succeed more than honors pupils

Is it possible to change the situation?

Of course, the total score of the certificate is not an unambiguous seal for the rest of your life. An excellent student may well become an excellent leader, a successful entrepreneur, a politician and a public figure. Satisfactory grades do not guarantee success in the future; some of the C grade students will prefer not to strain themselves and limit themselves to easily attainable intermediate goals. That is why it is worth stopping to be tormented by the question of why troeches succeed more than excellent students, because everything can be changed.

Since the mechanism of this side of success is quite understandable, it will not be difficult for a thinking person to understand their weak points, identify strengths and make the most of them to achieve their goals. For the sake of justice, I would like to note that the most successful co-students in high-ranking executives will compete for the excellent and competent performer who can be an excellent pupil, because professionalism is now highly appreciated. A leader post is always associated with serious workloads, unpopular decisions and active dislike of subordinates,not every person is able to feel comfortably in such a situation, so you should not strive for a leader’s chair if you don’t have talents for this and have no desire to control other people.

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Why do co-students succeed more than excellent students in life 4

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Why do co-students succeed more than excellent students in life 4

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Why do co-students succeed more than excellent students in life 53

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