Winter fishing for perch: secrets

Perch - the fish is common. You can catch it all year round with interruptions to spawn or ice. When winter comes and ice only "rises", one of the most popular - winter fishing for perch begins. The year 2014 was no exception. Crowds of lovers of "quiet hunting" poured on the ponds with ice screws in the hope of finding their catchability hole. Although, I must say, this kind of catching - not the easiest.

Winter fishing for perchExperienced "hunters" know that winter fishing forThe perch will be successful if it is correctly found a catchy place. To search for this fish follows in those places where it prefers to be more often. These are gulfs of rivers and channels between islands, pools at dams, etc.

Winter fishing for perch is sometimes called "marathon": it involves a long walk on the pond, especially when it is large, drilling numerous holes and waiting for hours to bite.

Places for fishing

On the first ice should beware of places near reedsor protruding from under the ice crust of stones. It is necessary to be extremely attentive and in places of confluence of streams and small rivers: there the ice is always thinner. In general, any beginner first fishing in winter - per perch. This beautiful fish and after the freeze-up still continues to feed near the shore. At this time it is there and should be sought. Sometimes a perch does not fall at the very bottom, but at a depth of up to forty centimeters from the bottom edge of the ice. Therefore, in the first coat, all the water layers must be fished. But the flock will have to look good.Winter fishing perch fishing

At the beginning of winter, perch is very mobile andactively chasing fry. In mid-January, large and medium-sized specimens go into deep pits. However, they will still be fed, going to the ludy. Therefore, it is at a depth of five meters and will be the best January winter fishing. Catching of perch in the beginning and middle of February will also be catchy at the shore, because before the ice drift the active biting starts again in this underwater inhabitant.

On mormyshku

It is on this tackle that most often passes the winterfishing. Mormyshki per perch occupy a leading position for catching in the cold season. Therefore, the fisherman needs to know not only the secrets of winter fishing perch, but also to choose them correctly, based on the weather conditions and the place of fishing. Perch is considered such a fish, which pecks even when other fish are inactive.

The main criterion for choosing a mormyshka issize: it should be small, and the forms - the most diverse: a droplet, cylindrical, in the likeness of insects, larvae or balls. Small, with a diameter of one or two millimeters, it is better to use in smaller areas of the reservoir. On the mini-mormyshki often goes winter fishing perch in the deaf-mowing, when the extraction is weak activity.

Winter fishing for perch 2014In deeper sections in the presence of a small current, three or four millimeter rigs are good, the application of which is more relevant at the beginning and at the end of the cold season.

Features мормышки

As for weight, the lucky one will be that winterfishing for perch, when small and small depths are used for light and small variations. Or vice versa: on large ones - heavy, so that at a great depth you could have a good game.

In addition, you need to make sure that the hook stingwhich case did not enter the body of the mormyshka. This factor is very important for preventing gatherings and unsuccessful sweeps. Color mormyshka is very diverse. Fisherman himself must determine which one will play well on the pond.


In the summer, the most successful fishing is perchspinning or float fishing rod. The first tackle can also be used in the winter season. But this is only possible if the rapid flow does not allow the reservoir to freeze.

Nevertheless, the best winter fishing for perch istrolling or wrestling. It begins with drilling holes. If an angler has discovered a perch flock, the fastest catch is the most important factor for success.

The spinner is a truly indispensable bait. Its optimal weight makes it possible to deliver the line to the right place. The benefit of such a perch catch is obvious. The speed of searching for fish is much higher (in comparison with mormyshka). In addition, the perch spoon responds much faster, since its size is larger. And this means that the fluctuations of sound and water, which the prey feels at a sufficient distance, make it sail even from afar.Perch in winter

Yes, and in a windy or frosty weather game withshiny is less complicated than with mormish. For winter perch, tin, silver, brass or copper options are best. According to experienced anglers, well-proven and purchased and self-made spoon-bait.

Ready-made options can be improved by makingto the desired state by changing the bending or by shifting the center of gravity with the help of solder. Such modifications are necessary for the lures to perform vibrational movements, and not just lay down on the bottom.

At the same time, color does not really matter, although it is noticed that matte options lose compared to shiny ones.

On the balancer

Starting to catch on this tackle, it is not necessary at onceexpect guaranteed catches. Winter fishing perch - on the balance bar or on mormyshku - will not be successful, if not to have at least a small skill of shining. But knowing how to catch, knowing how to choose a bait, color and size, properly equip the refrigerator, you can return home with a fairly good catch.

Winter fishing mormyshky per perch

Balancer selection

In order to winter fishing perch on the balancerwas catchy, it is necessary to consider a lot of factors. These are the conditions, the thickness of the line, and even the size of the proposed production. The balance has not only different shapes, but also color, length, and weight. All these characteristics together are of great importance when catching a perch. For example, large bales are pecked by large specimens, whereas small ones are only bitten by bunches.

Winter fishing perch on the balancer

But not only weight plays an important role in catching. No less relevant is the length of the bait. Experienced fishermen know that even if the four-centimeter balancer can be catchy, it's not a fact that a little longer - just one centimeter - will work well. This is due to the fact that at the moment the perch can be fed with a fry that has a length of 4 cm.


On fishing for perch in winter, as a rule,use two or three colors of the rocker. You can catch a bait yellowish-green color with black stripes, which resemble a small minke whale. Today on sale there are balancers of golden, blue color, exist even with fluorescent coating.

Secrets of winter fishing for perch

Fishing of this fish in the deaf-moth or in the first-springhas its own peculiarities, which must be known. For example, the posting of any bait should be carried out quite actively. However, when loosening the bite, you need to move to a more smooth and slow, with frequent stops and shaking. And the perch can capture the bait directly under the very tinge.Winter perch

On the first ice hook for a spoon is not required, but on mormyshku need to plant a bloodworm and a couple of maggots, and sometimes a small piece of a worm.

A large nozzle greatly changes the game. Especially it concerns the mormyshka, which simply hangs, becoming unattractive for the perch.

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