Writer German Sadulayev: biography, creativity

German Sadulayev is a famous Russian writer. Also engaged in journalism and politics. The most popular works are "I am a Chechen", "Tablet", "Atma Mirror".

Biography of the writer

German Sadulayev

German Sadulayev was born in 1973 in the Chechen-Ingush Republic. The future writer was born in a small village of Shali, whose population did not exceed 50 thousand people.

His father was an indigenous Chechen, and his mother was a Terek Cossack, her ancestors were Cossacks, who from the 16th century lived in the North Caucasus region.

German Sadulayev received his secondary education in the Chechen capital, Grozny.

He left home in 1989, on the eve of perestroika. Sadulayev went to Leningrad to enter the university. Originally planned to enroll in the journalism department. To do this, even regularly published in the regional youth newspaper, wrote essays and received good recommendations.

However, having already arrived in Leningrad, he changed his mind at the last moment and went to study at the Faculty of Law.

Creativity German Sadulayeva

Sadulaev German Umaralievich

Sadulaev German Umaralievich began to write only in the 2000s. His first work was the story "One swallow does not make spring yet", which he finished in several months.

Sadulayev posted the story on the Internet and sent it to the largest publishers. True, no one wanted to publish it right away. Interest was shown only by Ilya Kormiltsev, who agreed with the author that he would print the book as soon as he wrote a few more works of a similar volume.

It happened in 2006. In the publishing house "Ultra-Culture", which was then led by the Supporters, the book "I am a Chechen" was published. It includes several short stories and short stories. All of them were devoted to the First and Second Chechen wars.

As Herman Sadulayev himself noted in this collection, being a Chechen today is very difficult. In his book, he tried to tell the shocking truth about this war, as the author himself wrote, which was different from false government messages and news.

The stories and stories are full of vivid scenes, unexpected images, written in a lively and fascinating language. According to reviews by literary critics, this was the first artistically convincing voice that fought for the freedom of Chechnya.

The novel "Tablet"

German Sadulayev "Jump of the Wolf"

In 2008 Sadulaev German Umaralievich released a fundamentally different work. In the publishing house "Hell Marginem Press" his first novel "The Tablet" is published. He immediately enters the short list of the prestigious Russian literary award "Russian Booker".

Then the Armada by Ilya Boyashov, Shchukinsk and the City by Elena Nekrasova, Be Like Children by Vladimir Sharov and Grafomanka by Galina Shchekina also made it to the big final. The victory went to the novel "Librarian" by Mikhail Elizarov.

The mediocre middle manager is the protagonist of the novel written by German Sadulayev. The Tablet is a book about how this unremarkable person finds strange pink pills in packages of frozen potatoes from Holland, which arrived in Russia from China. The usual pattern in those years.

After this unexpected find, the usual story about an ordinary person turns into an ancient Khazar myth. The life of Maximus Semipyatnitsky is turned upside down. The hero reveals unknown spiritual depths that were hidden in him.

After the success of this work Sadulayev becomes extremely popular in St. Petersburg, where he lives at the time.He becomes the winner of the "Most Famous People of St. Petersburg" award in the "Literature" nomination. Such a competition is annually held by the popular Petersburg glossy magazine Sobaka.ru.

In 2009, his new novel "AD" was released. It is dedicated to the mysterious murder on the New Year corporate party of the chairman of the board of directors of the large domestic holding AD. This work also hit the short lists of the Russian Booker and National Bestseller awards. A monthly men's magazine about style GQ recognized him as the book of the month.

The novel "Shalinsky raid"

German Sadulayev about Russians

2010 New romance. Again nominated for "Russian Booker". Sadulayev returns to the subject of the Chechen war. The work "Shali raid" is semi-autobiographical, in which fiction is mixed with documentary reliable data.

The novel tells about one operation that happened during the Second Chechen campaign. In the center of the narration is Tamerlan Magomadov, a graduate of the law faculty of the Leningrad State University (as well as Sadulayev himself), who comes to his native village Shali. The theme of the struggle for the independence of Ichkeria affects him, his friends and relatives.Through the story of a little man, the author shows how events developed at that time.

Despite the fact that the writer covers the events in Chechnya from the side of the indigenous population of the republic, German Sadulayev speaks positively about the Russians. Repeatedly in an interview, he stated that to be Russian is to be free. It means being responsible for the fate of all the peoples of the world. So says the author himself.

"Jump of the wolf"

German Sadulayev books

In 2012, the publishing house "Alpina non-fiction" comes out a new novel by a Chechen writer. Again addresses the subject of the Khazar Kaganate, German Sadulayev. "Jump of the Wolf: Essays on the political history of Chechnya from the Khazar Kaganate to the present day" - this is a historical study of the fate of the Chechen people.

The history dates back to the seventh century AD, when the Khazar Kaganate was only created. The Alanian kingdom is described in detail, the period when Christian preachers came to these lands. Later they were replaced by the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

Special mention deserve the war in the Caucasus XVIII-XIX centuries. Indeed, many researchers and publicists find a lot in common between the past and the present confrontation of the Chechens with the Russian government.Much attention is also paid to the events of 1944, when, by order of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Joseph Stalin, tens of thousands of Chechens were deported.

In conclusion of his largely documentary work Sadulaev German Umaralievich tries to give an objective assessment of the events of modern Chechen history.

Atma Mirror

Atma's Mirror German Sadulayev

In 2013, a new collection of stories - "The Mirror of Atma". German Sadulayev this time works with the genre of the philosophical parable. With his help, he is trying to immerse the reader into the deep world of his own perception of the world.

The texts are very different. Some will turn your head, they will beckon with their seeming at first glance simplicity and clarity. Others, on the contrary, will begin to tease with complex and marvelous inferences implicated in a unique oriental flavor.

But only with their help the reader will be able to see himself. The collection includes Sadulayev's stories: "Morozovy", "Spikelets", "White Dress", "Life on Capri", "Atma Mirror", "Brother Promoter", "Sacrifice", "Sin", "Cherries" and "Merchandiser Death" .

Sadulayev has repeatedly noted that he considers Andrei Platonov, Venedikt Yerofeyev and Chuck Palanik to be his literary teachers.It was their work that had the greatest influence on him.

Sadulayev in politics

German Sadulayev "Tablet"

German Sadulayev, whose books were very popular, has been engaged in political activities since 2010. He became a member of the parliamentary party of the Communist Party.

In 2012, he spoke at a series of rallies demanding the holding of fair elections in Russia. Sadulayev delivered his speeches in St. Petersburg.

The hero of our narrative is in his views a supporter of the ideas of socialism. In particular, he claims that the socialist project in Europe did not fail at all. According to Sadulayev, he just temporarily stepped aside, but his time will come. As an example, the Chechen writer cites China, in which the Lenin case still lives. But China is a country with a population of one and a half billion people, who should be considered by everyone on the planet, the prose writer says. He is convinced that in the near future both Russia and Europe will return to the ideas of socialism.

In 2016, Sadulayev ran for elections to the State Duma. He tried to get into the Federal Parliament in one of the single-member districts of St. Petersburg. In the elections, more than 12 thousand people voted for him.This accounted for less than 7.5% of the vote. This result allowed him to take only sixth place.

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